CAMPING With NO FOOD Living From The Ocean Getting CRAYFISH For Dinner (Part 1) - Ep 211

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Join Brodie Moss and his dad as they leave camp to catch crayfish for dinner on the campfire with the Moss family! Brodie Free dives to grab the crayfish with his bare hands in a remote paradise! Part 2 drops soon.
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Quinten van Heerden Drone Videos
Hi Brodie. Question: why do you rip of the tip of the crayfish tail? what's the reason for that? awesome episode!!
นักดนตรีตัวจิ๋ว น้องตงตง
It's not called a giant crayfish it's called a lobster
Rejaun Fuller
Rejaun Fuller - 16 dager siden
Love your video bro keep it up am from jamaica
Kaela Santo
Kaela Santo - 28 dager siden
where are you?
baby girl05
baby girl05 - Måned siden
Who’s watching or rewatching this on September 29th or in October?
Spencer Cooper-Thorn
Spencer Cooper-Thorn - Måned siden
Imagine getting paid millions of Dollars to ride around catching sea food and cooking it with your family -
Where did I go wrong in life ? 😂
Rafael E. Vega
Rafael E. Vega - Måned siden
In the US, they are called lobster. I'm from Alabama US.
Authentically Kaehill
Authentically Kaehill - Måned siden
I do believe I found a new crush...#JustSaying
Thank you so much Mr Brodie for sharing your amazing adventures. 🤟🤗
(Yes, I am also on FB 🙃🤓😁)
Hugs to Stryda🤗🤗🤗
Astyanax III
Astyanax III - Måned siden
Can't believe I saw the shark mate
deejaytrizay - Måned siden
So what are you doing today? "Bah, just going out on my top of the line jet-ski on a spotless beach with water that's clear as glass....diving down and hand catching $300 worth of lobsters to eat fresh...then uploading the video for millions to watch me do it while making a healthy income off of the videos." - Him probably. That's the good life!
Mason Doree
Mason Doree - Måned siden
What exactly is the use or idea I guess behind when someone wears a snorkel and then fully submerges into the water, it wouldn’t work anymore so why not just wear the mask?
Candice Jaid
Candice Jaid - 2 måneder siden
Where is this just curious
Ultimate Incel
Ultimate Incel - 2 måneder siden
How good is this channel
Roberto Almeida
Roberto Almeida - 2 måneder siden
Cara traduz em português gosto muito deste lugar muito peixes
baltac1 - 2 måneder siden
man when i dive even the half of this depth my ears are killing me. how do you guys withstand the pressure?
yeet bitch
yeet bitch - 2 måneder siden
Richard Sunderland
Richard Sunderland - 2 måneder siden
Say something about the female vocalist in the soundtrack
Councillor Division2
Councillor Division2 - 2 måneder siden
Yeah the top looks mad, would definitely rock one bro.
Loving the video's keep em coming.
Osean Fallacy
Osean Fallacy - 2 måneder siden
I want to live in Australiaaaaaaa so beautiful the skies the oceans :(
michael balfour
michael balfour - 2 måneder siden
We call them crawfish in the Bahamas
mark dharene
mark dharene - 2 måneder siden
I wanna try this bur i don't know how to swim😐
Leander Posch
Leander Posch - 3 måneder siden
Can he like breathe or something under the water
Tony Loechte
Tony Loechte - 3 måneder siden
Ya did up the life jacket and as you accelerated off the smile on your face said it all.
Princess Chelle Diaries
Princess Chelle Diaries - 3 måneder siden
I really like your videos it seems that i want to try to go fishing...i really love your dog strayda...keep it up...watching here in Philippines...more videos & fun young bloods 😍😍😍 TAKE CARE & STAY SAFE ALWAYS
Nnyl Shawn Matab
Nnyl Shawn Matab - 3 måneder siden
13:38 ... I love the Earth.
César Lourenço Guerra
César Lourenço Guerra - 3 måneder siden
Can you send me de EADS of the Lobsters?
Claire Stanners
Claire Stanners - 3 måneder siden
Need lemon
Jpgundarun - 3 måneder siden
13:52 We have ignition, Baby.
