Crazy Bait Ball Fishing On The Jet Ski SHARKS & TUNA - Ep 168

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The birds and bait are going crazy as thick schools of sharks and tuna smash through them!
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BUSHDOGG 10 - 2 timer siden
Vicky the Goat tbh
AMFFP - 3 timer siden
A Big Hello From Paris , I'm following you for a wihle and i love it. I whisch i could go fishing with you one time. All the best for you for Vicky and Stryda .
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 4 timer siden
Hay autistic brodie. Do ya know who it is now?
صيادين ترعة الإسماعيلية خالد كرامه
Arthur Harp Jr
Arthur Harp Jr - 21 time siden
Pretty snapper
Alex Nasser
Alex Nasser - Dag siden
At 0:35 we all know what he did
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas - Dag siden
Young chicks middle aged geezers
Myste Rious
Myste Rious - 2 dager siden
This girl has a really good butt.
GrizzFawkes44 - 2 dager siden
Damn bro, just damn. That the life right there mate
Euux-jtgy - 3 dager siden
Why do I see flies all over him and not one on the “11”!
Duck Dodgers
Duck Dodgers - 4 dager siden
shogg098 - 6 dager siden
She sounds so like Pia from Kane and Pia Muehlenbeck YouTube channel
covidis event201
covidis event201 - 6 dager siden
Your dog is so happy out there. Yall live the life.
chiong sung wong
chiong sung wong - 7 dager siden
i want your girlfriend ig
Ray Jay
Ray Jay - 7 dager siden
Hey Charlie the Tuna
Bill W
Bill W - 8 dager siden
Why release the tuna? Too small?
มอนเตอร์ เกมส์เมอร์
Oh my god ......I’m like acting excited... oh my god.... annoying as fuck
Angelo Maraboli
Angelo Maraboli - 9 dager siden
Damn. She's better than the Blondie he had before and also better than the Argentine "neighbour"!
Joe Wagner
Joe Wagner - 9 dager siden
Very shapely babes
Joe Wagner
Joe Wagner - 9 dager siden
Flies would drive me crazy
sun dancer
sun dancer - 10 dager siden
OMG giant bottoms at :49! You look awful....
sun dancer
sun dancer - 10 dager siden
Oh christ....Stop pulling them up!!!!!!! 2:38!!!
Will - 12 dager siden
What happened to the Go pro 9 give away comp mentioned a few episodes back ?
FAT BOI - 12 dager siden
Exmouth backpackers.
Mistah P
Mistah P - 14 dager siden
Binh Vu
Binh Vu - 15 dager siden
Nice fishes. Can't catch that many in california beach...Have Fun and Thank for sharing.
Victor Dell
Victor Dell - 16 dager siden
Good job...Glad you walked the plank QUICK......No need to risk your life bro..
Great video...You have a great dog and lady.. Be well.. 😎
TheGoonies410 - 16 dager siden
Damn that body is nice
Pthreedo Bear
Pthreedo Bear - 17 dager siden
anyone knows her instagram?
Jordan Carmichael
Jordan Carmichael - 17 dager siden
great video!
Wesley Robinson
Wesley Robinson - 18 dager siden
Good luck to you mate your life is amazing, beautiful sea amazing fish and creatures, and the sexyist girls must be propa happy, fair play to you bruv. 😊
Jack Jack
Jack Jack - 19 dager siden
Rod bending 90 degrees
Girlfriend:wait you actually got one?
Nah the rod just bending for fun
GCB West Coast Fishing
GCB West Coast Fishing - 19 dager siden
Awesome video
jack black
jack black - 20 dager siden
why throw tuna back?? its decent eating.... and you wanted lunch....
Wildberry Citrus
Wildberry Citrus - 20 dager siden
What country are you from bro? Which waters is this?
Antonio Barros
Antonio Barros - 23 dager siden
Good live mate! Enjoy the Paradise!
9 Mile Bros
9 Mile Bros - 24 dager siden
We absolutely love the channel great work Brodie hope to see you on the water soon.
