GIANT GROUPER DEEP SEA FISHING Giving Fish Away During Food Shortage - Ep 177

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Fishing in the deep the boys catch some giant grouper as a by catch and use the fillets to feed some friends & families around town during the food shortage at the local shops!
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Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - Dag siden
By-catch? Use whatever the ocean gives you.
Do you call it dead bod cod because the pressure diff kills them?
Pro Vapor Fagotti
Pro Vapor Fagotti - Dag siden
Wow! So many flies at the end!
andy sujana
andy sujana - 2 dager siden
I don't think that the grouper that you deflate may live, next time just take them home . . .
Anthony Mcneill
Anthony Mcneill - 4 dager siden
love watching you living life strata oh the young bloods to
Matt Smith
Matt Smith - 5 dager siden
Pretty funny terets ending 😆
Ray Nieto
Ray Nieto - 5 dager siden
I wish he would have told us what the fish was
RUKAYA ALZUMAI - 6 dager siden
what is his fav fish to eat
tweak tbc
tweak tbc - 8 dager siden
Hey man as long as it doesnt go to waste good on ya.
ginobrun1 - 11 dager siden
if its not trow out or in decline its all good in my book :)
Zenaide Alves
Zenaide Alves - 12 dager siden
You and Jack are very good together. I like to watching you.
Aqua Boganzz
Aqua Boganzz - 12 dager siden
Target some bait on the way out random smaller reef fish throw them down for bait
Batsen Belfry
Batsen Belfry - 13 dager siden
Well, that fish will eat just fine. That's a blessing.
Paul Riekert
Paul Riekert - 13 dager siden
Search for gray bar cod and you'll find idiots catching loads at a time a surely wasting a lot. You don't waste and you certainly don't catch 5 just for fun. As an icthyologist I am fine with that.
Craig Merryfull
Craig Merryfull - 15 dager siden
ive seen that kind of blowouts on semi's but never on a fwd, you must have been absolutely thrashing it.
Nate Wade
Nate Wade - 15 dager siden
What dose YBS mean
Red Rum International
Red Rum International - 16 dager siden
Niiice!!! You all would dig diving our reefs in Florida
Fisher Busby
Fisher Busby - 17 dager siden
That shark footie is mental 🤙
Gamer world
Gamer world - 18 dager siden
Next time show us how did you catch the fish...because we would like to c the alive fish... please
WolfricLupus - 18 dager siden
Pickin' up the ocean trash - I love you guys
Chet Read
Chet Read - 26 dager siden
I love fishing and I think it is fine
jack black
jack black - 29 dager siden
thats cheating those electric reels lol. plus bring them up that fast. its a wonder they dont explode lol.
that obv makes them look heaps bigger when you bring them up that deep/ that fast.
Australian dog lover ya
Australian dog lover ya - Måned siden
Do you live in QLD Australia
Michael K
Michael K - Måned siden
Brodie tying to figure out why his tyre blew then lights up the BBQ inches away from the tyre lolll
Sugar Hi
Sugar Hi - Måned siden
If the by-catch is a useable, sustainable fish and its not going to waste then I don't see any problem with it. If you're not using the fish and the fish can't be released, then I have major problems with it.
Peter - Måned siden
Déreck Caron
Déreck Caron - Måned siden
really good good tire changing tips, "like" for that
Eternal Robloxian
Eternal Robloxian - Måned siden
Eli Anselmi
Eli Anselmi - Måned siden
Brody, awesome video as usual! 1) Who the heel gives a thumbs down to this video, or any video from Brody! Nothing but goodness, great adventures and beautiful scenery. No hate, no trash, just real world beauty... Shame on you! Brody, as for the fishing, you catch what you catch, yes, you do what you can to target your specific species, but as you said, you just cant know what is down there that will bite. As you did, whatever comes up, just take it and eat it or give it to those in need! either way, you are doing something good! Keep it up and love your videos!
Avi Dejan
Avi Dejan - Måned siden
This is not code its grupr
Lasela Wright
Lasela Wright - Måned siden
God bless you
You always bring joy since I start watching your videos 👍🏽
alex fardoulis
alex fardoulis - Måned siden
You are not doing anything wrong and if anyone criticizes you they are vegetarians..;))
Khonor McMagomedov
Khonor McMagomedov - Måned siden
Smart guy. Feed your dog with the same hand you are using to cut the “fresh fish”.
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson - Måned siden
The Smashed Crab
The Smashed Crab - Måned siden
watch some blue gabe or deer meat for dinner vids on it , they are really good at catching everything
Andrew Cash
Andrew Cash - Måned siden
you can target one kind of fish with rod and real you just have to know the spots at the end of the day if you can see the fish you can chose the fish
nightstarmusic7 - Måned siden
Some of us were diving in Tampa bay 30 yrs. ago , and encountered a grouper appx.12ft long about 7ft tall, don't know if any that big are left, but would be awesome to find another one.
