Exploring The Clearest Water EVER (Rare Leopard Shark & Giant Groupers) - Ep 218

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Join Brodie Moss and his friends as they lounge around in the clearest water you've ever seen and swim with a rare Leopard Shark (Zebra Shark) and some friendly giant Groupers, plus a lot more.
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Nadia Christina Morales-Saleh
Where is this?!??
ze m
ze m - Måned siden
Can someome tell me please where is this place!
Davy Jones
Davy Jones - Måned siden
why do you call it a leopard shark
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson - Måned siden
Constantin Schwez
Constantin Schwez - Måned siden
Whats name of this place????
シProd_.BLUBEATS - Måned siden
Been watching for 3 years now love the content it makes my day
Visiting Perth soon
Gomes - Måned siden
where is this
CrinixSZN - Måned siden
Were is this?
vector409 - 2 måneder siden
that dog has the best life :)
Where's Francis
Where's Francis - 2 måneder siden
your dad and brother look incredibly similar
David Smith
David Smith - 2 måneder siden
Ha that dose look like pool water. Thanks for the show bra
serkan yağmur
serkan yağmur - 2 måneder siden
şahane bayılıyorum
Robochop 1987
Robochop 1987 - 2 måneder siden
The water is simply not of this world.
curtis darby
curtis darby - 2 måneder siden
What kinda boat
Omar Antonio Covarrubias
Omar Antonio Covarrubias - 2 måneder siden
Some body know where is this place?
Thomas Feicht
Thomas Feicht - 2 måneder siden
Where is this place
Matthew Sapp
Matthew Sapp - 2 måneder siden
Literally my dream life
Hi - 2 måneder siden
It’s weird seeing him without a hat
Jeanphy Player
Jeanphy Player - 2 måneder siden
vous vivez mon rêve !! :)
Aaron Le Grand
Aaron Le Grand - 2 måneder siden
That was actually a Zebra shark! But still such a cool experience to see one that close
AWA ZynkyFishy
AWA ZynkyFishy - 2 måneder siden
where is this
Acid - 3 måneder siden
Guys got the coolest name ever and is living the best life.. I kinda hate him and like him all at the same time. Massive envy
Che Rry
Che Rry - 3 måneder siden
Mr M clark
Mr M clark - 3 måneder siden
Who was that girl singing that song??anyone know
KATAPAPA. - 3 måneder siden
Where is it?
KATAPAPA. - 3 måneder siden
Its really a pool im jealous now!!!
Boss - 3 måneder siden
Intro song?
James Dalziel
James Dalziel - 3 måneder siden
Intro to this video is absalout 🔥🔥🔥🔥
DMack4rmTheWest - 3 måneder siden
brooo you always got fly ass songs in your videos! whats the name of the one at the beginning of this?
David Schofield
David Schofield - 3 måneder siden
I'm not usually big on rich people showing off their toys and stuff. But this guy doesn't showoff. He never forgot where he came from. Humble, charismatic, funny, and knowledgeable. A rare combination.
Shannon Whittard Whittard
Shannon Whittard Whittard - 3 måneder siden
Need a good fishing trip , would be great to come out , bring my little man Jayden
Tayla M
Tayla M - 3 måneder siden
please please please tell me where this is 😍😍😍
BiffyC - 3 måneder siden
I saw a leopard shark at Ningaloo reef. Beautiful animal.
ΞNTITY - 3 måneder siden
who's the girl in the thumbnail?
Felix Saua
Felix Saua - 3 måneder siden
What's this sing?
Mason Kali
Mason Kali - 3 måneder siden
can someone please tell me where the hell this heaven is?? I need to make a visit like now...
CatDuckChu - 3 måneder siden
why does he shout ew all the time?
Meurig Davies P H O T O G R A P H Y
7:10 Lovely Dolphins swimming by...7:13 D Man frantically loading his spear gun! :) :) :)
Elisa Ortega
Elisa Ortega - 3 måneder siden
Where is this? Those waters are the clearest I’ve seen, wow!
Kristoffer KR
Kristoffer KR - 4 måneder siden
when they skipped from the dolphins to the harpy in the water... my heart stopped for a sec
Block 47
Block 47 - 4 måneder siden
Best life ever !
Chheang Theara
Chheang Theara - 4 måneder siden
Hey, I’m the one who is always watching your videos. I’ve been watching all the videos that you posted. I saw you and girlfriend did videos together about a year ago but such a long time since that until now I don’t see both of you make videos together. I just wonder if you both no longer together.
Travis Starin
Travis Starin - 4 måneder siden
Like the music, good stuff
Ivan Savovski
Ivan Savovski - 4 måneder siden
You have a wonderful family mate !! God bless you !!
Malu Hunter
Malu Hunter - 4 måneder siden
What an absolutely nightmare is unfolding here...
Dylan Van Vleet
Dylan Van Vleet - 4 måneder siden
This intro is fire 🔥
cakesoncups - 4 måneder siden
does brodie has an onlyfans because i need to see MORE
Kydo - 4 måneder siden
BRINKLEY got cake
SpookyVifon - 4 måneder siden
in poland we have the Clearest water
Janek Schmidt
Janek Schmidt - 4 måneder siden
Never seen a leopard shark before, so cool!
amine mohamed
amine mohamed - 4 måneder siden
Wow amazing 😍😍😍🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️
CoCo Boss
CoCo Boss - 4 måneder siden
One of the best episodes so far, for me...
