GIANT DEEP SEA GROUPER FISHING AT NIGHT Wahoo Catch And Cook (Upgrading My Car) - Ep 210

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The boys fishing an epic night fishing session catching a GIANT Grouper and releasing it healthy. Brodie finally cooks up his wahoo and talks about upgrading his car to hopefully one of the best camping 4WD's in Australia while a big storm rolls through.
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Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson - 3 dager siden
Lincoln Benbow
Lincoln Benbow - 12 dager siden
Ian Wollstein
Ian Wollstein - 15 dager siden
Wahoo... tastes like chicken! 😂
Bryn Hayward
Bryn Hayward - 22 dager siden
Chopped 200 all day
Remi Rosin
Remi Rosin - Måned siden
Every time he smiles cause hes got a fish it gives me a rush of joy through my body
surviva gamersbg
surviva gamersbg - 2 måneder siden
dont put water in the hot pan because it bad for it
Matthew Codd
Matthew Codd - 2 måneder siden
What’s the secret sauce made of ?
Piotr Trocki
Piotr Trocki - 2 måneder siden
The Beast
Lauren Leyden
Lauren Leyden - 2 måneder siden
Get a 79
jdubshizzle - 3 måneder siden
Dude I'll be your editor
Blurz - 3 måneder siden
If you ever need an editor I'd love to try help out!
Whitsunday_sport_fishing Ashley
Whitsunday_sport_fishing Ashley - 3 måneder siden
Get a 79
West Coast Adventures
West Coast Adventures - 3 måneder siden
hey YBS boys here in British Columbia a lot of our bottom fish have swim bladders and it is now mandatory for us to have a decending device for releasing the fish. You guys should grab one and give it a shot. I know you love the fish and like keeping them saf! happy fishing.
D S - 3 måneder siden
Does anyone know whats the intro song from epidemic sound called
Wake Mayne
Wake Mayne - 3 måneder siden
Simply google for rapidviews to get subs and views
Nick - 4 måneder siden
100% 79 series
lestah - 4 måneder siden
Getting an editor would make it so much easier for you but I like the way you edit and I hope that style doesn't change too much when you get an editor.
Jenny Mendoza
Jenny Mendoza - 4 måneder siden
Why don’t you eat tuna?
Joseph Alaimo
Joseph Alaimo - 4 måneder siden
great video... go with the 79!
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones - 4 måneder siden
Yeah go for the 79
Noah Mcclure
Noah Mcclure - 4 måneder siden
You and your dog are living the dream bro
GarySmeltzer smeltzer
GarySmeltzer smeltzer - 4 måneder siden
Hey Mate hows it goin as far as cars go you gotta have a look at Patriot campers the chopped 200 series supertourer looks good they only use the best of the best check it out
Brandon Warren
Brandon Warren - 4 måneder siden
Oliver Ugh
Oliver Ugh - 4 måneder siden
Troopy all day
please subscribe
please subscribe - 4 måneder siden
Deffenitly 79 series
DAWS - 4 måneder siden
You should get what Adam greentree has I'd think you would like it bro. He's just like you.
Jamie Peckitt
Jamie Peckitt - 4 måneder siden
79 series
James Greenland
James Greenland - 4 måneder siden
What is the tee that Jarad is wearing at 7:51?
nicole leos
nicole leos - 4 måneder siden
Do you ever cut open the stomachs to see what’s inside? When I would go fish with my buds we’d cut open the catfish stomachs and find whole crawfish and random things inside. I realize they’re bottom feeders but still so interesting to see.
Kobe Lam
Kobe Lam - 4 måneder siden
AyyJay - 4 måneder siden
Ybs Youngblood: man the weather is crazy today
People in the Midwest: 😑
John Huo
John Huo - 4 måneder siden
Brodie, what bread crumb mix is that ?
