DEEP SEA FISHING For Giant Gold Fish (Part 2) - Ep 204

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Part 1 -
We found the giant gold fish boys! Part 3 soon
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Gert Botha
Gert Botha - 15 dager siden
maybe it was two fish on.....never knows yeah
Gaz Pearce
Gaz Pearce - Måned siden
Love yr channel but I wish Jacko had his own channel and get ahead too, only being truthful what they said was right if U had a big fish and Jacko flicked out a lure with a fish on the end you would carry on I can see it so can yr mates they even pulled U up then said na na all good, your doing awesome shit, stay grounded and loyal mate
Jason Storm
Jason Storm - Måned siden
yo at :20 brodie flopping like the dying fish are you kidding disrespect
Krystal Richardson
Krystal Richardson - 2 måneder siden
Ok lol, I might have a slight little crush on Jacko!
Peter Chyun
Peter Chyun - 2 måneder siden
holy shit how big are those hooks you caught that ruby on?? 9/0??
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes - 2 måneder siden
Without YouTube and Merch cash a flowing, would seem more genuine eh?
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes - 2 måneder siden
This is a different form of capitalist revenue generation. Well done bogan eh?
Frostie - 2 måneder siden
Like: before two mil
Comment:after two mil
:reply if before 1 mil
Frostie - 2 måneder siden
Congrats on 2 mil guys this was your before two mil button
Wayne Schickerowsky
Wayne Schickerowsky - 3 måneder siden
I do
zuird - 3 måneder siden
What’s the rod paired with the Stradic
Spock Houser
Spock Houser - 3 måneder siden
Hi Brodie, really great and beautiful videos... but , without offense, you speak too much and in a very loud manner
Zane Obradovic
Zane Obradovic - 4 måneder siden
Love YBS.
Hate living in Melbourne where the best fishing is only a few months a year for damn Snapper.
Dregan LaRue
Dregan LaRue - 4 måneder siden
These are my type of people rn😂😂😂
Thanos Infinity
Thanos Infinity - 4 måneder siden
Is it just me that gets triggered every time he releases a fish he just caught , i mean u went through all that just to release it , it doesn't make sense.
Kaiman Chau
Kaiman Chau - 4 måneder siden
So thats where my childhood goldfish went
stefi pluu
stefi pluu - 5 måneder siden
this guy is the reason why Fortnite added fish to the game.
possibly the best content I love ur vids and seeing ur reactions to catching fish
Grub o
Grub o - 4 måneder siden
stefi boi don’t bring fortnite into this
Paula Langelier
Paula Langelier - 5 måneder siden
Love watching you all!! We live in boring Missouri in the US. FAR ,FAR ,FROM THE OCEAN ! :(
I’ve got 3 beautiful girls we are hoping u all do a trip of some sort??
2 of my daughters are soon to graduate College YAY!
My oldest daughter GABRIELLE has always talked about going to Australia,,,
Literally since she was ,,,
Well it seems like right out of diapers:))
What you do Brodie camping on the beach she lives for!!
this horrible PANDEMIC!
Keep up the great work and give “STRALIA” A rub for us!
Johnny Blunt
Johnny Blunt - 5 måneder siden
i love you guys! always so happy en enthusiastic :D thanks for bringing joy to my life
Truly a Qt
Truly a Qt - 5 måneder siden
Anybody else wish they could live like this
Bozo Evil
Bozo Evil - 5 måneder siden
Very nice colour of the fish 👍
KN - 5 måneder siden
The electric reel is lame.
daviti GEORGIA
daviti GEORGIA - 5 måneder siden
Danny S
Danny S - 5 måneder siden
Tell us about tides and bite times Mr Moss?
Malachi Johnson
Malachi Johnson - 5 måneder siden
why is half his face grey ??
henrytdub - 5 måneder siden
Love all your content bro I've just started yt and I wanna be like u in my own way x
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen - 5 måneder siden
What happened to amber Leigh?
Invader Uzi
Invader Uzi - 5 måneder siden
Song in the beginning?
Vanvan Alonzo
Vanvan Alonzo - 5 måneder siden
wow thats dope pirit :)
Gavin C
Gavin C - 5 måneder siden
"Who invited dad bod" Brodie go easy on him lmaoooo
Scott Lagge
Scott Lagge - 5 måneder siden
Love this channel! Brodie, you gotta come out with Youz Guyz T Shirts😁
Pacific Dynamic Builders
Pacific Dynamic Builders - 5 måneder siden
You let go the best bait!