Tyler Boen
Tyler Boen - 3 måneder siden
Down for the wetsuit top! As long as it's decent and at a fair price it should be a sellout!
Mitchell Grahek
Mitchell Grahek - 3 måneder siden
Brodie: “it only gets cold for 3 months of the year, around 40°” (I assume he meant Celsius)
Me: *living in Minnesota, USA (northern part for you foreigners)* “what. I’ve seen -40 that more times than I have fingers”
Freddie Lewin
Freddie Lewin - 4 måneder siden
Does he hold his breathe all the time when he catching the Crays
Trọng Đặng
Trọng Đặng - 4 måneder siden
Swol Horse
Swol Horse - 4 måneder siden
you should get a small radio that you can put in your car for emergencies
loyal beast
loyal beast - 4 måneder siden
Is crayfish and lobster same thing
DAWS - 4 måneder siden
Lol how many times has he lost his keys now 😂😂😆😂😂
James Chamberlin
James Chamberlin - 4 måneder siden
Brodie, to answer your question about the dive shirt... YES, please add it to the merch!!
Also... Where can I get me one of those camo life jackets?
Arran F
Arran F - 4 måneder siden
Yes Brodie can we pleaseee have YBS like 2 or 3 mil tops
Bigboy Adams
Bigboy Adams - 4 måneder siden
Love your vids
Huy Vo
Huy Vo - 4 måneder siden
Welecom to Việt Nam ❤️😊
Kevin Charles Punzalan
Kevin Charles Punzalan - 4 måneder siden
I want that rash guard
Hazza X
Hazza X - 4 måneder siden
These videos are so relaxing 😎keep up the good work!
Alex - 4 måneder siden
Just curious, why does he need a swimsuit when diving, can't you dive without one? 🤔
Alex - 4 måneder siden
@E. M safer in terms of what?
E. M
E. M - 4 måneder siden
Its safer with a suit.
Underwater Mountain Man
Underwater Mountain Man - 4 måneder siden
Do you make anything in Adult Sizes :) like 3xl or 4xl
Hotel Inspector
Hotel Inspector - 4 måneder siden
I need one of those ski’s!
joao santos
joao santos - 4 måneder siden
were are this place?
Charlie Dearden
Charlie Dearden - 4 måneder siden
this guy lives the most blessed life that's 1 in a million enjoy it .
king of The creek
king of The creek - 4 måneder siden
Yes I would use em
Lý Minh Trường
Lý Minh Trường - 4 måneder siden
nước bạn thật tuyệt
Thuấn Lương Văn
Thuấn Lương Văn - 4 måneder siden
Nếu là người Việt Nam! Chắc chắn kênh sẽ nhiều người xem và đăng kí kênh , bạn có thể hợp tác cùng họ để phát triển, chúc may mắn !
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen - 4 måneder siden
Amanda Marčenkaite
Amanda Marčenkaite - 4 måneder siden
Do crayfish bite? Why for He pealed of the tailes?
Lee Holtom
Lee Holtom - 4 måneder siden
YBS rash vest would be awesome as that’s all I wear scuba diving boardies and a rash vest 🤙🏻
miles 808
miles 808 - 4 måneder siden
2:55 stingray!
Epic Adventures : New Zealand Fishing Charters
you should
Eternal Robloxian
Eternal Robloxian - 4 måneder siden
Lemony Crinklets
Lemony Crinklets - 4 måneder siden
Wasn’t expecting voice to be so high pitched🤣
JOSE CUELLAR - 4 måneder siden
You should invite me I love lobster
Ridge Gard
Ridge Gard - 4 måneder siden
Did he say 40 degrees is cold how another -40
Alin gaming04
Alin gaming04 - 4 måneder siden
Matheus Souzza
Matheus Souzza - 4 måneder siden
ปิยะพงษ์ ประเสริฐมหาโชค
Son of Neptune
Son of Neptune - 4 måneder siden
You also teach me new fishing scills
Son of Neptune
Son of Neptune - 4 måneder siden
You are the best
Sandhya Meenakshi
Sandhya Meenakshi - 4 måneder siden
2:20 he looks so damn nice putting the life jacket on
ivan sutanto
ivan sutanto - 4 måneder siden
Where was that
Miri Thorne
Miri Thorne - 4 måneder siden
make the wetty shirts!!!!