Josh Burling
Josh Burling - 4 måneder siden
79 series. They are great cars
shavarnii hodges
shavarnii hodges - 4 måneder siden
the 79
Arthur Houston
Arthur Houston - 4 måneder siden
That look at 15:20 how food should always make you feel
Morgan Webb
Morgan Webb - 4 måneder siden
Have a look at the guys at patriot campers with the builds they do on landcruisers
Reece Roberts
Reece Roberts - 4 måneder siden
200 series chop
Matt Manning
Matt Manning - 4 måneder siden
The Rain at the end looks like our rain in Tampa Florida. Which is where you need to come catch Mangrove Snapper with me!
Calvin Karski
Calvin Karski - 4 måneder siden
what's the opening song called? Hell of an intro
Glenn Brown
Glenn Brown - 4 måneder siden
Creative conversions in Queensland do a good job on the 200 series chopped wagon. Go 4x6 with 1 meter extended chassis and gvm upgrade for towing. Awsom, comfortable truck until the electrics decide to do wierd shit. Then there's trouble Thomas.
kiren jattan
kiren jattan - 4 måneder siden
79 series for sure built like tanks
Samantha Holmberg
Samantha Holmberg - 4 måneder siden
Nothing but inspirational vibes and positive energy in every video
Johnathon Purdy
Johnathon Purdy - 4 måneder siden
Can someone pleaseeeee tell me what his secret sauce is?!?! I've watched for years now and never have been able to replicate the fish wrap without the sauce!
Florian Zlamal
Florian Zlamal - 4 måneder siden
Regarding ur ride: older Merc G class 350 lifted
Fonte Raps
Fonte Raps - 4 måneder siden
Slinky511nx7 - 4 måneder siden
The way you squeeze your avocados like that really triggers me to my soul
Kade Perkins
Kade Perkins - 4 måneder siden
79 series all the way
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock - 4 måneder siden
Has to be a 79 series. The tray will be much more beneficial to you. Especially with a jack stand canopy. You can clear the tray and keep the canopy to the side. And have he space in the back to out what ever you want. While having the full Battery and draw systems for everything you need.
Hamish Newman
Hamish Newman - 4 måneder siden
79 series
Matt Leong
Matt Leong - 4 måneder siden
Buy Shaun whale from 4wd 24/7 79 series he put it up for sale
John Doe
John Doe - 4 måneder siden
you are out of control dude!!!! Love it!!
Harris - 4 måneder siden
cyber truck
Justin In
Justin In - 4 måneder siden
Surely great surf?
Hamish Perring
Hamish Perring - 4 måneder siden
Get a 79 if you are going to feed cash into it and upgrade this shit out of it otherwise I vote the chopped 200
Dylan Odell
Dylan Odell - 4 måneder siden
Troopy hands down
Hamish Smith
Hamish Smith - 4 måneder siden
Get an old troopy shell and get it built with a new cruiser V8. Would be sick
Finn Yarad
Finn Yarad - 5 måneder siden
troopy all the way
E'ed lombok
E'ed lombok - 5 måneder siden
Leo Phillips
Leo Phillips - 5 måneder siden
79 series every day of the week! Very tough, very reliable
kyle Rigby
kyle Rigby - 5 måneder siden
Chopped 200 would be 100x better than the 79. You get all the comfort
Asher Kai Hammett
Asher Kai Hammett - 5 måneder siden
79 land cruiser with portal axels and coil conversion. Clearance for camping and flex for getting to those special areas
Lane Wright
Lane Wright - 5 måneder siden
79 are beasts definitely choose one
Nakoa Amaki
Nakoa Amaki - 5 måneder siden
you gotta do a collaboration with Nick Fry
Stonesy0000 - 5 måneder siden
chopped 200!
Mecrobb - 5 måneder siden
Can somebody explain why at 4:04 they stabbed the fish in the air bladder and then released it?
Cooper Titley
Cooper Titley - 5 måneder siden
mate what a legend
Kirk Huddleston
Kirk Huddleston - 5 måneder siden
You need to get a VA From the Philippines to edit your videos. Super cost-effective and you just need someone to help you find the right editor.
