Catch & Cook With Brooke From The Bachelor (Amazing Weather & Marine Life) - Ep 162

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Join Brodie Moss and the YBS crew on Australia Day! Brodie and his dog explore the crystal clear calm reefs and run into an abundance of marine creatures including sharks, dolphins and a rare oceanic manta ray. Sam joins them for some summer fun surfing behind the ski & Brodie invites Brooke from the Bachelor to join the crew for an afternoon catch & cook at the beach.
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 9 måneder siden
New adventure shirts are online! Cheers for all the support ya legends
Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva
This place is beautiful, your fishing was amazing congratulations. Hug and good fishing.👍🎣🐠🐟😉
JasonLewis Vlogs
JasonLewis Vlogs - 9 måneder siden
YBS Youngbloods why is your face pale and your body tan just wondering
steven sparkz
steven sparkz - 9 måneder siden
Ahrry - 9 måneder siden
Where are you swimming at
Jonathan K
Jonathan K - 9 måneder siden
You need to hook up with Deer Meat for Dinner and do a collab. He wants to do worldwide collabs and asked his viewers who to do one with and almost all said your channel. He loves crabbing, freediving, and fishing along with hunting. Amazing guy. Hopefully you guys will contact each other. Almost the same sub count but he just went over 2 million.
Guilherme Gui
Guilherme Gui - 2 dager siden
Heey how do you live
Robert McGregor
Robert McGregor - 4 dager siden
Where is this place? Water is absolutely beautiful
Tom smith
Tom smith - 5 dager siden
that hoody is fire
Jesse Rutherford
Jesse Rutherford - 7 dager siden
Go carting on the waves 😂😂😂
chancey tf
chancey tf - 12 dager siden
12:21 you can really see the distress in him deciding whether or not to take the fish, if this doesn't prove how careful they really are then idk what does.
chancey tf
chancey tf - 12 dager siden
i love you so much brody, i can't imagine how proud your parents must be. I mean that seriously. I watch your videos hoping one day I can live your life. I'm so jealous but still proud at the same time, i watch your videos as family, not as fan. Love you. Youngblood forever.
Legendary - 12 dager siden
you are leaving the dream mate.
Matthew Parker
Matthew Parker - 13 dager siden
hey Brodie great YT . what camera are you using, ? so clear and HD, cheers keep em coming. Matt from Melbourne
Joe Wagner
Joe Wagner - 15 dager siden
What do you do for a living
Cameron Currey
Cameron Currey - 18 dager siden
7mins30 is classsic!!!
Jason Pearson
Jason Pearson - 24 dager siden
Been watching now for a little while.
Price list for your merch and how much to send over the ditch to kiwiland?
Steve 82
Steve 82 - Måned siden
You live in paradise.
Julie Velasquez
Julie Velasquez - Måned siden
Are you having fun yet?
ronnie autrey
ronnie autrey - Måned siden
love ya been watchin few yrs.wish i could come there and do whatever
Hoku - Måned siden
David D
David D - 2 måneder siden
I have to know...what is the sauce you use all the time?!
David Bradley
David Bradley - 2 måneder siden
Where exactly are you on the GBR?
silver tangent
silver tangent - 2 måneder siden
it said eat me
Studying Scripture M.Webley M. Albert
How do you deal with all the flies?
Scott Bloxsom
Scott Bloxsom - 2 måneder siden
If she didn't win then she clearly ain't a good sort haha
Guess Who
Guess Who - 2 måneder siden
Two of my favourite people Brooke and Brodie 🙃 awsome vid mate keep up the good work
LJMpictures - 2 måneder siden
Love your vids but why put somehting in it like "With Brooke from the bachelor" In it an not even introduce her or put her in the vid for more than 7 seconds???
djdimi gaming
djdimi gaming - 3 måneder siden
why are there no waves? I live on the east coast of Australia and its nothing like this
sun dancer
sun dancer - 3 måneder siden
Grossest suit on this big bellied girl. Terrible...
Filo tuttofare
Filo tuttofare - 3 måneder siden
Bellissimo video ragazzi fantastico👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪
Bryan Clapp
Bryan Clapp - 4 måneder siden
Nice to see Camel Toes on a babe every once in a while.