Keenan Williams
Keenan Williams - 4 måneder siden
We call these lobsters here in Bermuda 🇧🇲
Tristan Lewis
Tristan Lewis - 4 måneder siden
Just came across this dude channel. Damn what a life hes living in paradise
Damien Sneesby
Damien Sneesby - 4 måneder siden
I would really like to join him with catching crays and to experience what he does
Zarak Edgar
Zarak Edgar - 4 måneder siden
I’d rock the hell out of those tops bro!
Jace Warwick
Jace Warwick - 4 måneder siden
That’s discussing
Ashleigh Baker-Samuel
Ashleigh Baker-Samuel - 4 måneder siden
immaculate vibes
Christine Dampog
Christine Dampog - 4 måneder siden
Title of the song intro anybody know?
Jrock Nasty
Jrock Nasty - 4 måneder siden
He looks so weird with a hat off
Isla Moffatt
Isla Moffatt - 4 måneder siden
Why can’t the world just go vegetarian for once like there a poor little crayfish minding their business but you come and pull it out and then that’s it it’s dead.
beamer - 4 måneder siden
What is this channel about, an Aussie in the water? Was there a hot sheila earlier?
Andy Tap
Andy Tap - 4 måneder siden
New subscriber today mate.great channel so glad I found it.
Hello from uk
Obigeli - 4 måneder siden
McLouie TV
McLouie TV - 4 måneder siden
Very beautiful. sunset catch is my fave.
Rhendis Adimas
Rhendis Adimas - 5 måneder siden
Mobile kuotor cuk
uki Wijaya
uki Wijaya - 5 måneder siden
amazing.. from indonesian.. like it..
Kate - 5 måneder siden
Luckiest man on earth
Brian Franano
Brian Franano - 5 måneder siden
take the legs off... put them in the microwave on high in a covered bowl and the leg explode apart and the meats blows out all cooked for some perfect cra-nuggets
Krists Donins
Krists Donins - 5 måneder siden
Where are catch clean & cook? 😔
Zoon Foss
Zoon Foss - 5 måneder siden
yes the wetsuit tops are great
Maddy Dodd Films
Maddy Dodd Films - 5 måneder siden
i would love one of those surf shirts
picknngrinnin - 5 måneder siden
Those “crayfish” look like lobsters!
Alex Chow
Alex Chow - 5 måneder siden
Where is this in Australia?
BeefyHobGobblin !
BeefyHobGobblin ! - 5 måneder siden
Different worlds but that's the smile I have on my face when I'm riding motorcycles with my dad and brothers!! Loving the content cuzzie
Adam Bradley
Adam Bradley - 5 måneder siden
Brodie you’d love it in the uk you can have a fire every day if you wish 😁
A A - 5 måneder siden
You should make like a tips and tricks for catching cray, the ones here in bermuda seem to be much more defensive and won’t let you get that close
A A - 5 måneder siden
Yeah those tops would be sick
AT7 - 5 måneder siden
Which part of Australia does he live
Abel Jim Mendoza Luza
Abel Jim Mendoza Luza - 5 måneder siden
The Blue Clear Water reminds me about drinkinb Blue Gatorade and its so Sweett soooth and calming feeling... i want to drink the Ocean clear water swim while drinking it.
E'ed lombok
E'ed lombok - 5 måneder siden
Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell - 5 måneder siden
His merch is the best if u love fishing like me
DarrellDaPotato - 5 måneder siden
Everything about this channel is so marvelous to me. Your personality, The adventures and the sea. It’s all a dream I want to do one day although I don’t know if I ever will simply because of me but your videos help me live out a dream in a away. Your videos changed my perspective on life and the sea. Thank you!
?? - 5 måneder siden
Amassing boat
john wallace
john wallace - 5 måneder siden
where does he mainly film ? where does he live ?
Summah Tumarae
Summah Tumarae - 5 måneder siden
Dumb how you dont show your cooking anymore.