BB 46
BB 46 - Måned siden
You guys should definitely look into a solar or wind powered boat if you really want to make a difference. You are poisoning the reef with that carbon fuel boat.
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas - Måned siden
The difference with by catch from a fisherman or a trawler is that the trawler by catch get thrown back, if you catch a fish that is not what you want but still edable, you still take it home for someone to eat.
The Real O.G
The Real O.G - Måned siden
baro trauma, the fish didn't breath out enough bubbles
The Real O.G
The Real O.G - Måned siden
hugggggeee, can u eat fish that big dont that have too much zinc or something
NG Army
NG Army - Måned siden
Mabe old tayer
Mark Coonan
Mark Coonan - Måned siden
I thought it was 17 years old ?
Austin Nisar
Austin Nisar - Måned siden
Austin Nisar
Austin Nisar - Måned siden
brandon hambright
brandon hambright - Måned siden
I am of course behind on videos, but what you do is the dream and being said those fish from the deep was meant to be in these times. You helped others and personally, what ever is taking the hit that day is meant to feed someone or many. Just do as you do and enjoy the life.
Rugiada Blu
Rugiada Blu - Måned siden
He is a beautiful man....
Jay Corbin
Jay Corbin - Måned siden
Living the dream, keep doin what you do bro. Fried fish, wrap it up with a bitta green shit and secret sauce on the beach. WHATA LIFE I wish I was strayda 😃 Sorry if I Mis spelled her name.
TheTimp1665 - Måned siden
Need more footage check out The Nomads
Mr ExPoSeD
Mr ExPoSeD - Måned siden
Are you Australian brad
Leo Hypixel Chsisj
Leo Hypixel Chsisj - Måned siden
never saw strider bark in any of his videos
Edward Lees SunRiseCars
Edward Lees SunRiseCars - Måned siden
Leave the cods .....
Get a gidgee hand spear / pole spear with a bit of rubber on one end - then its a real sport and the fish have half a chance - and you need more skill to catch your lunch....
TyGamez - Måned siden
i think my dog is attracted to your dog, he started to get a b*ner while watching this vid with me
david mccallum
david mccallum - 2 måneder siden
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Serkan TARCAN - 2 måneder siden
Man thanks for the message for keeping the waters clean. You’re the best. Those two legged creatures bred from which demon I don’t know must stop polluting the waters or they must be stopped those worthless oxygen wasting wicked abominations. I go crazy whenever I see especially the bottom of the sea polluted with lowlife creatures’ fabricated garbage.
Shawna McCormick
Shawna McCormick - 2 måneder siden
I love you Brodie & YBS FAM!
Kingship LLC
Kingship LLC - 2 måneder siden
the smartest people don't watch tv or news haha if you can call that crap news more like propaganda.
adammclennan - 2 måneder siden
hey your a cool dude but the puppy has it
Fintan Heriot
Fintan Heriot - 2 måneder siden
Tyre driven one too many times on low pressures and cooked the side walls
Combih Fishing
Combih Fishing - 2 måneder siden
Good job my friend
Typical Savage
Typical Savage - 2 måneder siden
you is a nish fish
serkan yağmur
serkan yağmur - 2 måneder siden
Ryan Heath
Ryan Heath - 2 måneder siden
My dad always called it the "iki jime" to put it out of its misery.
andrew pitzer
andrew pitzer - 2 måneder siden
What’s ur top 5 fish to eat?
09 Mr Bobby
09 Mr Bobby - 2 måneder siden
I like fish l have pet fish is will.
Peter Askwith
Peter Askwith - 2 måneder siden
Brodie love your show brother what is the seasoning you cover your fish with? Be well to all of you keep up the good work and live the dream you have thanks peter
Michelangelo Granela
Michelangelo Granela - 2 måneder siden
next time it happens u can pop the belly and the tongue
JeepTrip - 2 måneder siden
Look, a truckload of hungry sharks! Yay going for a swim...
Sonja Bertels
Sonja Bertels - 2 måneder siden
Absolutely fantastic to watch I know what it feels like I used to fish in south Africa coast and riverfishing by the rocks at the sea it is so lovely to see sunset I live in the UK now but I miss those days I used to love fishing and cook it at the beach on a fire and grid and some lovely fish spices delicious
James Wilkes
James Wilkes - 2 måneder siden
I used to live about 6 or 7 streets from Brodie
Shawn J Woloschuk
Shawn J Woloschuk - 2 måneder siden
Love the CCC tks
Shawn J Woloschuk
Shawn J Woloschuk - 2 måneder siden
Bad bands on the tire, not bead, band, split at tread edge , take back or manufacturer 🙋
Shawn J Woloschuk
Shawn J Woloschuk - 2 måneder siden
Those eyes, WHAAATT love this video my friend TKS and your doggy
Shawn J Woloschuk
Shawn J Woloschuk - 2 måneder siden
Please show me what a Ruby is, I don't know.
