Exploring Uncharted Remote Island 2 FISH ON 1 LURE (Part 1) - Ep 201

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Brodie Moss, his dog Stryda and Dman go off grid in the boat to the uncharted grounds of remote coastal Australia where they find a remote island they have never explored or seen before. Part 2 soon!
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Hosen - Måned siden
wait he said this uncharted remote island ... and hes never been on it before but its been the same island he goes to every episode. i dont get that. can someone explain why he keeps saying hes never been there before..
Charlie Atkinson
Charlie Atkinson - Måned siden
how do people see these videos and then dislike like wtf
Liam Mills
Liam Mills - Måned siden
day one of trying to get a heart from the legend himself
Jpgundarun - 3 måneder siden
D-Man Island is actually called Somerville Island. Bless you google maps.
JHmusic JacobieH
JHmusic JacobieH - 3 måneder siden
I just wanna no where about a this is
Meanwhile In russia
Meanwhile In russia - 3 måneder siden
What is the name of your yacht?
E. M
E. M - 4 måneder siden
In which part of the island is ur land?
william neill
william neill - 4 måneder siden
YBS is sensational! Careful next thing you are on the ELLEN show!? Please keep your special kind of fame .. a real fame BRODIE!!!!
N Y - 4 måneder siden
Love Brodie, because he is down to Earth a and he makes living of the ocean so easy that anybody thinks they could do it, if they try😊🐠🐟🐠🐟👩‍💻❤️
Japs Gumad-ang
Japs Gumad-ang - 5 måneder siden
Does anyone have the song title at 1:55
Joe Nichols
Joe Nichols - 5 måneder siden
Hay Brodie big fan of the channel could you do a video on your emergency kit for the boat
Richard Poole
Richard Poole - 5 måneder siden
Love your videos mate, great life enjoy
Natalie Bertsch
Natalie Bertsch - 5 måneder siden
i love these videos so much and half the time i’m wondering where stryder is because i want her to be safe ❤️🤧
Crazy Tanvir
Crazy Tanvir - 5 måneder siden
They both got 2 in one lure 😁
MrKevinaoun1 - 5 måneder siden
Anyone know where one can acquire a boat just like this?
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 5 måneder siden
Shows how low food scorce is fish are doubling up on bait, very cool for sure!
benny xy
benny xy - 5 måneder siden
Catch some fish for dinner
Aaron Kameric
Aaron Kameric - 5 måneder siden
WOAH! First time on the island, first time fishing on the island, first cast, not only is it the guy who the island is named after but he gets the first fish in a double hookup! Crazy...
W L - 5 måneder siden
Song? Pls i cant find it :(
TinyBlob 2007
TinyBlob 2007 - 5 måneder siden
Better to catch writing on bait
Tim Cadby
Tim Cadby - 5 måneder siden
Just like to say how much I have been enjoying your stuff I am going to be starting to spearfish as soon as we can get back to the sea this lock down is driving me crazy but thanks and just hope that i have as much Fun here is sunny England thanks Timothy cadby
Trung Chau
Trung Chau - 5 måneder siden
Where is your girl bro?
Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson - 5 måneder siden
The Dman double up!!!🤟🏼🤜🏼 Too good brother
Sexy Rexy
Sexy Rexy - 5 måneder siden
7:29 that's my boy zman so hot.
Diana Purdy
Diana Purdy - 5 måneder siden
Amazing fishing because there aren't any people there.
Duncan Shaw
Duncan Shaw - 5 måneder siden
South passage island....
Frankuss - 5 måneder siden
These videos are a cure for depression!
Clive Thomas
Clive Thomas - 5 måneder siden
The Best Purest Content On YouTube. YBS for Life! Two Fish On One Lure! Twice. The Fish There Is Hungry.
Junior DelGiorno
Junior DelGiorno - 5 måneder siden
Two double hookups, insane!
Barbara Waters
Barbara Waters - 5 måneder siden
moron on a mission
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor - 5 måneder siden
Mate your living the dream seriously ✌🙏🕊
Jeff Jelven
Jeff Jelven - 5 måneder siden
That’s the exact rod and Reel and line as me 😂😂
Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Wilson - 5 måneder siden
Thanks man. Thanks for leaving the island better than you found it by picking up trash. You inspire me to start filming my outdoor adventures. I would love to hear how being a fulltime YouTuber works.