Blisterybrush86 Yo momma
Blisterybrush86 Yo momma - 5 måneder siden
I can take a boat out on a lake or river, but the idea of being in the middle of the ocean makes me nervous
glemastus - 5 måneder siden
I’ve been very depressed lately. Your videos have saved me. Thank you. Huge huge fan. Ps When are you coming out with young blood men swim suits again?!
Moody Editz
Moody Editz - 5 måneder siden
love u brodie!
Martin Wrobl
Martin Wrobl - 5 måneder siden
legit looks like my small little old gold fish but sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much bigger lmao might eat mine to see if theyre realy that tastey lol
Mat M
Mat M - 5 måneder siden
Been a minute since sammy done this... better show him again 🤣 doesnt get any more aussie than rippin ur mates haha
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman - 5 måneder siden
Good catch Ruby..YBS for sure!
Johnny Stob
Johnny Stob - 5 måneder siden
Brodie really threw it back
jerome simblante
jerome simblante - 5 måneder siden
broodie need some help here!!
covid is not a joke!
we been lockdown here
no work!
Vigdís Sigurlínudóttir
Vigdís Sigurlínudóttir - 5 måneder siden
Government: overfishing is a huge problem that we need to stop! YBS: what is overfishing?
Ella Wentz
Ella Wentz - 5 måneder siden
Brodie is the king of having so much sunscreen on his face it changes colors lmao
l3oozer - 5 måneder siden
that rod??? tell me more
samuel moreno
samuel moreno - 5 måneder siden
I wish I could could buy all of his merch but at the same time young (bloods) is not good at all in my area
dominique c
dominique c - 5 måneder siden
Lets get a go pro on the electric reel :D
luke farrell
luke farrell - 5 måneder siden
Look at jackos foot at 15:45!
Guled Shirwac
Guled Shirwac - 5 måneder siden
Eoh my fault crayfish
Guled Shirwac
Guled Shirwac - 5 måneder siden
Can you do low tide foraging like clams and lobster crabs etc. Clean, and cook
wolf wellcreated
wolf wellcreated - 5 måneder siden
i wish i could come along and enhance the cooking for you guys ! :-)
Kingi Herewini
Kingi Herewini - 5 måneder siden
Love love the content mate. Always looking forward to the next video, but the bad thing in this video would have to be the ending. Was hopping to see what yous get at the next location. Can't wait for the next video best real content on YouTube.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 5 måneder siden
No life jacket insight.
Mohamed Daoudi
Mohamed Daoudi - 5 måneder siden
😂😂😂 0:31
Alicia Cutts
Alicia Cutts - 5 måneder siden
Hi Brodie and boys hope you’re all well. I had dream Brodie and had a movie night after going fishing.
freezebeam - 5 måneder siden
The snack that smiles back
jay johnson
jay johnson - 5 måneder siden
Brodie you seriously need to look into an ADDERALL prescription...I am sure any DR would agree and happily get you hooked up😎
Haley Steer
Haley Steer - 5 måneder siden
Does anybody know what brand of Zinc he uses?
Josh Grifdin
Josh Grifdin - 5 måneder siden
whixh islands do u fish off ??
David Bee
David Bee - 5 måneder siden
Southern islands
nam nguyen
nam nguyen - 5 måneder siden
đã quá a ơi
Mana Sutherland
Mana Sutherland - 5 måneder siden
where do these guys live? it looks like absolute paradise.
David Bee
David Bee - 5 måneder siden
New Holland
Marco-Polo - 5 måneder siden
damn this channel is blowing up! brodie making mula!!!
Peter. Hatch
Peter. Hatch - 5 måneder siden
How many of his friends served in the military or are just living off soldiers that died in Afghanistan!!
Jonathan Hankins
Jonathan Hankins - 5 måneder siden
Lol, Samwell Tarly...
BHG Itz_PNDA - 5 måneder siden
I love watching your videos everyday, also I just got my wisdom teeth taken out and your videos are making it better
zack ertzen
zack ertzen - 5 måneder siden
what zinc do you use brodie
Yoni Leshem
Yoni Leshem - 5 måneder siden
does anyone know what kind of boat that is?