Aqua Life
Aqua Life - 5 måneder siden
Hopefully that cheese bag didn't burn on the hot eye still
Musty -Yt
Musty -Yt - 5 måneder siden
Dude I hope you reach 2 million I wanna see you so excited I love your videos so much your such a genuine guy I’ll love to meet you someday. That’s my dream!
jordabox ⦔
jordabox ⦔ - 5 måneder siden
TIL how to save a floating fish
Thanks man
Filo tuttofare
Filo tuttofare - 5 måneder siden
Quello che hai fatto con quel pescione è incredibile sei un mito👍👍😘😘😘
Harley Moane
Harley Moane - 5 måneder siden
79 mate u will never go wrong
Blake thomas
Blake thomas - 5 måneder siden
Filo tuttofare
Filo tuttofare - 5 måneder siden
Bel video ragazzi come sempre 👍👍👍👍👍😬😬😬😬
Filo tuttofare
Filo tuttofare - 5 måneder siden
Hai salvato quel pescione sei incredibile bravissimo💪💪💪💪
stefi pluu
stefi pluu - 5 måneder siden
the twerking on intro makes this wholesome content like 80 times better. Keep it up bro u do an amazing job and the views are phenomenal.
Damon Langley
Damon Langley - 5 måneder siden
Jeramey James
Jeramey James - 5 måneder siden
You’ll love the 79 with the tommy camper. He’s in Perth. Watch the build. Reach out and he or I will connect with you.
Jeramey James
Jeramey James - 5 måneder siden
Mate...get to know Andrew at 4xoverland
HardRod84 - 5 måneder siden
Hi Brodie, maybe you should reach out to the All4Adventure Boys - Jas has built weapons out of both the 200 series and 79 series.......I’m sure he would have some advice from their experiences
Maxyboywalton - 5 måneder siden
Troopy all day everyday
justin duff
justin duff - 5 måneder siden
79 for sure
handalboy - 5 måneder siden
Nothing like yeeting beers with the bois
Zeke Watters
Zeke Watters - 5 måneder siden
@1:05. Anyone notice the sexwax tag!!?
CamD - 5 måneder siden
I can't believe you don't sell secret sauce in your shop for all your subscribers!
MrBuckaroonie - 5 måneder siden
Get a Troopie Brodie. 79 and chopped 200 not really Stryda friendly unless you want her in a cage at the back which I don’t think you would want.
joshua rowe
joshua rowe - 5 måneder siden
Fully decked out 79 all the way
Luke Jones
Luke Jones - 5 måneder siden
If you want the biggest and best 4wd in Aus make a 6x6 79 like the ones patriot campers do but with your own touch. 👌
Thomas Scard
Thomas Scard - 5 måneder siden
Go the 70 or the troop carrier
Sam J
Sam J - 5 måneder siden
hows your grass so good haha
Chuk - 5 måneder siden
Go 79 bro
Micallef Productions
Micallef Productions - 5 måneder siden
Brodie your videos always put me in a good mood. Even when I’m down. Always come to you for great adventures and motivation!
Logan Thompson
Logan Thompson - 5 måneder siden
Ford raptor
Tsanko Tsankov
Tsanko Tsankov - 5 måneder siden
Ohhh how I'd love to see an overland jeep build series. Why not a collab with the guys from 4WD Action Australia. @Brodie you can check their channel out
Jhy Connell
Jhy Connell - 5 måneder siden
Get a 79
Brayden Bell
Brayden Bell - 5 måneder siden
Duuuuude so epica as always. 79 series with an ali tray. Nice and lite on the beach. Fill the tray up with rubbish/camp gear or more dogs. Love it mate. Ybs yeeeeeew
Wrqyx2k - 5 måneder siden
11:40 😂😂
Guano666 - 5 måneder siden
75' or a 79; troopy cobba, commit. V8
Josh Hastie
Josh Hastie - 5 måneder siden
Cut 200 series
James Sliwinski
James Sliwinski - 5 måneder siden
79 goes hard
Pascal G.
Pascal G. - 5 måneder siden
what was that he put the fish in and shaked it? flour?