CLEAREST WATER EVER!! The Boys First Trip In Our New Boat - Ep 141

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Straight off the plane from the NT and into the CLEAREST WATER EVER! Brodie Moss takes the boys for their first ever trip on the new boat! They punch out wide to 350m of deep blue water and then into the 20m reefs to go spearfishing for lunch! Sammy get a big red and the boys land some good fish, enjoy!
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Olivia Wing
Olivia Wing - Måned siden
He could literally work for National Geographic it’s amazing!!!!
nate pate
nate pate - Måned siden
God I love the reds and mutton’s you guys get. I love on west coast of Florida and not as clear and fished out unless you have numbers like me but bull sharks are a total Nuisance in and out of any shark that’s the only one that I give total respect you and stay the F away from because they definitely have a mind of their own not like other sharks
nate pate
nate pate - Måned siden
I’m so glad to see your Chanel blow up , its# so awesome to see you quit your corporate bs job and make@livingof what you love. Total inspiration . Cause I think I can put dive you mate? Lol just kidding but before I was 53 I could hold my own. Maybe free to 65 ft. For sure no problem , I shit you not. In Bahamas every year I’d have a comp with a 80 yr. old Italy ledgend who smoked me ever time . His name was Duey and man itch black from sun and put white hair from sun. He was a multimillion tomato farmer that had 900 acres and shared another 2000 with other tomato producers. Showed me up every time I went deeper. But just got Commercial drone license and I’m starting a business so that’s my first start to doing what you do I love your channel again and thanks to you the ambition you give me keeps me going
Samuel Price
Samuel Price - Måned siden
What is the crazy thick cream stuff they put on their faces? Never seen that before!
Lily Gruber
Lily Gruber - 2 måneder siden
Maybe some day I will be lucky enough to see this
Dragon Born
Dragon Born - 2 måneder siden
People pay ££££s to briefly live your life, just wow
Trap Millo Tv
Trap Millo Tv - 2 måneder siden
Husband: "Want a quickie?"
Wife: "As opposed to what?
Mohamed A
Mohamed A - 2 måneder siden
I feel it’s the earth’s paradise
Zee Doya
Zee Doya - 2 måneder siden
Please, can someone tell me where this.. sorry for my ignorance ... which beach or where is this🖖
Accelerate All
Accelerate All - 2 måneder siden
Where is this filmed ?
Ali Ghhvv
Ali Ghhvv - 2 måneder siden
I love you I love you man I love you I love you god God god I love you I am honey🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Sofiane Bij
Sofiane Bij - 2 måneder siden
In which country is he please ?
Jack Sage
Jack Sage - 2 måneder siden
If we want this kind of water
Stop littering :)
Kangal Turkiye #
Kangal Turkiye # - 2 måneder siden
moonlight - 2 måneder siden
اين مكان هذا البحر؟؟😍😍
DAILY Motivation
DAILY Motivation - 2 måneder siden
It's my first time here really Im so happy to see your vedeo and plz guys can u Subscrib my channel also
karl dall
karl dall - 2 måneder siden
So clean water but no fish what the hell we humans do with this beautiful Planet
Camila Zamora
Camila Zamora - 2 måneder siden
How you can open your eyes and don’t hurt you?
Martin Eden
Martin Eden - 2 måneder siden
Bastardi leave fishes in peace
Magali Salerno
Magali Salerno - 2 måneder siden
MONSTER tube - 2 måneder siden
Where is this (location)
ᏤᎬᏟᎢOᏒ - 2 måneder siden
Where this Place ?
Ahmad Shehadeh
Ahmad Shehadeh - 2 måneder siden
In Which spot on the earth are you?
موسى جلال
موسى جلال - 2 måneder siden
Yuseff Manzor
Yuseff Manzor - 2 måneder siden
You dont wash the lechauce
Benny Weber
Benny Weber - 2 måneder siden
Wo ist das ?
NaS sim GihaF
NaS sim GihaF - 2 måneder siden
fortnaite SAAD 🇲🇦
fortnaite SAAD 🇲🇦 - 2 måneder siden
fortnaite SAAD 🇲🇦
fortnaite SAAD 🇲🇦 - 2 måneder siden
fortnaite SAAD 🇲🇦
fortnaite SAAD 🇲🇦 - 2 måneder siden
Navneet KL
Navneet KL - 2 måneder siden
Why Jared always shot blue bone ?
TERROR13 - 2 måneder siden
Natalie Cheng
Natalie Cheng - 2 måneder siden
Where this place
Random Crafts
Random Crafts - 2 måneder siden
Dude that looks so beautiful
J Banks
J Banks - 2 måneder siden
Abosolutely Beautiful 🥰😍
ἛᷭǷᷪ GIVONDA - 2 måneder siden
سي بحالك تحوا
أبو هارون
أبو هارون - 2 måneder siden
سبحان الله
Clive Thomas
Clive Thomas - 2 måneder siden
The Most Epic Editing Brodie! Only u make This kind of water entry epic.
TiNo B77
TiNo B77 - 2 måneder siden
nom mousiqe ??
Ladaci Zohir
Ladaci Zohir - 2 måneder siden
هذا. خلق. الله. الله. اكبر. فما. بالك. بلجنة. يا ربي. ارزقنا. الجنة من غير. حساب. الله اكبر
Arian Zadeh
Arian Zadeh - 2 måneder siden
Dieses Wasser
the glicher
the glicher - 2 måneder siden
Minecraft music lol nice
mr memer
mr memer - 2 måneder siden
What is that place called
Meziani Djilali Djilali
Meziani Djilali Djilali - 2 måneder siden
You are gorgeous. Hunting 👍👍
smcposeido 504
smcposeido 504 - 2 måneder siden
El único que habla español aquí 😎
Mahmoudi Aziz
Mahmoudi Aziz - 2 måneder siden
Can i Come with you thé next Time please but i dont have thé money
Elijah McKay
Elijah McKay - 2 måneder siden
I want your life
no u
no u - 3 måneder siden
It hurts to think that our ocean is dying
I care more about whats happening to our reefs and sea than our forests to be honest
beddou sofiene
beddou sofiene - 3 måneder siden
What is the name of this place and Land please
عمادAaa ١٢٣Bbb
عمادAaa ١٢٣Bbb - 3 måneder siden
TJLS 1 - 3 måneder siden
You should make a hoodie for stryda
Andrea Brown
Andrea Brown - 3 måneder siden
Where is this
Drazy999 - 3 måneder siden
Só eu de brasileiro kkk
H A L L O W W O O D Z - 3 måneder siden
fadlan jagad - Himaja
fadlan jagad - Himaja - 3 måneder siden
Amazing mate, good jobs luv it
BENABDI MOHAMED AMINE - 3 måneder siden
Oh goddess...wonder that amazing just one dream wanna go with you ones, i m crazy about fish and sea
Kev Chaverra
Kev Chaverra - 3 måneder siden
What if a shark eats his dog one day
Hard not to be giddy surrounded by water like that. I don't live by the water but when I do get to spend time at the beach, it completely changes my brain chemistry. Time to make a move on a more permanent basis...
BAHROMBOY kanali - 3 måneder siden
Oooo very good where is the ocean Im from Uzbekistan our city dont have ocean I like ocean and beachs
celia nobre
celia nobre - 4 måneder siden
Concrete no meu canal por favor