Shawn J Woloschuk
Shawn J Woloschuk - 2 måneder siden
Have ⛵ boat will travel. Like your accent dude. And your vids 😜 and your dingo , please let me know where you are, Shawn, Ohio USA 🙋
Al Quinn
Al Quinn - 2 måneder siden
I struggle more with sharks getting your catch than I do with you keeping and eating any species. Sharks and by- catch are just part of it. Like like like
So_Kenon - 2 måneder siden
I’m scared when he goes solo and he climbs on the side of the boat to get to the tip, like what if he falls, then strider would be alone on the ocean
Tomodachi Francself
Tomodachi Francself - 2 måneder siden
Such amazing guy🥰🥰🥰.
Ignacio Gallo
Ignacio Gallo - 2 måneder siden
beautiful message of solidarity with the world. thank you again, keep that up
Ignacio Gallo
Ignacio Gallo - 2 måneder siden
one of the best things i´ve seen from you picking up the shit from the ocean. Thank you man
AshJ No Commentary
AshJ No Commentary - 2 måneder siden
So cool... 16:27
Oriomex Learning Center
Oriomex Learning Center - 2 måneder siden
Pls give your dog plenty of food as it is going to
sea for searching of food.
Abi Zain
Abi Zain - 2 måneder siden
anglers paradise, beautiful sea... mantap 👍
john miller
john miller - 2 måneder siden
if you stop im done
i work for a major us airline
32 yrs and i may be dust next week
i live thru you
you make smiles bro
im not literally dust i will find my way
i always look forward to your vids
and always make sure you keep your environment is clean !!
so important
so much is lost
Ty Ruggieri
Ty Ruggieri - 3 måneder siden
Your vlogs are so relaxing and enjoyable to watch, love your energy
ASTRONAUT - 3 måneder siden
theres no channel i rather watch when im depressed rather than YBS youngbloods!
Oliver Yeo
Oliver Yeo - 3 måneder siden
At least you even catch something when you by catch
Tony Minadeo
Tony Minadeo - 3 måneder siden
Ah crap wasted a lot of time chasing money got the money now 75 yrs old can’t go back
H H - 3 måneder siden
Bro, i nearly fell off my chair laughing at Brodies excitement. First the booty slap then straight into the monkey LMAO
Meanwhile In russia
Meanwhile In russia - 3 måneder siden
I think you should pray. For the bycatch
Ray Snell
Ray Snell - 3 måneder siden
i have to say these guys are impressive. As far as bi catch goes. I live in Texas, Ive never done fishing like this and probably will never get the opprotunity to, however, when i fish, if its an edible fish and legal, I keep it. Catfish for example, I dont like channel cats but love flatheads. If i catch a harvest of channel cat, i will prep them and give them to families in need. Even if i catch a mess of flatheads, ill keep what i can use and give the leftover filits to who ever needs them. Same for hunting White tail deer or hogs. this day and age its important to help whoever you can. BRAVO GUYS!!!! Love the channel! you have no idea how fortunate you are!!!!
random content
random content - 3 måneder siden
I have actually never been fishing but would love to. My mates keep saying that it’s great and I should do it but I can’t bring myself to spending that much money on it can someone help me out.
random content
random content - 3 måneder siden
What should I do
Ray Buttigieg
Ray Buttigieg - 3 måneder siden
Love your content. Have you ever considered using a release weight to get fish you want to release get back to the bottom?
Lady_F 2004
Lady_F 2004 - 3 måneder siden
wow everything in his videos are satisfying lol
Fishing And spearing
Fishing And spearing - 3 måneder siden
If you didn’t have adhd you would not be the same man 😀
Zeke Wellington
Zeke Wellington - 3 måneder siden
Hey you ever see a white shark breach
robert Batham
robert Batham - 3 måneder siden
Do you think that when Sharks see the boat they know they may get a feed ?. It certainly looks as if they do!.
Maestro 72
Maestro 72 - 3 måneder siden
I can see it already ,masterchief aprons with we got fire baby on the front ,that was fun as thanks man
Scorpie_ GaMeZ15
Scorpie_ GaMeZ15 - 3 måneder siden
I want to see you catch a shark
Carl Chang
Carl Chang - 3 måneder siden
the soy sauce is like the most famous one in China
Carl Chang
Carl Chang - 3 måneder siden