FISHING CHALLENGE FOR A CAUSE!! Amazing Day In The Boat With My Dad And Brother - Ep 142

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One of our fans now friend Chase is battling cancer. We decided if we could help him and his family out a little we will. Brodie Moss, his brother and dad head out to the remote islands in the boat with a challenge in mind. To get dinner for the family but also for every fish the boys catch or shoot, keep or release they will donate $100 towards Chase's go fund me account. If you would like to help out please click on the link! Cheers.
Runtime: 15:22


David Schofield
David Schofield - Dag siden
I never noticed the tail on him wet suit until now.
robert Batham
robert Batham - Måned siden
Blue, Blue shit, Green , Green shit,lol,
Manuel Carrillo
Manuel Carrillo - 2 måneder siden
Bluefire baby is imperfect name for The new suits
JohnnyBlayz6one9 - 3 måneder siden
Yo wut up Brodie...I'm on dialysis at home, and it helps make da time go by, watchin ur episodes!... Just wanna say Thank U for wut u do....keep doing wut u guys do!!!....da names Johnny by da way, sorry lol....👍🏼🤙🏼💯🐟🐠🐡🐙🦀🦞🦐🦑
Waseem Iqbal
Waseem Iqbal - 3 måneder siden
Blue suit: Brodie
Green suit: The Crew
Danny S
Danny S - 3 måneder siden
Your a bloody Legend Brodie!
John Robert
John Robert - 3 måneder siden
9:07 its the Wild Kratt brothers
Darryl hunts West
Darryl hunts West - 3 måneder siden
The Green name..... SeaTurtleCamo. The Blue name......OceanicCamo Cheers 🍻
Out There Nth Wst. IE.
Out There Nth Wst. IE. - 4 måneder siden
Blue fin and Green fin!
Sanday Sunday
Sanday Sunday - 4 måneder siden
You are Amazing!!! 💕😁
El Professor Aleman
El Professor Aleman - 4 måneder siden
The Bluey and The Greeny. How can you call them anything else? 👍🏽
Steve Fredricks
Steve Fredricks - 4 måneder siden
Totally glad to hear that your mate is still with us, with his chin to the sky and a smile on!! Best wishes to you and your family!
Lewis Hope
Lewis Hope - 5 måneder siden
Andrew Clark
Andrew Clark - 5 måneder siden
Respect to all of you ybs team for your donation , I hope he reaches his goal & success, god bless
Tajmar Hyatt
Tajmar Hyatt - 5 måneder siden
You people are so amazing
Tajmar Hyatt
Tajmar Hyatt - 5 måneder siden
What are you afraid of most while spearing fish?
TheLuckyFace .Johansson
TheLuckyFace .Johansson - 5 måneder siden
Hi i Think you name them Dive Boddys
Noel Doe
Noel Doe - 5 måneder siden
Let god bless that poor child 😰
Ma Theresa Streegan Aquino
Ma Theresa Streegan Aquino - 5 måneder siden
did you just grab those lobsters? haha aquaman
RYAN STANNNARD - 6 måneder siden
Blue. (Blue Whale)
Green. (Green Machine)
shideley uchiha
shideley uchiha - 6 måneder siden
Blue Stryda
KIR Fishing
KIR Fishing - 6 måneder siden
Juan Fernando Gómez Abuchaibe
Juan Fernando Gómez Abuchaibe - 6 måneder siden
You are an amazing person
Gavin Townley
Gavin Townley - 6 måneder siden
Blue bone green mose
Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan - 6 måneder siden
Brodie Moss, you and your crew do it right! Touching episode...
Thanks for the amazing content, and the hours of being “trans-fixed” there while watching YBS videos. Keep rockin mate!!
