CRAZIEST AND BEST SHARK MOMENTS!! Shark Behaviour And How To Act In An Encounter (Q&A) - Ep 143

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Join Brodie Moss as he answers your questions about sharks! How to act during a shark encounter? Brodie explains shark behaviour, the craziest and best moments the YBS crew have had with sharks. He tells the story of how Sam almost lost his life during a crazy shark frenzy 45 miles offshore and much more, enjoy!
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Estelle A
Estelle A - 2 timer siden
Can you not afford to buy your girlfriend a woman sized bikini bottom???
HBC423 - Dag siden
I thought great whites were all over Australia... they’re all over the coasts of America
peter c
peter c - Dag siden
That tiger in the beg was a close call he turned right at her lucky she hit em with her fins!
Here we Go Again
Here we Go Again - 2 dager siden
Don’t you guys get Saltwater Crocs? You ever see one? Scary
Ross Palmer
Ross Palmer - 2 dager siden
Thank you
Ross Palmer
Ross Palmer - 2 dager siden
He was only a grommit. I soooo miss you guys
Bravo zulu
Bravo zulu - 2 dager siden
Well sharks have clearly proven that they are deadly...just not in the anticipated numbers most people have in mind...
Sean Binns
Sean Binns - 4 dager siden
Yes i wee
DEDE PU - 5 dager siden
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marcoprivate tours
marcoprivate tours - 8 dager siden
Please guys, from which part of Australia all these places are filmed ? Thanks
Hannes Engelbrecht
Hannes Engelbrecht - 9 dager siden
I remember my first Scuba with my dad of age 10 when I swam with some raggies, you do feel their energy, similar to jogging and there's a big dog out. You just feel safe
Michael Grenz
Michael Grenz - 9 dager siden
Brodi, you can see them periodically in Hawaii. But you can charter a boat to cage dice with them at Guadalupe Island off the coast of Baja California. It’s a wicked good time man!
SuperNinger - 11 dager siden
Humans are not meant for water, we are going Into there place respect It. If you get eaten well you have done something stupid.
kahbe - 12 dager siden
where is the ass from the thumbnail
Louie Gonzalez
Louie Gonzalez - 15 dager siden
Jet ski noise sounded more like the 4 stroke bike 🏍
Bảo Trần
Bảo Trần - 18 dager siden
From Vietnamese with love 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
Straxly - 20 dager siden
Can anyone tell me why I yust love you? Its wierd cuz ive never felt that about anyone Else, your positivity and so on is yust insane!!
Pheasant Pluckers son
Pheasant Pluckers son - 21 dag siden
Bob is über cool, i have a border terrier who looks very much like him without a hair cut 😂👍🏻
Tamas Kiss
Tamas Kiss - 22 dager siden
You're an idiot.
Troy Heald
Troy Heald - 23 dager siden
Michal Kunst
Michal Kunst - 26 dager siden
8:06 just turn your hat 180 degrees and it will help :-)
tha Dude
tha Dude - Måned siden
Who is ole girl? Dayummmmmmm
Ynech - Måned siden
Great video, sharks underwater is an exciting sight.
Krystal Richardson
Krystal Richardson - Måned siden
You are so lucky, your literally living my dream.
Andrea Venturini
Andrea Venturini - 2 måneder siden
Ora ma!i sottotitoli in italiano siccome youtube è una piattaforma più o meno libera, quando cè un video dove parlano in inglese e lo guarda una persona di un'altro paese dovrebbe esserci una traduzione, perché ogni volta che guardi un video che ti interessa, lo devi vedere per forza in inglese senza sottotitoli in italiano? questa cosa non la capisco, se io vedo un video dall'Italia vorrei almeno capire che cosa dice la persona con i sottotitoli.Questa cosa non riguarda solo questo video ma un pò in generale.
Astrid Moore
Astrid Moore - 2 måneder siden
pt lincon in sa has shark dives with great whites. think you can free dive cape town just off south africa, its where they breach the water though.
Bandaid Gang
Bandaid Gang - 2 måneder siden
Man you're nuts 😳
Ash Wakelin
Ash Wakelin - 2 måneder siden
If you want to get as close as possible to a white pointer go to port Lincoln
Peter Nugent
Peter Nugent - 2 måneder siden
Kind of dumb he says kind of dumb what your at , wait tell one of the dumb sharks takes your life not
T that that I wish bad luck on u bud
Jannelle Franco
Jannelle Franco - 2 måneder siden
What do you think about China finning sharks? Basically they fish them, cut cut off all thier find and put them back so they drown.