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson - 24 dager siden
Long Đinh thanh
Long Đinh thanh - 24 dager siden
Can I have all the song titles in the video?
Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture
It is beautiful one!!!! Content really Awesome!!
Stephan Rauch
Stephan Rauch - 25 dager siden
Great great video Brodie never miss a episode watching from the UK
Love what you do mate keep it going absolute legend 👍
john Corcoran
john Corcoran - 25 dager siden
Awesome video and great fishing content. Keep it up.
DEVIN DADUDE - 25 dager siden
Love your video! Super awesome content What kind of rod and reel you using young blood?
Jake Sales
Jake Sales - 26 dager siden
Stryda does so well staying in the ski 👌❤
harry vosloo
harry vosloo - 28 dager siden
YOU ARE THE BEST Brodie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep the videos coming
Siva 1985
Siva 1985 - 29 dager siden
Dem girl ass 🔥
Bill Prosser 1967mustang
Bill Prosser 1967mustang - 29 dager siden
What a lot fun that is , fish everywhere . Strada is a runner looks like 40 mph . Whay a day Brodie ,Charlie and best bud strada . ..Aloha from Tejas
Mike Kreen
Mike Kreen - Måned siden
......them flies......geeeeez They would drive me crazy all over my head like that.
Alexandre Torres
Alexandre Torres - Måned siden
different babe every video
Khonor McMagomedov
Khonor McMagomedov - Måned siden
Does homie have a different chick every video!?
Emrah Öz
Emrah Öz - Måned siden
your the biggest fish she had caught man 🙂
DJ M - Måned siden
I think this man good in fishing girls
DJ M - Måned siden
I'm here for the thumbnail
pangeran 888
pangeran 888 - Måned siden
Success is always buddy
Belgrano Pirata
Belgrano Pirata - Måned siden
Pone La con el pez por fAvor yaaa
Belgrano Pirata
Belgrano Pirata - Måned siden
Queeeee belleza mi amor
Belgrano Pirata
Belgrano Pirata - Måned siden
Hoy veo tu canal por ella nada más bhiutifol
Henry Zayas
Henry Zayas - Måned siden
Henry Zayas
Henry Zayas - Måned siden
Har Tono
Har Tono - Måned siden
Haiiiii mr,
Tulip merah 4104
Tulip merah 4104 - Måned siden
How... Amberlinght....
gamerserver1 - Måned siden
So is he smashing every one of the hot chicks in his videos?
turbo Flacko
turbo Flacko - Måned siden
Fucking love ittt
p - Måned siden
10.08 that rod isnt going anywhere !!!! please telll us that you banged this beauty??? i wink will do..
S D - Måned siden
Put the camera in the water ffs!!!
stevan surya
stevan surya - Måned siden
I like when the tuna shake it babe
Dorjee Zong
Dorjee Zong - Måned siden
Y rnt u catching the tuna?! Or y rnt u keeping the tuna u caught?!?!
Amilcar Ferreira
Amilcar Ferreira - Måned siden
Coloca tradução em português no seus vídeos sou um fã aqui no Rio de janeiro, com dificuldade em língua estrangeiras.
Te watene Bill Emery
Te watene Bill Emery - Måned siden
KBVP fishing Adventures
KBVP fishing Adventures - Måned siden
0:15 roblox off
KBVP fishing Adventures
KBVP fishing Adventures - Måned siden
Aaron Camble
Aaron Camble - Måned siden
anyone else trynna find the girl's @ :(
Shawn J Woloschuk
Shawn J Woloschuk - Måned siden
I don't know who the babe is , she is a bute mate all female, glad for you guys.🙋💂💂🐶 Shawn J. Ohio, USA
Geoff Coombes
Geoff Coombes - Måned siden
Is Charlie your sister
Paulo André
Paulo André - Måned siden
A wondefull lovely girl, a smart dog, a jet ski, all together at sea in a sunny day, what else a man needs for being happy? Twenty others lovely girl, maybe, kkkk.
