Catching GIANT MUD CRAB Barehanded For Food Living From The Ocean (Solo Remote Camping) - Ep 247

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No phone reception, venomous sea snakes, spiders, giant mud crabs and harsh remote Australian coastline. Join Brodie Moss and his dog as they explore through the remote mangrove coastline camping with no food, a knife and only his barehands to catch food.
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Runtime: 27:21


Luke Taweriling
Luke Taweriling - 12 timer siden
YBS, catch and cook lobsters and fish straight up on open fire
Giải trí khám phá NTC
Giải trí khám phá NTC - 12 timer siden
i love crab , hello erybody . well to Việt Nam :D
Ai Mar
Ai Mar - 14 timer siden
9 Old Fingers
9 Old Fingers - 14 timer siden
Living the dream !
Eric Fincher
Eric Fincher - 19 timer siden
Man, this is what I call quality programming. Love watching you eat all the shit you catch.
JrCappalot2 - Dag siden
Aren’t u ever scared that when your sleeping on the beach a saltwater croc will sneak up on you 👀
Ben Taber
Ben Taber - Dag siden
3 metre flatty get the dog!!
Snake on da sticks THESNAKE
Strider is the luckiest dog in the world lol
Taydeo Mcdonald
Taydeo Mcdonald - Dag siden
Cool knife
anthony smith
anthony smith - Dag siden
Would the crab really be strong enough to take a finger off?
Brendan Abbott
Brendan Abbott - Dag siden
You have the same aura as Steve Irwin brother
Bob Tan
Bob Tan - Dag siden
Thats a dead crab. LOL. and you do not find mud crabs on river beds like that. Show business :) . very nice dog though.
Device Doctors
Device Doctors - Dag siden
why so many flies ?
Ggxd Lol
Ggxd Lol - Dag siden
Some green shit some red shit got me lol
Francois Burger
Francois Burger - Dag siden
This how i wanna live man🐠🦈🐋💙✌
Only The Strong fight the good fight
Extras is always good👍
Only The Strong fight the good fight
Bro you get up to some sick stuff bro awesome!!
Santiago Mendoza
Santiago Mendoza - Dag siden
Been a long time since ive watch this duo and im surprised to cameragirl Stryda! 😊
Riley Braun
Riley Braun - Dag siden
This is my favourite channel on youtube. His vibes are amazing and he is such an amazing person, would love to meet him one day and shoot a video with him that would be cool
Eeef fert
Eeef fert - Dag siden
dude - there's a feather in your ear...birdbrain??
Sứa TV
Sứa TV - 2 dager siden
Franklin Neely
Franklin Neely - 2 dager siden
Brother you have the best life anyone could ever ask for, I would give anything to live like that!!! I enjoy the videos!
itsSTONEDGAM3R GG - 2 dager siden
'3 meter flatty' has to mean you watch the powerfish
DragonReaper - 2 dager siden
Cutting the flint with your knife edge like that gonna ding it up real quick. i normally see people do it with the back of the knife, if it has 90 degree edge spine it should create nice sparks. if not put a metal file to the spine of your blade to create that 90 degree spine.
zach hadley
zach hadley - 2 dager siden
Bro good job man
Devon Yang
Devon Yang - 3 dager siden
Was anyone else surprised when he put the live crab in his bag LMFAO
Max Salt
Max Salt - 3 dager siden
He’s not solo tho
Mikko Fishing Adventures
Mikko Fishing Adventures - 3 dager siden
Mud Crabs its my favorite crabs at all times very nice one bro tynx for sharing Happy crabbing and enjoy take care always it will cuts your fingers 👌💪👍
Rex The Explorer
Rex The Explorer - 5 dager siden
M.muh Yiddin
M.muh Yiddin - 5 dager siden
Apakah gua doang yg orang Indonesia
NikMas Fishing
NikMas Fishing - 6 dager siden
Crabs in Australia are huge! I would love to come there and try to catch one
Ted Seng Chai
Ted Seng Chai - 6 dager siden
That’s was a great journey bro and what I was searching for! good life.....