Chloe Sales
Chloe Sales - 5 måneder siden
what is the song 2:45
Harry Yang
Harry Yang - 5 måneder siden
what's first song?
Daniel Cline
Daniel Cline - 5 måneder siden
What rod and reel on the new setup for Jacko?
craden kailiiehu
craden kailiiehu - 5 måneder siden
I know your dog is an Australian Shepherd but is there any other breeds in him?
nhí đoàn
nhí đoàn - 5 måneder siden
Chúc anh thành công
Echiego Happy Go
Echiego Happy Go - 5 måneder siden
Beautiful island
Basti - 5 måneder siden
Please tell me the song at 2:41 is on Spotify
Also does anyone know what song this is?
Regan St.Amour
Regan St.Amour - 5 måneder siden
Song at 2:20
Dann Rothstein
Dann Rothstein - 5 måneder siden
When i am in session exams and the teacher told me to answer his questions 1:04 😂
khairul annuar
khairul annuar - 5 måneder siden
What brand sunglasses u wear?
Blessed YK
Blessed YK - 5 måneder siden
ever thought of designing your own sunglasses Brodie? could be cool
catch it cook it
catch it cook it - 5 måneder siden
Support comment
Ron Hughes
Ron Hughes - 5 måneder siden
Thanks for the video. The narrative is so entertaining and the photography is amazing.
Dylan Mathews
Dylan Mathews - 5 måneder siden
Can you sleep in that boat
jacku - 5 måneder siden
There is my dad
Brayden Bell
Brayden Bell - 5 måneder siden
So sick man. Loved it. Ybs yew
Gianni Barberino
Gianni Barberino - 5 måneder siden
SKUIFF - 5 måneder siden
5:42 hows ya toe d-man
Frost - 5 måneder siden
Any eta on getting any of your knives available online?
Cole Doran
Cole Doran - 5 måneder siden
Brodie, you're such an inspiration to me man. I just finished editing a short documentary about my 2 buddies and I attempting a road trip across Canada in an old shitty 1976 RV. Would mean the world to me if i got some criticism on it form you! its on my youtube page.
Harry Hughes
Harry Hughes - 5 måneder siden
Dman strikes again !! That is amazing
ilovetech ALOT
ilovetech ALOT - 5 måneder siden
I noticed you like to be the only one on camera . You should share the spotlight with the other people on your ⛵ let other people be on camera and talk if they're on your boat. Seems like the guy in your boat wanted to talk and be on camera you never gave him a chance and you do that on every video you have stopbody on your boat and you throw them to the side like there trash stop being selfish share the camera .
zloy tema
zloy tema - 5 måneder siden
Will the channel have a Russian translation??
Syed Shakil (Official)
Syed Shakil (Official) - 5 måneder siden
Why you catch them and again leave? They will be sick after this hooking pain.
Logan Morais
Logan Morais - 5 måneder siden
What kind of rods and reels do they use?
Cole trumbo
Cole trumbo - 5 måneder siden
does anyone know what his secret sauce is? also, love the videos mate!
Smokiee Dan lan
Smokiee Dan lan - 5 måneder siden
this island should be called either ` Dman island ` or `twin fish island` or Double hook island
Smidz Og
Smidz Og - 5 måneder siden
What ever happened to Oral, the live coral you found ages ago? Did ya see it again?
jack hanlon
jack hanlon - 5 måneder siden
The boys getting collaterals
MrPaterson51 - 5 måneder siden
where is strydas go pro
Connor Leonforte
Connor Leonforte - 5 måneder siden
When can we see some YBS fishing rods 😍
Yonko Shanks
Yonko Shanks - 5 måneder siden
this man is absolutely AMAZING
Fishing Victoria
Fishing Victoria - 5 måneder siden
Larna Baker
Larna Baker - 5 måneder siden
Do you have a cast nest I wish
Mack Holland
Mack Holland - 5 måneder siden
He always has a smile on his face
Larna Baker
Larna Baker - 5 måneder siden
I wish I was there with you demanding and briode
Anthony Col
Anthony Col - 5 måneder siden
Are you coming to Sydney this year
Endrr - 5 måneder siden
How can anyone dislike this
Roxy B
Roxy B - 5 måneder siden
Love all your videos from Miami
IcyBrook - 5 måneder siden
what kind of dog is stryda?