Fishing DohaR
Fishing DohaR - Måned siden
very good upload, Wonderful and great video.
sam sung
sam sung - Måned siden
Call me a creep but I just came here for the crotch.
ESP Fitness
ESP Fitness - Måned siden
Is not fair when you hire sharks to impress girls
Vinnie Terlouw
Vinnie Terlouw - Måned siden
Insta? Of both?
Rich Fort
Rich Fort - Måned siden
Dude please let me come for a trip out there , that's like my dream trip/vacation
Rich Fort
Rich Fort - Måned siden
Does anyone know where is Aussie is he from, this is literally the life I wanna live.... I would love to save up and rent a place around where he is dk if I'd ever have enough to buy a place maybe
Michael Fallon
Michael Fallon - Måned siden
@Rich Fort that's cool man. i've never been to the west coast but from what i gather, you get calmer seas on the west coast most of the time, although the reefs are further off shore. i live on the far north east coast in a small fishing town called Cooktown. The great barrier reef is really close and the fishing there is insane, and it only takes about 20-30 mins to punch out to the closest reef. in saying that you only get about a month of calm seas each year as it's always 20+ knots, but that also gives the reefs plenty of time to replenish and they don't get hit as hard due to this.. hope you get out here one day mate
Rich Fort
Rich Fort - Måned siden
@Michael Fallon thanks brother I'm from the states but I would love to live in oz man expecially where he's from the fishing and spearfishing looks amazing, plus I love ur able to ride dirt bikes but I'm really into the fishing and spearfishing, I'm also huge into surfing man a friend of mine invited me once idk exactly where he lived but he was from Aussie he was a pro surfer his name was boe he did a surf comp every year in my states in the u.s it was in new jersey .... I would love to save money and move out there unless I hit the lotto, I just would love to live out there for the spearfishing too man huge into that also some of my guns are over a grand
Michael Fallon
Michael Fallon - Måned siden
He lives on the west coast mate. I’m assuming somewhere north of Perth
Adder K.
Adder K. - Måned siden
Look at the GAP on that thumbnail. (_______)
VictusPrime - Måned siden
You're welcome.
dididinah826 - 2 måneder siden
WOW! My dude I'm obsessed with your videos n life!
Love what your bringing 💜
Big Love from NYC!
Evan Kees
Evan Kees - 2 måneder siden
"guys I know how we get views"
hanex hanex
hanex hanex - 2 måneder siden
what happen to that blonde girl
Tim lee
Tim lee - 2 måneder siden
It's tuna
Tim lee
Tim lee - 2 måneder siden
I'm about to buy a jet ski should i get seadoo or yamaha
Kheirou Gtl
Kheirou Gtl - 2 måneder siden
Who is she give us her Instagram or YouTube channel
p jah
p jah - 2 måneder siden
No gym just holding rod with big fish
TK Lxvid
TK Lxvid - 2 måneder siden
14:04 I thought he was gonna kick her in and feed her to the shark lol
100k With no vids
100k With no vids - 2 måneder siden
What rod and reel were u useing on the ski
Tú P
Tú P - 2 måneder siden
Que gran culo
Red King
Red King - 2 måneder siden
The biggest chick he caught
quieromicubita - 2 måneder siden
10:27 wow 😍
Ace Alfar
Ace Alfar - 2 måneder siden
that girl was the reason why there’s a lot of sharks
Orlando - Måned siden
The Legend 27
The Legend 27 - Måned siden
He break up with his girlfriend? I mean the short skinny old one
Samson454 - 2 måneder siden
And the reason I clicked on the video
Here we Go Again
Here we Go Again - 2 måneder siden
Those damn flies!
Risky Angler
Risky Angler - 2 måneder siden
Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart - 2 måneder siden
One of the best YT vids I’ve ever watched. The ending 🔥
omarjr1221 - 2 måneder siden
Wow... she is beautiful.