DEEP BLUE CLEAR WATER FREEDIVING Whale Shark & Tiger Shark CAMPING With My Brother (Part 3) - Ep 187

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Part 2
The last part of the boys camping mission in the boat! With a last minute send to find the bluest water ever, the boys find whale sharks and tiger sharks plus cook up a feed of fresh fish!
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KindaJammy - Dag siden
I told myself i was only going to watch the new video cause its 4:00am, Well.... I am now 6 more videos deep lol. shit.
OG Zig
OG Zig - 3 dager siden
there was a shark swimming with that girl ?
Faiz Akmal
Faiz Akmal - 8 dager siden
the clip where swam with the whale shark looks so unreal, almost from a movie. man i would trade my life to be in those waters
Simon Glenn
Simon Glenn - 8 dager siden
Bet there aren't too many people in the world to be able to say yeah what you do today I swam with a whale shark!!
Drew Wilburn
Drew Wilburn - 13 dager siden
mans livin my dream great vids
ΞNTITY - 24 dager siden
who's the girl in the thumbnail?
Seth Haggård
Seth Haggård - Måned siden
You’re living my dream I’m only 15 currently but I’m saving up money so I can travel the world. Water is not close to as beautiful here in Sweden but I still go diving, fishing kitesurfing and stuff. Great video man keep it up
Punch In The Pants
Punch In The Pants - Måned siden
What an absolutely amazing video, awesome tunes too, what an incredible life you lead, I doff my cap sir. Brilliant, thanks for brightening up my day.😎👏👍👊👊
D. Earl Snapp
D. Earl Snapp - Måned siden
mate, that was incredible free diving with the whale shark. cheers
Valery Rekken1
Valery Rekken1 - Måned siden
That was a mighty fine looking burrito thing
sara-jayne Davis
sara-jayne Davis - Måned siden
Your doggo is the lucky'st bugger in the world !
Michael Maxwell
Michael Maxwell - Måned siden
If you cook from behind your stove, the stove lid stops the hot fat spitting on you, by the way your all friggin awesome, love your channel, its the best thing on youtube and cheers me up so much,,, keep up the good work Brodie and crew
Paisley De Hoyos
Paisley De Hoyos - Måned siden
he swims with sharks every chance he gets but is afraid of oil
Capella Qwerty
Capella Qwerty - Måned siden
Opened the video.
Skipped to 8:44
What should have been done is done.
Watched the video from beginning.
Thanks mate, keep it up!
Alfie Frain
Alfie Frain - Måned siden
whats the name of the song you were using in the intro
Ivo - Måned siden
I didn't see any whale😘
Christoph TV
Christoph TV - 2 måneder siden
I am so Hungry now.
Masamoto6 - 2 måneder siden
Do all of your friends know how to free dive? Is t hat just something you learn at a young age in australia? I wonder how long it takes to learn cause from someone not used that environment, it's probably way harder.
Eli The Fisherman
Eli The Fisherman - 2 måneder siden
This looks sooooo much fun
BWgamer50 - 2 måneder siden
The ssssssssssecret sauce is Japanese mayo, it’s so tasty and savory he is right it’s the best!
G.I. Ginge
G.I. Ginge - 2 måneder siden
Thay is an amazing boat. Goodness I'd love to be able to just go out and enjoy it
Austin Ayoubi
Austin Ayoubi - 2 måneder siden
you guys do realise the secret sauce is kewpie mayo
Schnelle50 - 2 måneder siden
New here....Does anyone know what his secret sauce is?
Arturo Hernández
Arturo Hernández - 2 måneder siden
are you eating that tortilla cold?
Jacen Grey
Jacen Grey - 2 måneder siden
I keep forgetting this channel. And then when I have an autistic meltdown from stress, the YBS channel gets recommended and I only watch a few videos and I can function again. Thanks for sharing.
Amber Riann
Amber Riann - 2 måneder siden
The song at 6:24 is Someone Like Me by Velvet Moon if anyone was curious
franklin lino panfilo perez jr
franklin lino panfilo perez jr - 2 måneder siden
I love watching your video dude.. Please put the songs that you using in your videi..
