Catching GIANT CRAYFISH Barehanded For Food Living From The Ocean - Ep 194

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Join Brodie Moss and the boys as they spend the day in remote Australia driving along the coastal paradise on the jetskis looking for giant crayfish to grab barehanded for food.
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William So
William So - Dag siden
its a lobster bro
Cyndi Koshinsky
Cyndi Koshinsky - Dag siden
What I wouldn’t give to live his life for one day... dreamy
IGNIS LATINO97 - Dag siden
yo quiero ir para alla, que parte de estados unidos es ese???
Enrique Benitez
Enrique Benitez - Dag siden
Excelente video saludos desde mexicali baja california mexico
phat huynh Fc
phat huynh Fc - Dag siden
วาสนา ดวงดีมาก
Pleasence - 2 dager siden
This world we live in is so beautiful and it’s ridiculous how we treat it.
festivemutemain - 2 dager siden
I already like this channel, its just a dude having fun. Feel like he would do all this and act the same without the camera
Roni Khan
Roni Khan - 3 dager siden
Xavi 360
Xavi 360 - 5 dager siden
I'm from Cambodia
I like you
เกม เมื่อ
เกม เมื่อ - 5 dager siden
เกม เมื่อ
เกม เมื่อ - 5 dager siden
เกม เมื่อ
เกม เมื่อ - 5 dager siden
Austin Valentine
Austin Valentine - 6 dager siden
keith wittman
keith wittman - 7 dager siden
i like your videos
Moses Mokgalaka
Moses Mokgalaka - 7 dager siden
Fantastic scenery.
Lifetime experiences, wish I could experience some of that some day
DeshiFishTV - 8 dager siden
WOW !!! WOW !! What a nice blue color water !!!
Excellent fishing in the beautiful sea !!!
Just amazing !!!
Zaen Madridista97
Zaen Madridista97 - 8 dager siden
Good job brother 🤲
From Indonesian 🇲🇨
Paul's Sound
Paul's Sound - 8 dager siden
love it
Sói Ca
Sói Ca - 9 dager siden
Gool viet nam
Chitra sen pradhan
Chitra sen pradhan - 9 dager siden
Bro its not a crayfish its a lobster
zT Dyno
zT Dyno - 9 dager siden
Isn’t that a rainbow lobster? Very popular in Japan, but never hear it called a crawfish. Maybe that’s just me idk.
Jim Jones
Jim Jones - 9 dager siden
Coleman invented that propain grill. They work great with the tiny propane bottles.
lacycoosbmx - 10 dager siden
Wow !!! Where are you ??? The water looks Amazing !!! Like a Swimming Pool !!! What would be a dream of mine to be in an environment like that !!! You are so Lucky and Blessed !!!
demas ahmed
demas ahmed - 11 dager siden
hahahaa your so zany ...
ศิริวรรณ สีนวน
ศิริวรรณ สีนวน
ศิริวรรณ สีนวน
ศิริวรรณ สีนวน
ศิริวรรณ สีนวน
Rex Rid
Rex Rid - 12 dager siden
Wilborn Cacal
Wilborn Cacal - 12 dager siden
Blake yeets Your feet
Blake yeets Your feet - 13 dager siden
Why is he so white?
Muhammad Haidir Fariez
Muhammad Haidir Fariez - 13 dager siden
Wow amazing 👍👍
Aris Munandar
Aris Munandar - 13 dager siden
Mantap gaess?
Sophia Nel
Sophia Nel - 13 dager siden
O God you make my day may
I'm Tawan
I'm Tawan - 14 dager siden
What country do you live
Elijah Hopper
Elijah Hopper - 14 dager siden
The part where he finds the crawdad is at 4:16
coco Boo
coco Boo - 14 dager siden
You had a leak so you cross threaded it?
Wenting Li
Wenting Li - 14 dager siden
That's not lobster?
Melody Making Melodies
Melody Making Melodies - 15 dager siden
This man is not playing about his sunblock. Living and enjoying his best life and doing it safely.
Gurgen Avagyan
Gurgen Avagyan - 15 dager siden
Կամուսնանաս ինձ հետ կյանքս 🥰😍♥️❤️
Masked Player
Masked Player - 16 dager siden
Look at that sunscreen tho
Kona kaea
Kona kaea - 16 dager siden
was that guy your brother
ひづちともあつ - 17 dager siden
luu bichtruong
luu bichtruong - 17 dager siden
Bagas Aldi pratamaa
Bagas Aldi pratamaa - 18 dager siden still just fishing fun disamber monster fish
Siriwan Aunwiset
Siriwan Aunwiset - 18 dager siden
Eric Hurst
Eric Hurst - 19 dager siden
I've only seen fresh water crayfish, mudbugs, which are pretty tiny. Those things are monsters!
Vũ Văn
Vũ Văn - 19 dager siden
javad mogadam
javad mogadam - 20 dager siden
Папа Олег
Папа Олег - 21 dag siden
Cool 💪👍✌😁😁
Thiên Phúc
Thiên Phúc - 21 dag siden
what happened with his lips?
