CRAZY SHARK ATTACK FOOTAGE!! Bluewater Spearfishing And Fishing (Mahi Mahi Poke Bowls) - Ep 148

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Join Brodie Moss and the boys in one of the craziest days they have ever had out wide in the deep blue spearfishing and fishing for monster Mahi Mahi! A school of 100+ sharks push in on the boys while diving and things get very interesting! INSANE drone footage of shark vs mahi. Back home for some fresh poke bowls and laughs with the boys, enjoy!
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Cynthia Duprey
Cynthia Duprey - Dag siden
Myname Ismontoyo
Myname Ismontoyo - Dag siden
I would just shoot a few sharks give the sharks something to eat lol then do my fishing
Robert Bowen
Robert Bowen - 2 dager siden
You guys get A for effort, but Brodie, needs some,
Genital training on food prep and some receipt development I'm the best man for the job, would e happy to come down anytime, for real!
bls001 - 2 dager siden
Isn’t it considered cruel to not let the fish have a chance to get away from the sharks once it’s hooked?
Knevo - 2 dager siden
that fish was jukin em until he realized he was caught on a line XD
Sean Binns
Sean Binns - 2 dager siden
U know when people say livin the dream at there shitty jobs.?these guys mean it.its my dream life.
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson - 2 dager siden
Tell Danny and jarred that Paul Thompson and Peter Schiller are coming up for a high school reunion...
Michael T
Michael T - 3 dager siden
does anyone know what type of sharks they were at the beginning when the guys were in the water?
ivan cruz
ivan cruz - 3 dager siden
I just dicovered ur videos and i fuckin love them mate keep doing ehat ur doing cause ur doing an awesome job
小涵流瑜伽 - 3 dager siden
This place is beautiful, great drone footage and shooting. Wow! Love your channel and the natural beauty of your country.
j hart
j hart - 3 dager siden
Ummm....secret man sauce?
Joseph Green
Joseph Green - 4 dager siden
That footage with the shark was absolutely insane! I’ve never seen anything like that!
Katharina Berndt
Katharina Berndt - 4 dager siden
I love that you guys basically shared a meal with a shark. That's pretty much life goals, if you ask me.
cooky - 4 dager siden
OMG mate the drone footage of the sharks is absolutely fking mental..probably the best I've ever seen! proper brilliant channal m8
WILliam Rodriguez
WILliam Rodriguez - 5 dager siden
Mucho tiburones wao
Vergil Bayno Ofqueria
Vergil Bayno Ofqueria - 5 dager siden
Meyer Simmons
Meyer Simmons - 5 dager siden
14:07 subtitles
Dawn Garner
Dawn Garner - 6 dager siden
The flower just made it!!!!! Jacko Rules!!!! Lol
Dawn Garner
Dawn Garner - 6 dager siden
This dude has a great life!!!
Hardeep Singh
Hardeep Singh - 6 dager siden
Jacko and Jared are legends as well...
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee - 6 dager siden
Brutal and disgusting
Andrus Banner
Andrus Banner - 7 dager siden
now this is what u call vlogging.
Joeblow Johnny
Joeblow Johnny - 7 dager siden
Secret man sauce is butter milk ! 😁😁😁😁😁😁
BEST OF BEST - 8 dager siden
I love This Life.My Dream Is Yours True Life Brother..Im So Very Happy Now.
Jeremy Sharp
Jeremy Sharp - 8 dager siden
There's nothing better than watching your videos, then watching your brother and your friends sit down with you to enjoy the catch. The ocean is a beautiful thing, but the relationship you have with your family is absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work Brodie, and the rest of the YBS team.
Isabella TC
Isabella TC - 8 dager siden
omg I would be so scared of having my dog there hahaha what if he jumps?
kevin walker
kevin walker - 9 dager siden
The quality is sooooooooooooooo f**king clean, keep up the good work guys
Adam Gunn
Adam Gunn - 10 dager siden
mmmmm fresh poke bowls
Tim O
Tim O - 12 dager siden
Beautiful footage. Still feeling sad for that fish and those dudes seem to have a death wish for some reason.