Old Sailor
Old Sailor - 6 dager siden
It's a shame that government has gone insane in the world's beautiful places.
Stewies Salutes
Stewies Salutes - 6 dager siden
Nick fry goes to the mangroves a lot
ahmed abdulhamid
ahmed abdulhamid - 6 dager siden
like why you not verified yet
junior tamatasasa
junior tamatasasa - 7 dager siden
This is living the life quite n peaceful and enjoying everything around you.. cool video..
Shane Beaudrot
Shane Beaudrot - 7 dager siden
Anyone else out there binge watching?
Belle Liu
Belle Liu - 7 dager siden
no one:
absolutely nobody:
Brodie: *puts crab in backpack*
Frantz Karlsson
Frantz Karlsson - 7 dager siden
best Chanel for sure
The Dummyblondes
The Dummyblondes - 7 dager siden
Those mangrove floors must be tough on poor Stryders feet bless her.
Brett Gibbs
Brett Gibbs - 7 dager siden
Look at me look me look at me
Anish Thakur
Anish Thakur - 7 dager siden
Brodie be packing with the most expensive drones with best camera quality
Victor Leonin
Victor Leonin - 8 dager siden
Watching from philippines pangtangal nang stress angas nang cam sa dog
Greg Brechelt
Greg Brechelt - 9 dager siden
What area of Australia is this?
Sean William Lockett
Sean William Lockett - 9 dager siden
you should were a mask
Andrew Spreadbury
Andrew Spreadbury - 10 dager siden
When God decided to create Perfection he made it here.
kenneth culala
kenneth culala - 10 dager siden
kenneth culala
kenneth culala
kenneth culala - 10 dager siden
nice 1
TTV- Saxon_geb
TTV- Saxon_geb - 10 dager siden
4:30 reminds me of Steve Irwin
covidis event201
covidis event201 - 11 dager siden
You sir are living the life. Its 30 degrees here ice on cars yesterday. I need to move 😆.
DaAussieReaper - 12 dager siden
What swag is that?
WeaponMasterX - 12 dager siden
No man use the back end of the knife on the flint rod not the sharp edge. Don’t want to dull your knife. Anyways loved the video keep up the good work.
Rong Code
Rong Code - 12 dager siden
It first time that I watch your Video
Why you live alone?
smalldnany smalldanny
smalldnany smalldanny - 12 dager siden
That's monster muddy.
Dakota Gover-gillies
Dakota Gover-gillies - 12 dager siden
You really are living the life
phe m
phe m - 13 dager siden
Omg looks so yum
D&R Productions UNLIMITED
D&R Productions UNLIMITED - 13 dager siden
“Let a swag out” translation please? Thanksss
Pyrkaeus - 13 dager siden
subbed when you guys are just 200k and look at where we are now! Wohoo!
Redouane Blida
Redouane Blida - 13 dager siden
Thank you, my friend. I wish you an abundant catch.🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿
Camping&Trilha AB Antonio C de Lima
Adam Omar
Adam Omar - 13 dager siden
Does he enjoy making me hungry after i just had dinner!
Him: Ahhhhh it's so good!
Taj Daubney
Taj Daubney - 13 dager siden
3 metre flatly
dragon fury
dragon fury - 13 dager siden
I Lost For Like 5 months I guess Then Now I Just found Estrada Have Go Pro Nice
#Old Subscriber
TheGuyYouKnowFromSomewhere - 14 dager siden
Ok but real talk, this looks amazing but what's the washroom situation? Is our man wiping his ass with moss? Bringing toilet paper and packing it out? Shitting directly into the ocean and scrubbing with coral?