K.B. Fishing
K.B. Fishing - 5 måneder siden
Nice Guys!! Maybe you want to check my channel. have a great giveaway now. Win the newest bellyboat
Sean Goodall
Sean Goodall - 5 måneder siden
Brodie ur videos are inspireing me to get my own boat 4 big irish pike fishing so iam saving at the minute so please keep posting ur videos m8 love them and man you know how 2 live YBS ps up the fish raps lol
Senor Camaro
Senor Camaro - 5 måneder siden
when is the next video, im addicted to watching you guys fish now haha
Samuel-Joseph Parry
Samuel-Joseph Parry - 5 måneder siden
jordan larkan
jordan larkan - 5 måneder siden
Absolute weapon mate
Aleksei Petrov
Aleksei Petrov - 5 måneder siden
Ребята вы поймали золотую рыбку 😁
Ok Eddy
Ok Eddy - 5 måneder siden
Where's your Genesis boat gone mate?
Ranch Kings
Ranch Kings - 5 måneder siden
Surprised title wasn’t “3 Frat Guys Catching Fat Goldfish”
nvernazza1 - 5 måneder siden
Bradley jones
Bradley jones - 5 måneder siden
Whos here from Castro
SAMELIA's WORLD - 5 måneder siden
That giant goldfish looks beautiful
Ez - 5 måneder siden
Who came here from castro stream
jonoaus111 - 5 måneder siden
What's species are Rubies? Look like they'd be good eating 👍
Jean Allen Alisna
Jean Allen Alisna - 5 måneder siden
What's the name of the background music?
Cutter Balcom
Cutter Balcom - 5 måneder siden
Song Name at very beginning?
Sabrina Tpw
Sabrina Tpw - 5 måneder siden
I like those electric things but I like fighting with he fish too, someone is a lazy git!🤣
Scarborough 6019
Scarborough 6019 - 5 måneder siden
Thats not fishin thats winchin.
Paddy Morrison
Paddy Morrison - 5 måneder siden
When are the shorts gonna be available?
Kervedelic - 5 måneder siden
I absolutely love your work mate! Any idea when those board shorts are gonna be up, I need a pair and want yours real bad. Keep up the great work!!
Coastal Australia
Coastal Australia - 5 måneder siden
Go subscribe to coastal Australia
gcm747 - 5 måneder siden
If it takes 10 minutes to drop the line down, what’s the delay from a fish hitting the line to seeing the rod twitch?
Michael Petrides
Michael Petrides - 5 måneder siden
Hey Brodie, what sunscreen did you put on??
Euuuhhhful - 5 måneder siden
Brodie, are you planning on selling these kind of swimming trunks?
Mujeeb Warasi
Mujeeb Warasi - 5 måneder siden
This brightens my day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
TheReal Bland
TheReal Bland - 5 måneder siden
What happened to the sea stryda?
Chloe Bothma
Chloe Bothma - 5 måneder siden
Brodie do any of your friends have shellfish allergies? Especially with those delicious blue crayfish. Man, that would be the saddest thing. Do you ever eat a steak???
Brad Matwijec
Brad Matwijec - 5 måneder siden
Oh ya this guy is a beauty.. Living the dream
1 Tap Wonder
1 Tap Wonder - 5 måneder siden
Would love to get your merch but out of my price range 70 for a t shirt
All In One Muzaffarabad
All In One Muzaffarabad - 5 måneder siden
Brendan Smitherson
Brendan Smitherson - 5 måneder siden
Please explain why you’re face is always faded grey?.....
k brg
k brg - 5 måneder siden
What are bronzies?
David Bee
David Bee - 5 måneder siden
Bronzie is the shortened term for what we here call a Bronze Whaler shark.
Adam Meintjes’s
Adam Meintjes’s - 5 måneder siden
Does anyone else’s problems just disappear when watching YBS ? We love you Brodie
Citizens Rights
Citizens Rights - 5 måneder siden
🇨🇦🤝🇦🇺 Incredible planet we live on. 🌏 It’s nice to see you guys enjoy & live off what your region offers. Kick ass motorized fishing rod. 🤙 I can’t wait to see your Subscribes hit 2 million. 🤙
Thank you for reading our comments.
Le Le Yu
Le Le Yu - 5 måneder siden
booln charlie
booln charlie - 5 måneder siden
Anyone else think the goldfish in the thumbnail was fake
Mr Kyaw
Mr Kyaw - 5 måneder siden
Invite me for your next adventure 😎😎😎