Ayessa Claire Cruz
Ayessa Claire Cruz - 22 dager siden
He is so happy like that's my biggest fish ever 🐟🐟🐟🐟 and scream
Sufi Sofia
Sufi Sofia - 24 dager siden
săn bắt miền quê VP
săn bắt miền quê VP - 24 dager siden
like, fishing
hammad badami
hammad badami - 24 dager siden
Chihuahua nguyen
Chihuahua nguyen - 24 dager siden
Where are you??
François - 25 dager siden
thaT's a lobster
A'chik boy Momin
A'chik boy Momin - 26 dager siden
It's my dream place withy family ❤️
Kimberly Corcoran
Kimberly Corcoran - 26 dager siden
Another name for giant crayfish is lobster
David doesn’t do flips
David doesn’t do flips - 27 dager siden
David doesn’t do flips
David doesn’t do flips - 27 dager siden
Santiago Hernandez
Santiago Hernandez - 27 dager siden
Arvin Piano Cat
Arvin Piano Cat - 28 dager siden
Wonderful friendship
niyas.k niyas.k
niyas.k niyas.k - 28 dager siden
Sonja Croy
Sonja Croy - 28 dager siden
"She's actually beautiful..So WhAt YoU wAnT tO dO iS sTiCk ThE kNiFe RiGhT tHeRe AnD tHaT wIlL kIlL iT."
Jason Pearson
Jason Pearson - 29 dager siden
Wow. Laying back at 03.30 watching you guys go hard over in Oz catching and eating such delicious bounty makes me more impatient to recover from chemotherapy and cancer to get back out there and even just get a rod back in my hand again.
Hey........, awesome to watch you guy.
If you can't do it yourself, next best thing is to watch others who enjoy it, cracking it.
febriola dinda
febriola dinda - 29 dager siden
where's this?
جعفر علي
جعفر علي - 29 dager siden
Amaya Jackson
Amaya Jackson - Måned siden
HÓA PHÁT TÌNH THÂN - Måned siden
Tuyệt vời my freind . Thanks you. Fantasic
Primitive Foodie KH
Primitive Foodie KH - Måned siden
OMG, it seems that it is so easy to catch a huge lobster!
Dakoda Chatfield
Dakoda Chatfield - Måned siden
Hell ye
Thai Qh Vlog
Thai Qh Vlog - Måned siden
I am from vietnames. I like video of you
Thiện Bùi Đức
Thiện Bùi Đức - Måned siden
Các chú ăn phí phạm quá
Jan Piet
Jan Piet - Måned siden
Its so weird how I find my inner peace because of the amazing water and see how wonderful the ocean is, but at the same time I would be damn scared to swim in the middle of the ocean because its so enormous and you never know what's swimming beneath you.
Arun Shawn
Arun Shawn - Måned siden
Arun Shawn
Arun Shawn - Måned siden
Ruby Canalita
Ruby Canalita - Måned siden
me:I want a life like this
also me:cannot swim
Robert Allan
Robert Allan - Måned siden
Brodie, do crayfish swim backwards?
Vu Lam
Vu Lam - Måned siden
Man, if you guys are still living like this during this insane time, then you are truly living your best life.. good on you
trang trang
trang trang - Måned siden
con tôm ngon nv mà họ làm ra mỗi tí . tiếc lòi mắt
Joe Bann
Joe Bann - Måned siden
Heinz pittsburgh pa my home town ya buddy steel city steelers and penguins
George Williams
George Williams - Måned siden
He’s just someone not to be bored of
Олеся Рамазанова
Я одна русская
neko_plays roblox
neko_plays roblox - Måned siden
It looked like a huge Mantis shrimp
Oma Fanai
Oma Fanai - Måned siden
This is the life that I'll never be able to live, being too far off from sea. It makes me jealous of Brodie, living off the land (no, sea :D). The dream life of Oceania seems much better than the American dream, and peaceful. That's a good life, Brodie.....
orbitz愛 - Måned siden
You should really I live by an ocean its walking distance and theirs all types of fish
pemancing sejati
pemancing sejati - Måned siden
Muhamad alfan Dompu
Muhamad alfan Dompu - Måned siden
Woww en to super wowww😯😯😯😯
Santisuk Somsri
Santisuk Somsri - Måned siden
ผมชอบชีวิตแบบนี้ อยากจะกินก็ดำลงไป
stacy - Måned siden
ASPHALT 9 Music - Måned siden
ASPHALT 9 Music - Måned siden
Wow 😮😮😮
Dinhchautuan - Måned siden
Câu cá bằng thuyền này sướng quá...
Holy Jam
Holy Jam - Måned siden
Ronney Manu
Ronney Manu - Måned siden
How to join you guys?
Nitesh Vallakatti
Nitesh Vallakatti - Måned siden
u all guys very nice super...
Cepi Usman
Cepi Usman - Måned siden
mantap uy......
Amanda Gartrell
Amanda Gartrell - Måned siden
is that a “that’s the spirit” Bring Me the Horizon tattoo on your left hand? or does it just look very similar?