David Kirkland
David Kirkland - 2 måneder siden
Damn it Bob... we're recording!
Fuck You Bitch
Fuck You Bitch - 2 måneder siden
Did he say do your weed in the water?
tyler Kirbyson
tyler Kirbyson - 2 måneder siden
so sams...BOB!!! samss with the .>>>>>BOOOBBBBB!!!!!!
Raymond Kenney
Raymond Kenney - 2 måneder siden
чеслав досеев
чеслав досеев - 2 måneder siden
Jose Topia
Jose Topia - 2 måneder siden
Call Ramsey ocean she swims with great white
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson - 2 måneder siden
If I were a shark, I’d eat her too ....
Aco Jankovic
Aco Jankovic - 2 måneder siden
If I was a shark I take bite of of her ass
Mod Fix
Mod Fix - 2 måneder siden
Did u ever had great white encounter thou australian beaches are well know for it
Question Authority
Question Authority - 3 måneder siden
I just gotta say man, and I’m sure you must realize this, and to me, it seems really obvious by your humble temperament/attitude & how I perceive your personality to be, that you in fact do realize just how much of a great & fortunate life it is that you live. And from the several videos of yours that I’ve watched, going back fairly recently, it’s like I’m really happy for you, lol, if that makes sense. B/c you seem like such a genuinely good dude. And much like myself, a lover of all animals. Even the fishies. But I truly wish you the best in your day to day adventures & hope the gods are watching over you out there, “mate.” (Btw, the background music is so spot on)👍👍
Jeffrey Freeman
Jeffrey Freeman - 3 måneder siden
Why did that shark eat Quint?
Robinson Nunez
Robinson Nunez - 3 måneder siden
Mate, question on where would be dangerous to spearfish, a reef or open water ? Can you explain how to defend yourself against sharks when you fish?
darndandly - 3 måneder siden
Im very suprised you ain't seen a great white I presumed there would a lot
Phillip Brewster
Phillip Brewster - 3 måneder siden
Hahahaha that sunscreen makes u look like ghost face killa
Terry Ishless
Terry Ishless - 3 måneder siden
I’m only here to perv on her arse
Brandon F
Brandon F - 3 måneder siden
What were them sharks eating on at the end?
chuck lacey
chuck lacey - 3 måneder siden
That’s what we got on cape cod big great whites so if you get bit your lucky to live
Richard De Boer
Richard De Boer - 3 måneder siden
His domination of life / aggression the fish kills , you can see his body lauguage and fasial mimic if your not with him " your agains him type. There comes a day it back fires bigtime and always does . . . sooner or later hope not the life close too him, because he knows.
Mark Hill
Mark Hill - 3 måneder siden
What an idiot.
Richard Walker
Richard Walker - 3 måneder siden
Where in Australia is this?
It seems so remote.
Kyle Fear
Kyle Fear - 3 måneder siden
I admire the way you see these creatures. I’m still bloody petrified though XD
Blaine Richardson
Blaine Richardson - 3 måneder siden
Crazy story
Waldo - 3 måneder siden
living legend
Dragon_ Balls72
Dragon_ Balls72 - 3 måneder siden
Wonder what the craziest thing he found on his trip was aha
James Brown
James Brown - 3 måneder siden
Sharks are not deadly......get out when you feel unsafe sharks are unforgiving....okay
James Brown
James Brown - 3 måneder siden
I feel the same way about guns.
The GreatCactus
The GreatCactus - 3 måneder siden
you feel the same way about guns as sharks? i don't get what you mean
Charlie Harper
Charlie Harper - 3 måneder siden
“Nehh sharks aren’t deadly” - “you DONOT PUSH SHIT WITH SHARKS”
Mike Burns
Mike Burns - 3 måneder siden
What do you pay YANNI to use his music? ;-) Just playin'!
Luke Armstrong
Luke Armstrong - 3 måneder siden
Tell the mrs “bit hot just gonna go cool down” (submerged to waist height & piss)
Daniel Alhaj
Daniel Alhaj - 3 måneder siden
i love this channel, im just blown away you've been s wimming with sharks for years and you didn't know they can smell blood in the ocean :o
matthias schu
matthias schu - 3 måneder siden
Mate, how is it possible that you live in Australia and never encountered a Great White?