GIANT GROUPER DEEP SEA FISHING Giving Fish Away During Food Shortage - Ep 177

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Fishing in the deep the boys catch some giant grouper as a by catch and use the fillets to feed some friends & families around town during the food shortage at the local shops!
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john miller
john miller - Dag siden
if you stop im done
i work for a major us airline
32 yrs and i may be dust next week
i live thru you
you make smiles bro
im not literally dust i will find my way
i always look forward to your vids
and always make sure you keep your environment is clean !!
so important
so much is lost
Ty Ruggieri
Ty Ruggieri - 11 dager siden
Your vlogs are so relaxing and enjoyable to watch, love your energy
ASTRONAUT - 13 dager siden
theres no channel i rather watch when im depressed rather than YBS youngbloods!
Oliver Yeo
Oliver Yeo - 15 dager siden
At least you even catch something when you by catch
Tony Minadeo
Tony Minadeo - 15 dager siden
Ah crap wasted a lot of time chasing money got the money now 75 yrs old can’t go back
Won Mind
Won Mind - 16 dager siden
Bro, i nearly fell off my chair laughing at Brodies excitement. First the booty slap then straight into the monkey LMAO
Meanwhile In russia
Meanwhile In russia - 17 dager siden
I think you should pray. For the bycatch
Ray Snell
Ray Snell - 18 dager siden
i have to say these guys are impressive. As far as bi catch goes. I live in Texas, Ive never done fishing like this and probably will never get the opprotunity to, however, when i fish, if its an edible fish and legal, I keep it. Catfish for example, I dont like channel cats but love flatheads. If i catch a harvest of channel cat, i will prep them and give them to families in need. Even if i catch a mess of flatheads, ill keep what i can use and give the leftover filits to who ever needs them. Same for hunting White tail deer or hogs. this day and age its important to help whoever you can. BRAVO GUYS!!!! Love the channel! you have no idea how fortunate you are!!!!
random content
random content - 19 dager siden
I have actually never been fishing but would love to. My mates keep saying that it’s great and I should do it but I can’t bring myself to spending that much money on it can someone help me out.
random content
random content - 19 dager siden
What should I do
Ray Buttigieg
Ray Buttigieg - 20 dager siden
Love your content. Have you ever considered using a release weight to get fish you want to release get back to the bottom?
Lady_F 2004
Lady_F 2004 - 22 dager siden
wow everything in his videos are satisfying lol
Fishing And spearing
Fishing And spearing - 23 dager siden
If you didn’t have adhd you would not be the same man 😀
Happy Funtimes
Happy Funtimes - 23 dager siden
I did not receive this in the morning
Zeke Wellington
Zeke Wellington - 24 dager siden
Hey you ever see a white shark breach
robert Batham
robert Batham - Måned siden
Do you think that when Sharks see the boat they know they may get a feed ?. It certainly looks as if they do!.
NowA NevA
NowA NevA - Måned siden
I got a dollah! I got a dollah!! Lol
Maestro 72
Maestro 72 - Måned siden
I can see it already ,masterchief aprons with we got fire baby on the front ,that was fun as thanks man
Scorpie_ GaMeZ15
Scorpie_ GaMeZ15 - Måned siden
I want to see you catch a shark
Carl Chang
Carl Chang - Måned siden
the soy sauce is like the most famous one in China
Carl Chang
Carl Chang - Måned siden
Omex Habeshawi
Omex Habeshawi - Måned siden
Oh U have beautiful life men. 😊☺️🤗
Traveler - Måned siden
forget the haters! you have thousands of followers that love you! Traveler in Sac CA USA
Tyler Peters
Tyler Peters - Måned siden
What do you do for a living? Just found you, curious how you afford to do this? Is this channel a side project type thing that took off and made you money so you could do this, or did you make money some other way and could live like this and people thought it’s dope so you have a good channel? Plus ur an awesome dude, just curious how you figured this all out
Lord Anchor
Lord Anchor - Måned siden
What seasoning does he use before cooking the cod??
Micks Tube
Micks Tube - Måned siden
What filleting knife do you use? and how do you sharpen and keep them sharp?
Love your shows mate.
Christopher Crowder
Christopher Crowder - Måned siden
I may live in Kansas, but it seems to me that as long as you either eat all that you keep or fillet it up and hand it out to help others then there's nothing wrong with keeping what you catch as long as it's not an endangered species.