Miriam Fontes
Miriam Fontes - 4 måneder siden
When I need to wind down this is my go to, it's so so relaxing, the camaraderie is awesome, I absolutely love it, from the bottom of my heart thank you. Btw would love to have your playlists 💙
Franklin Neely
Franklin Neely - 4 måneder siden
Ayy Brooke what's up babe ur a Hottie!?
Duy Trần vlog
Duy Trần vlog - 4 måneder siden
Woa woa beautiful
عادل الشميري
عادل الشميري - 5 måneder siden
عادل الشميري
عادل الشميري - 5 måneder siden
Jay Cline
Jay Cline - 5 måneder siden
Great drone footage, you should post what drone and other tech geat you use for these great quality videos
Pahanin - 5 måneder siden
Just not the same without the real amberleigh
Zain Maniyar
Zain Maniyar - 5 måneder siden
7:10 what a smile XD
Gavin Widener
Gavin Widener - 5 måneder siden
Ok Brodie I see you 😂
CAVEMAN 3000 - 5 måneder siden
What gopros you use bruh?
Garry - 5 måneder siden
Prayers go out to Gus
isaac hiner
isaac hiner - 5 måneder siden
Love the shift affects on the board haha :) subscribed
Clement Petit
Clement Petit - 5 måneder siden
Hiii sorry about my english , where it is in australia ? It is beautiful! Thx 😁
Elizabeth Rojas
Elizabeth Rojas - 5 måneder siden
It's so cute to see Brodie all shy with Brooke. I think he likes her. Aww💖💖💖👍👀
ᴍᴀʀɪɴ - 5 måneder siden
why is part of his face white?
Joe Amor
Joe Amor - 5 måneder siden
This channel just takes my mind to an extremely happy place.
Robert McElroy
Robert McElroy - 6 måneder siden
beautiful but how do you tolerate the damn flys?
Galilea Rodriguez
Galilea Rodriguez - 6 måneder siden
The dog is meeeee liek tf we doing here
Matt Maroney
Matt Maroney - 6 måneder siden
Damn mate, was that more flies than usual? Seemed to be swarming you guys!
DRJ ! - 6 måneder siden
Sorry but the flies would drive me crazy
Randall Nadeau
Randall Nadeau - 6 måneder siden
Still wondering what's the jizm all over your face? Looks stupid
Steven Simon
Steven Simon - 6 måneder siden
Is stryda just an aussie shepherd or a mix?
Hossam Alsufyani
Hossam Alsufyani - 6 måneder siden
Sharks everywhere
Hossam Alsufyani
Hossam Alsufyani - 6 måneder siden
Please, Be carefully when you a 🎿 ing
britpack dog
britpack dog - 6 måneder siden
Anyone else binging this guys life on lockdown?
MrNinja654 - 6 måneder siden
How is the ocean so calm,
J B - 6 måneder siden
I really never knew Australia was this amazing. 😍
kirk john balvidia
kirk john balvidia - 6 måneder siden
Kind of worried about him getting skin cancer though, his back is always exposed to the sun. hope he’s applying sunscreen every 3 hours.
Austin Smith
Austin Smith - 6 måneder siden
“4 meters on the side, probably 600, 700 between the ski and the top of the reef” lol
Austin Smith
Austin Smith - 6 måneder siden
Russell Krue ah ok, I knew metric but I didn’t know he switched to millimeters lol. I just thought he was joking, especially with how he laughed right after
Russell Krue
Russell Krue - 6 måneder siden
Metric bud. 4 m and 600-700 mm. Or 12ft to the sides and 30-34” to the reef. This place looks fking amazing
ZANMANINACAN asdf - 6 måneder siden
I’d pay money for a cd of this man talking to dolphins for 3 hours
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar - 6 måneder siden
where does he live man so clear water so clear beaches
Phil Cleall
Phil Cleall - 6 måneder siden
Just because I’m haven’t seen this in the comments before but where are you life jackets I mean I understand that you and stryder are responsible adults but!!! LIFE JACKETS
javier monsalve
javier monsalve - 6 måneder siden
Which is the most large distance have you ever do in a jet ski
Karen Hardie
Karen Hardie - 6 måneder siden
Great job Brodie - you and the YBS crew‘s shout outs def do the job.. Kept Chace fighting 🙌🙌 your a legend - keep entertaining 🙌👍 yewwww
Nobby life
Nobby life - 6 måneder siden
Wow lovely place I like it ❤❤
N Y - 6 måneder siden
Best life with dolphins wants to play
D'von Felix
D'von Felix - 6 måneder siden
"Hey Stryda, pack your shit" HAHAHAHAHAH
Jonas John
Jonas John - 6 måneder siden
Is there a reason why he swims with sea snakes, but never with dolphins? Dont they like it?