Daniel Papp
Daniel Papp - 5 måneder siden
Just watched a couple of your old liquid Cinema videos man I love them videosyou should take a bunch of the stuff you really don't put in the videos I make a liquid Cinema video diving riding fishing
Josh C
Josh C - 5 måneder siden
Wanted some merch but the page wouldn't load. 😪
Såãd ØĶ
Såãd ØĶ - 5 måneder siden
Hey. YBS our community section in YouTube is empty. Post something. All love
Mitchell Watts
Mitchell Watts - 5 måneder siden
what do you edit on
Ruben Quesada
Ruben Quesada - 5 måneder siden
Ur so damn hot!
Talon Schnathorst
Talon Schnathorst - 5 måneder siden
Can anyone name the song at about 2:40
with the drone shot?
Broken Gamer
Broken Gamer - 5 måneder siden
You should totally attach the go pro to stryda when you dive and leave her alone I’d love to see her behaviors while you’re under. Also love what you do you’ve taken over my YouTube ❤️❤️ keep it up
Tecksy - 5 måneder siden
More long videos please! Your 40 to 50 min vids are amazing
TKay Shakur
TKay Shakur - 5 måneder siden
Not many resources but if you plant some trees, maybe a lean to could be possible in 5 years.... wicked spot tho!
T U - 5 måneder siden
It's obvious these guys are doing life right!!! The Gods smile down on them every step they take. Thank you Brodie and crew from Arizona!!
Dragony99 Playz
Dragony99 Playz - 5 måneder siden
no juice
no juice - 5 måneder siden
i was always told to be quiet while fishing, and i never catch anything. brody literally screaming at the top of his lungs at the fish while they are yards away, catches all the fish. ive been doing it wrong.
no juice
no juice - 5 måneder siden
d-man is my favorite friend of the family.
Outdoors Bros
Outdoors Bros - 5 måneder siden
When i watch your videos you just make me smile!!!
Daren Reed
Daren Reed - 5 måneder siden
Double Hook up so SICK!!!!!!
Regional Roasters
Regional Roasters - 5 måneder siden
The title of this video should be "two fish one cast"
Twiggy the lizard
Twiggy the lizard - 5 måneder siden
Im a simple man...I see a border collie on the thumbnail, and I click. 🐶🏃‍♂️
Citizens Rights
Citizens Rights - 5 måneder siden
🇨🇦🤙 🇦🇺
😎 I love this channel. Every time I watch an episode it feels like a little vacation 🌴
pickle fork N wiggles
pickle fork N wiggles - 5 måneder siden
Looks like Fiji from the drone. I wonder how the waves get on that Island?!
ocean2earth fishing
ocean2earth fishing - 5 måneder siden
Shout out to az 😂 ‘back2basics’
Xilv7 - 5 måneder siden
Dman is my favorite :D
Camryn Volmink
Camryn Volmink - 5 måneder siden
Where’s stryda cam?
Wilson Jeffery
Wilson Jeffery - 5 måneder siden
R all the ybs crew stoners... Forgetting stuff all the time🤔😂😏
Виктор Катлер report
I know what your secret sauce is cuz I use the same one, but I won`t tell nobody
mzrouie - 5 måneder siden
Camo - 5 måneder siden
mzrouie kewpie Mayo (Japanese mayonnaise)
Gmfc Rv6
Gmfc Rv6 - 5 måneder siden
I think my dad bought us a little boat for fishing in Lancelin West Australia and it’s not the best there for crabs so y have to go out deeper so we can Catch bigger fish I have always wanted a boat when I watched you
Cxa2yT0m - 5 måneder siden
Idk if im the only one but this backround music is tilting me