Pitinet - 12 dager siden
Leave the sharks alone. Nature need them.
Carlos J
Carlos J - 12 dager siden
what shark specie are them ?
Patrick Hamby
Patrick Hamby - 12 dager siden
Brodie, correspondence with me , I'm , let's talk ,you and your family are bad ass, let's talk.
Patrick Hamby
Patrick Hamby - 12 dager siden
Truth Time2112
Truth Time2112 - 13 dager siden
guys---this is the best video footage ever!!
EPIC CONTENT from the drone & the shark the mahi unbelievable! INCREDIBLE drone footage guys. ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE 👍 unbelievable and wow you guys are almost at 2 million subs too????
JUST incredible footage guys- thank you so much!😷
Marcelo Cassano
Marcelo Cassano - 14 dager siden
Veo todos los días tus capitulos muy buenos! Marcelo Buenos Aires!
DarkLytton . King
DarkLytton . King - 15 dager siden
4:40 when u realized the video isn’t speeding, and u also realized the sharks are crazy fast.... yeah no thanks 🤣
Nassy Ben
Nassy Ben - 16 dager siden
You men... You have thé great life... Amazing your days...
Elmer Bojos
Elmer Bojos - 17 dager siden
Huhuhu those shark gave me chills
Tiến Ngô
Tiến Ngô - 17 dager siden
Tôi thích lối sống của anh này i Love u I from Vietnam 🇻🇳
SSOG - 17 dager siden
is this dude always with his shirt off?
Marco Cash
Marco Cash - 17 dager siden
where this is ? only small sharks ?
cher young
cher young - 18 dager siden
this video is hard to watch, poor fish attacked by the sharks while the hook is in their mouth!
Ron Belin
Ron Belin - 19 dager siden
Phillip Christensen
Phillip Christensen - 20 dager siden
So many sharks in the water why were you fishing that’s seems like a murder catch to me leaving the mahi in the water like that to try and run from the sharks. You should put yourself on a line
SilentGuardian31 - 20 dager siden
Absolutely sick footage. Incredible, you are blessed.
gRosh08 - 20 dager siden
Swimming the Dream! Cheers!
Adilson Spina Junior
Adilson Spina Junior - 21 dag siden
A big hug from Brazil brothers !!! I'm hooked on the channel. Congratulations!! Hello Australia !!
Adilson Spina Junior
Adilson Spina Junior - 21 dag siden
1.5 k didn't like the video? they must be mentally ill, apartment mice, unloved.
Ro An
Ro An - 23 dager siden
Man that boat 🤩🤤 fucking lit 🔥
Lisa B
Lisa B - 23 dager siden
Sterling Forbes
Sterling Forbes - 24 dager siden
Never seen a wetsuit like that, which has like an attached brief. Who makes that?
Jase Dc
Jase Dc - 24 dager siden
Wow bros crazy footage
LXQZ • Luca
LXQZ • Luca - 25 dager siden
Where is this? Australia?
Kenni-411 - 25 dager siden
drone footage was crazy !
Kenni-411 - 25 dager siden
that bubble scene was fire !
R MH - 26 dager siden
What’s the secret sauce?
cymply - 26 dager siden
they casually laugh and joke while that fish is swimming for its fucking life lmao
Seeker - 26 dager siden
I love being underwater but I can for the life of me understand the attraction to killing or using live fish as bait, it's cruel.
John Zulu
John Zulu - 27 dager siden
Incredible drone footage! TO HAVE LESS EATEN BY a little HEAVIER TACKLE if casting lures.Also, by getting hem in faster their is less lactic acid build up so the fish survive better after release!
Richard Hurlock
Richard Hurlock - 28 dager siden
A very good lifestyle bless you all