Sean Michoud
Sean Michoud - 4 måneder siden
Where is this place
George VanRossem
George VanRossem - 4 måneder siden
Where is this ocean oasis located?
A2ZLACK 069 - 4 måneder siden
Where is this place
thehabesh1 - 4 måneder siden
what does it smell like?
hamajangz - 4 måneder siden
Bro i live in Hawaii and i remember when i jumped in the ocean when the beaches reopened just a few weeks ago. Man the water is so nice and clear. We're very lucky to live in these beautiful places.
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman - 4 måneder siden
YBS family forever...Good to see you brother Jarrod
Matthew Orvad
Matthew Orvad - 4 måneder siden
Where are they at ?????? I’m trying to find a comment saying location .where the bloody hell are ya?
Robin McDonald
Robin McDonald - 4 måneder siden
Anybody else see the shark at 1:13
Jason Melo
Jason Melo - 4 måneder siden
Well, where the hell is this place.
SACH PLENG - 4 måneder siden
what camera did you use for this video sir?
adam mohamed
adam mohamed - 4 måneder siden
Where is that was ?what is name of this place ????
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis - 4 måneder siden
It's amazing how pristine, clean and clear that water is.
Norman De Castro
Norman De Castro - 4 måneder siden
Thank you!
Will S
Will S - 4 måneder siden
"chopped in a suzi and we're goin' for a send"
Jordan Unwin
Jordan Unwin - 4 måneder siden
Hi Brodie, great vids could you make another squid catch clean cook.
Геннадий Щербаков
Josm 4934
Josm 4934 - 4 måneder siden
Amazing I luv you guys great videos I luv it
BCG_Blitz - 4 måneder siden
I’m pretty sure it’s almost winter there in Australia but it’s so good tho, I used to live in Melbourne but I’m back in the UK, sometime I wish I didn’t leave.
Boat Fishing South Wales
Boat Fishing South Wales - 4 måneder siden
Wow looks absolutely amazing
たむたむ - 4 måneder siden
BON PALABOY - 4 måneder siden
Wow very clearest water ever enjoying watching from Philippines
Jennz T
Jennz T - 4 måneder siden
Wow....what a bless family. I like this video better.
Trace Mckone
Trace Mckone - 4 måneder siden
seriously...new music bra..... great beats but not a chill ocean flow... https://youtu.be/TPzGl3LFbak do flow and you glow, but use music as an extension of beauty and life...
Matthew May
Matthew May - 4 måneder siden
Come to States !
Salma EJ
Salma EJ - 4 måneder siden
Does anybody knows where this is?
Stuart Tamblyn
Stuart Tamblyn - 4 måneder siden
The most aussie family EVER
C Bass
C Bass - 4 måneder siden
the intro of this video is dope best youtuber out there ybs for life
Weedinator - 4 måneder siden
Man, I hate flying but after watching your videos for a year I'm taking the 30-hour trip from Switzerland anyway. I'm tired of pike fishing in the rain. 🤣
ItsClemz - 4 måneder siden
That intro was awesome!!!!!!!
ImRisqi X
ImRisqi X - 4 måneder siden
I’m so curious how do their ears not hurt when they go deep when I go deep into like a 8ft pool I can feel my ears and I got to go back up they going deeper than that and are perfectly fine
Alex Zander
Alex Zander - 4 måneder siden
I would love to change lives with you just for one day!
Ounce - 4 måneder siden
Life is yours man :)
Scott Hills
Scott Hills - 4 måneder siden
I would love to live the life u do bro 💪🏼
Nova Wright
Nova Wright - 4 måneder siden
liel forish
liel forish - 4 måneder siden
Where is it
Yeah Buddy
Yeah Buddy - 4 måneder siden
please can some one tell me where in australia this is beacse it seems no one actually knows
SNRY_TheKillerCash - 4 måneder siden
Where is that at
David Matatahi
David Matatahi - 4 måneder siden
Ann k
Ann k - 4 måneder siden
It’s so clear and looks so shallow how does the boat not hit the reef? Also, Stryder is the cutest❤️
Rehman Arshad
Rehman Arshad - 4 måneder siden
Brodie, do you guys mount your Gopro using an Octomask?
Harry Fraser
Harry Fraser - 4 måneder siden
hey brodie i am a twelve year old kid from qld. love fishing. love your channel ive watched every vid
Paul Pence
Paul Pence - 4 måneder siden
Who cares about the intro song, did anyone else check out Courtney's IG - https://www.instagram.com/courtneysomerville/
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice - 4 måneder siden
I enjoy some of this guy's work, but he ain't never gonna be totally right
Nielsmht gaming
Nielsmht gaming - 4 måneder siden
Wich country is this and where
J G - 4 måneder siden
Where is this place? Love the clear blue ocean.
Sly - 4 måneder siden
where is that place?
Caroline Lloyd
Caroline Lloyd - 4 måneder siden
YEWWww! 🤙🤙 was just in a live feed with a UK fisho @smashfishing and mentioned I'm from Oz and follow ur channel- turns out he already watched you guys!! YBS WORLDWIDE Mr Moss, well played brah 🤙
your dream
your dream - 4 måneder siden
So cool to epic pics, thanks