yuteman - 6 måneder siden
You remind me of the Joker Brodie Laugh out loud! @ 7:40
JAY booGey
JAY booGey - 6 måneder siden
The chicks in your videos always have the best CAMELTOEEEE
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia - 6 måneder siden
All I can say this is BEAUTIFUL.. don’t have any other words.. thanks YB.
Philip Bellise
Philip Bellise - 6 måneder siden
australia is just beautiful my man
Jeremy Ruh
Jeremy Ruh - 6 måneder siden
Wow. When you go out what is the area that you typically go out in? Beautiful
mimstar71 - 7 måneder siden
How Big was That Manta Ray??? Would have been even better viewing from the Drone 👏💕👌🏽 Thankyou
Peter Cheng
Peter Cheng - 7 måneder siden
that's the luckiest dog in the world.
Ben Searcy
Ben Searcy - 7 måneder siden
At 14:30 I thought it was going to eat her bathing suit.
Anik - 7 måneder siden
Which Place is it? Can anyone tell me/
SCOTT BLASKO - 7 måneder siden
just a college kid smoking weed and enjoying a nice video of someone exploring the wilderness
Joshua Romaine
Joshua Romaine - 7 måneder siden
deff smashed brodie the goat!
Angel Velez
Angel Velez - 7 måneder siden
You can't help but hit the thumbs up on every episode.. this is my favorite channel
briantobin9 - 7 måneder siden
“I was like, Strada pack your shit.” 😆
Paul Cauchois
Paul Cauchois - 7 måneder siden
wait so strider packed everything?
Tiến Hải Đinh
Tiến Hải Đinh - 7 måneder siden
The Sky Is Blue
The Sky Is Blue - 7 måneder siden
6:23 thats what she said
Trae Winton
Trae Winton - 7 måneder siden
So new gf or what??
jarsa - 7 måneder siden
7:34 im dieing hahaha
Sinisa - 8 måneder siden
What part of Australia are you guys from? This place is beautiful
Ale Bana
Ale Bana - 8 måneder siden
Mana ni Pascol yg suka nonton cwe nya
DripLikaBaconYT - 8 måneder siden
That ocean is pretty messy someone should clean that
Mekel Kereh
Mekel Kereh - 8 måneder siden
Wadidau very sexy girl 😅😅😅
ADVENTURE INDONESIA - 8 måneder siden
Hello...good cristall it
Same like my island enggano
Josh Shearer
Josh Shearer - 8 måneder siden
Was curious what kind of drone you use?
Pc Principal
Pc Principal - 8 måneder siden
This dude smashes all the hot ass in Australia 🇦🇺
huan pham
huan pham - 8 måneder siden
chevy250ss - 8 måneder siden
Man, flies are out of control over there!
manijbg - 8 måneder siden
I want to make a million dollars now and live there where you do
konstandinos apostolopoulos
konstandinos apostolopoulos - 8 måneder siden
Life2dmax1 - 8 måneder siden
where in aus is this?
David Bee
David Bee - 8 måneder siden
Start at Fowlers Bay and work your way west
Stephanie Vey
Stephanie Vey - 8 måneder siden
Could you be any sweeter, I just started watching but, I can tell how sincere you are. You’re like, never did I ever, but yes please. (Insert cheeky grin)lol
Daniel ayris
Daniel ayris - 8 måneder siden
Ya got me .....
Kenneth Bui
Kenneth Bui - 8 måneder siden
Get me out, boys, I just want to find Ariel - The fish said.
Liam Rodger
Liam Rodger - 8 måneder siden
Do a colab with cavy !!!!!!!!
Chloe Watson
Chloe Watson - 8 måneder siden
Cute cameltoe at 14:25