Spartacus - 3 måneder siden
Subscribed your channel because you are swimming with a whale shark.
Rose Reber
Rose Reber - 3 måneder siden
Is it hot how many months in Australia
Rose Reber
Rose Reber - 3 måneder siden
I agree that u dont say the f word constant kids watch teenagers . We live vicariously through u .and love the music .
Cooper Thornely
Cooper Thornely - 3 måneder siden
13:15 you forgot Secret sauce
TrueUnderDawgGaming - 3 måneder siden
I was lucky enough to swim with Whale Sharks. Easily one of the best moments of my life :D
Miles McCoy
Miles McCoy - 2 måneder siden
238k subs huh
Pietro Zucci
Pietro Zucci - 3 måneder siden
Where can I buy your shirt if I live in Germany?
tom gust
tom gust - 3 måneder siden
Hey Mate
From Sarasota Florida
Renata Leask
Renata Leask - 3 måneder siden
What part does of Australia does this guy live in. Can someone pls respond
Royal Hardware
Royal Hardware - 3 måneder siden
Don.t do this it,s very danjarush for u
Zitronen Saft
Zitronen Saft - 3 måneder siden
Weich Part of Australia is this
Mathias Madsen
Mathias Madsen - 3 måneder siden
This is what i would call content! Keep up the good work! ;)
Nick Reeping
Nick Reeping - 3 måneder siden
He’s the best YouTuber I have seen ever I wish I had his kinda day
gewoondylan - 3 måneder siden
In wat country is dat??
L. Araújo
L. Araújo - 3 måneder siden
8:44 BOIS
Jule Van der Heiden
Jule Van der Heiden - 3 måneder siden
were is this?
Matthew Ranson
Matthew Ranson - 3 måneder siden
What is the song playing around 7 mins? I have googled the lyrics and can't find anything. Big SAD :(
ThebigMiloBoustani - 3 måneder siden
Who else wonders how he holds his breath for so long and how his ears don’t pop when he’s going that deep???
Dad - 2 måneder siden
When you see him pinch his nose underwater its him equalizing the pressure in his ears. Its a technique used mainly in scuba diving where you hold your nose and blow out of it to push air into the sinuses.
Yajaira Molina
Yajaira Molina - 3 måneder siden
That mischievous look at 1:42 luv it 💞😈
ALL INONE - 3 måneder siden
Remove dress and swim
Jeremy Roy
Jeremy Roy - 3 måneder siden
Brodie...mate, share the awesome song names your playing. Love the vids and songs. Well done
ELRICO GREYSON - 3 måneder siden
wheres emily
Luan 1337
Luan 1337 - 3 måneder siden
Min 8.45 to 8.52 😍🍑😂
Caz Miller
Caz Miller - 3 måneder siden
I love how he has the chillest dog
Mohamed Ibrahim
Mohamed Ibrahim - 3 måneder siden
How do you hold your breathe for so long
M_Swizzy22 - 3 måneder siden
Fk it I finish my pilot training and moving to Australia 😂
kenneth magramo
kenneth magramo - 3 måneder siden
Its very2 beautiful brotha ! 👌 what's the title of the song ?
Iota Ceti
Iota Ceti - 3 måneder siden
8:44 I didn't even notice there was a whale shark in this scene
Jeremy Sladen
Jeremy Sladen - 3 måneder siden
I know it’s supposed to be a secret, but I’m dying to know what the secret sauce is!!😂
Gg tv dt Cgcdhg
Gg tv dt Cgcdhg - 3 måneder siden
How can u get salt water in your mouth
jjjoel - 3 måneder siden
What song is at the start?
Alenazi B
Alenazi B - 3 måneder siden
Jamie Cole
Jamie Cole - 3 måneder siden
Best video I’ve seen in roughly 2 years...
nico Kellerman
nico Kellerman - 3 måneder siden
The dream life... “Time for online school”. “Okay mom coming down”.