BallisticBiker - 7 måneder siden
Blue: The Blue Reef
Green: The Green Coral
Ali Hammoud
Ali Hammoud - 7 måneder siden
Blue shit
Green shit
Jason Screech
Jason Screech - 7 måneder siden
My 7yr old boy Maximus said name the grey wetsuit the blood snake
Doug J
Doug J - 7 måneder siden
God bless YBS Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from England UK love to suport
Noah Lau
Noah Lau - 7 måneder siden
Yellow liquid in bottle
Brodie: what are the ingredients?anything else your missing jako?
Jackson: they’ll never know
Wild Bros
Wild Bros - 7 måneder siden
Blue: The drink
Green: The bush
Arassen Veerasamy
Arassen Veerasamy - 7 måneder siden
blue marlin suit .keep it up YBS. Huge fan from Canada
George Shum
George Shum - 7 måneder siden
How does he hold his breath that long😳
Teddy Edward
Teddy Edward - 7 måneder siden
Blue "OcionSky"
Green "Ocionpantry"
Abraham Rubi
Abraham Rubi - 7 måneder siden
Blue: "Bommie Blue"
Green: "Mangrove Green"
FuNnY cOmPiLaTiOnS
FuNnY cOmPiLaTiOnS - 8 måneder siden
Brody are the suits for teens aswell
Olivia Sian Moore
Olivia Sian Moore - 8 måneder siden
blue: bluemerang
green: greeneye
Lachlan Mitchell
Lachlan Mitchell - 8 måneder siden
blue - blue blood
green - tide
Aqua Life
Aqua Life - 8 måneder siden
Name can be psyatica like a play on leg vein
Aqua Life
Aqua Life - 8 måneder siden
Blue= aquamarine
Green= verdero
Niels Peder Sørensen
Niels Peder Sørensen - 8 måneder siden
What about Stryda Dive
XxROSSWRLDxX - 8 måneder siden
For the green wet wetsuit the name should be the croc 🐊
Cleveland Claybrooks
Cleveland Claybrooks - 8 måneder siden
The Blue: Aqua The Green: Amphibious or Amphibian
Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson - 8 måneder siden
Blue: Ghost Scales
Green: Turtle Tough
Collection: No Drama Armour
Zac Paterson
Zac Paterson - 8 måneder siden
Green “the alligator”
Blue “the shark”
Do Vac
Do Vac - 8 måneder siden
How about YBs Azzuro Dive suit and YBs Amazon green dive suit
Leanette Botha
Leanette Botha - 8 måneder siden
Now releasing the new aquamarine and Gromit green suit
Zack Mokta
Zack Mokta - 8 måneder siden
Look like the drink
Zack Mokta
Zack Mokta - 8 måneder siden
Lemon Brah
Lemon Brah - 8 måneder siden
Just shared this vid to @mrbeast on Instagram
Reef Fishing Queensland
Reef Fishing Queensland - 8 måneder siden
blue blue bone and the green green job fish
GT Sam
GT Sam - 8 måneder siden
yo brodie!! @8:51 mark you missed some action going on in the back ground
Owen Merry
Owen Merry - 8 måneder siden
I like is one pray for chase
Isaak Vanlandingham
Isaak Vanlandingham - 8 måneder siden
The blue one should be blue stride
Callum MacDonald
Callum MacDonald - 8 måneder siden
Blue wetty - The Blue bone!
Green wetty - The moss!
SLDJ - 8 måneder siden
Blue suit: Sea Camou (say cammo) (camou as in camouflage)
MTB FOR LIFE - 8 måneder siden
Ocean blue
AG Review
AG Review - 8 måneder siden
Чо тут за херня?
Blake Mac
Blake Mac - 8 måneder siden
Call the blue one “ Ocean rider”
BraunsterMonster AZ
BraunsterMonster AZ - 8 måneder siden
Keep doing good things youngbloods here in Phoenix Arizona eeewwwwwwwweeeewwwww
Jarred Gou
Jarred Gou - 8 måneder siden
The blue one should be called the blue bone or the drink! Both are damn good ideas