Thugson - Måned siden
No-one wondering how he's managing to just casually stand and sit on the road in 45°C heat 😂
tim villegas2
tim villegas2 - Måned siden
19:10 stryderrr
Scott Thoma
Scott Thoma - Måned siden
There a lot of scum bags in the world and this man is not one of them.
The way he treats his dog and the environment tells you all you need to know.
AmpEdition - Måned siden
I dont feel guilt on what I catch or how much I get, I'm not a commercial boat dragging the sea with nets for profit, so it's all good in the hood
AmpEdition - Måned siden
Is a ruby a seabass? What do they taste like? I personally love cod
AmpEdition - Måned siden
Get used to stuff floating around when Asia and other parts of the world dump trash straight into the! Another great video!
Michael Chew
Michael Chew - Måned siden
Yeah man, cook with curry will be delicious ..... yum²
Heather Feather
Heather Feather - Måned siden
I would've literally pissed myself with that many sharks swimming around my ass!!! And that was really cool what you guys did sharing your catch like you did,,, too cool!!! Aloha🌸🌺💙🌺🌸 🤙🏼
Ed - Måned siden
You already live like you’re the last man on earth 🌍
Craig Duncan
Craig Duncan - Måned siden
Same energy as Steve Erwin. Living the moment.
Haha Hihi
Haha Hihi - Måned siden
Happy 2,000,000 subscribe 😄♥️
Haha Hihi
Haha Hihi - Måned siden
Hello idol a hot boy ♥️♥️
R W - Måned siden
Don't feel guilty for catching fish you will eat.
R W - Måned siden
Sees sharks, grabs flippers. OK mate
V SXNFXR - Måned siden
Is it just me or did yall find the water satisfying af
AXE MAN - 2 måneder siden
Man, I wanna go!!!
Bryant Cox
Bryant Cox - 2 måneder siden
I know your secret sauce is Japanese Mayo😀
Dirk Abaño
Dirk Abaño - 2 måneder siden
Shout-out lods I'm dirk abano
Jessica Ford
Jessica Ford - 2 måneder siden
I watch as many of your videos as I can. Your lighthearted vibes make my heart happy. When this all started (COVID), my girlfriend and I also started fishing more for food than for fun. We have been able to pass our blessings on to others, as well as stock our own freezers. I am so thankful for the ability to help others while doing what we enjoy. I hope this finds you safe, healthy and blessed. May your lines be as strong as your good spirit and your catch as big as your heart!
Dre hh
Dre hh - 2 måneder siden
That dog is living the dream
Morgen-Lee Brooks
Morgen-Lee Brooks - 2 måneder siden
Not sure i like that reel. takes the whole fight away from the fishing experience
Down Town Fargo Music
Down Town Fargo Music - 2 måneder siden
Wow!! Just found your Channel,amazing!! Cheers from Minnesota.
jared arnold
jared arnold - 2 måneder siden
Gentian Jaku
Gentian Jaku - 2 måneder siden
I do fish and i do by catch ...but i always release the by catch that i do not intend to eat.
Gentian Jaku
Gentian Jaku - 2 måneder siden
And the tyre boy ....get the known brands and drive where you can see 😉
Gentian Jaku
Gentian Jaku - 2 måneder siden
Like what you are up to ...and like the way you do it with the catch fat as i can tell this guy is living the way we humans are supose to ...
bangcamp1 - 2 måneder siden
what a life ... fishing , females and a shit load of coke.!!!!!
Adam Gore
Adam Gore - 2 måneder siden
Got a bit of extra crunch on the wrap with some of those flies at the end there!
Taylan Abel
Taylan Abel - 2 måneder siden
Where does the doggo do popoo
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith - 2 måneder siden
Ok, have watched at least 30+ so far and I must know.... What is this "special sauce"!!
Arnold Advincula
Arnold Advincula - 2 måneder siden
Omg big fish ❤️❤️❤️
Australia Homepage
Australia Homepage - 2 måneder siden
Those cod would have been delicious :-)
Housir死 - 2 måneder siden
i wish i know how to swim
1000 subs with no videos
1000 subs with no videos - 2 måneder siden
i come for the dog