The Trend Ph
The Trend Ph - 14 dager siden
Crab is my all time favorite food😍
give me your love!
give me your love! - 14 dager siden
New subscriber I am Sherika b gave you a shout out
Philip mcnally
Philip mcnally - 14 dager siden
Usually keeping a feather from anywhere in indigenous land means bad luck not good luck
Sabrina Gheorghita
Sabrina Gheorghita - 14 dager siden
Hey Brodie! Quick question! I’ve always wanted to know what the spikey things growing up in the mangroves are. Good shot of what I’m referring to at 5:35
If anyone else wants to let me know, I’d appreciate it! Thanks!
Wade Paulus
Wade Paulus - 14 dager siden
I really think Strider cam needs to continue
Ramy De Gracia
Ramy De Gracia - 14 dager siden
6:03 brodie just kidnapping a crab
Joey Wellman
Joey Wellman - 14 dager siden
Strida in the background nah man fuck that I’m not coming up there
Jacob Fortmayer
Jacob Fortmayer - 14 dager siden
Those roots or whatever terrify me because they look like they would impale my foot so easily
Angler Anonymous
Angler Anonymous - 15 dager siden
Dang I am so jealous. I live in the middle of the US 😢😄
Angus Michelini
Angus Michelini - 15 dager siden
4:30 uncanny resemblance to Steve Irwin
BayonetteWork - 15 dager siden
this is yes.

also how are you not upside down?!?!
BayonetteWork - 13 dager siden
@Michael Duesing lol
Michael Duesing
Michael Duesing - 13 dager siden
video editing
Island Fishing
Island Fishing - 15 dager siden
Nice 👍
Lucifer means Lightbringer
Lucifer means Lightbringer - 15 dager siden
I've seen one of these before. I was walking into Whiterun.
palku 80
palku 80 - 16 dager siden
I like it,
Ifal Akbar
Ifal Akbar - 16 dager siden
Hi im from Indonesia
Merrcalli - 16 dager siden
I honestly need to stop watching this channel when I'm hungry, I'll be wanting nothing but seafood for days
Megawatts 4488
Megawatts 4488 - 17 dager siden
"Just got a monsta mud crab stryda come here " stryda-" hell to the no Brodie man"
Echo Yeeter
Echo Yeeter - 17 dager siden
Ali Al-Sarraf
Ali Al-Sarraf - 17 dager siden
did this man actually just casually touch a wild spider ?
Preston Hodge
Preston Hodge - 17 dager siden
Steve Irwin vibes
I I-GrimmZ-I I
I I-GrimmZ-I I - 17 dager siden
How do you have the balls to grab like mud crabs and the crayfish like bro fuck that I’d be hella scared
fpschorsch - 17 dager siden
d Brown
d Brown - 17 dager siden
oh my gosh thank you I've been really thinking about my life
he’s the only one getting me free money *pyptolmon. xyz*

අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක
Lachlan Buckley
Lachlan Buckley - 17 dager siden
hey Brodie how did the GoPro 9 go in the water? ?
Daichi Susumu
Daichi Susumu - 17 dager siden
he reminds me of cavy
tom palfrey
tom palfrey - 17 dager siden
how long was the crab on the fire for?
Caiden Byrd
Caiden Byrd - 17 dager siden
Bob Ross of nature
Kenneth Oloraza Palaroan
Kenneth Oloraza Palaroan - 18 dager siden
Always watching from Philippines
Bullseye ENT
Bullseye ENT - 18 dager siden
Its a feamale mudcrab its not legal
TWO BROTHERS KH - 18 dager siden
Does anyone else’s mouth water when he starts to eat the crab
อั๋นนะ Moto
อั๋นนะ Moto - 18 dager siden
wow hello guy
Josh - 18 dager siden
Junior Puletua
Junior Puletua - 18 dager siden
Barehanded? Yeah samoan boys looking at it like damn haha that’s a game back in the islands catching that thing haha
Angelica Bernarte
Angelica Bernarte - 18 dager siden
One of my favorite episodes so far! Just you and Stryda☺️
Jonas YT
Jonas YT - 18 dager siden
This guy must be the luckyest man alive