CAMPING WITH NO FOOD Catching My Dinner In AMAZING Conditions Living From The Ocean - Ep 199

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Brodie sets off to catch a fish for dinner. He plan to put whatever he catches straight on the hot coals from the campfire and sleep under the stars.
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Lisa Renner
Lisa Renner - Måned siden
Someday you have to name something after Isla though. She is so ridiculously adorable.
Lisa Renner
Lisa Renner - Måned siden
Mini Moss is perfect
Sven Hinrichsen
Sven Hinrichsen - 2 måneder siden
Can’t beat the mini moss! Adorable!
jeboi - 3 måneder siden
whats the song at 1:10
Kevin Kirsch
Kevin Kirsch - 3 måneder siden
Hy, have anybody a idea of the name this song(1:26)? Thanks for your performance 😃 thank you
thedizzle 27t
thedizzle 27t - 3 måneder siden
Mini Tinny Moss👍🏻
James Chamberlin
James Chamberlin - 3 måneder siden
What kind of rod/reel are you using mate?
Teba - 4 måneder siden
I’ll never forget when we were in Hawaii and their were dolphins that were trying to play with my little sister (Isla), they kept giving her shells so she can throw them and they would bring them back to her, we asked someone and they said there is a pod who loves little kids
Fox - 4 måneder siden
Camping with no food and cooking accesories (just with water Scooter, fishing rods, diving knife, car, dog, freezing box and suit for diving)
KEANU R¡BS - 4 måneder siden
Buy stryda a goggles so the wind dont hurt her eyes :>
Just a potato with internet access
Why is his face always so white
gabbag - 4 måneder siden
Man...😭😭 u so lucky
Aqqa Ikila
Aqqa Ikila - 4 måneder siden
HindyLabs - 4 måneder siden
Always be grateful for your life, because whatever situation your in there is always someone less grateful than you.
Knucklehead Adventures
Knucklehead Adventures - 4 måneder siden
The knucklehead
Robson De Souza
Robson De Souza - 4 måneder siden
mini moss is perfect, anything else is treason
Pas Ri
Pas Ri - 5 måneder siden
Just another amazing episode 💖-you bring the ocean life into my livingroom-everytime 😉-thank you so much for that!!!-and for the new tinnie-mini moss is just perfect but maybe sweet little isla rexie is an option too!??-hope i unterstand her name right 😏🙈😉-much much love from Austria 🇦🇹
Robb Aube
Robb Aube - 5 måneder siden
I love that Strider just hangs out on the Ski like that! what a beautiful companion to have on adventures like these!
Tomislav Zivkovic
Tomislav Zivkovic - 5 måneder siden
Unsinkable 2
Henry Marsden
Henry Marsden - 5 måneder siden
you should get a motorbike or quad bike. I love what your doing though keep going :)
Cooper Reed
Cooper Reed - 5 måneder siden
mini moss
TheAlaskaCajun - 5 måneder siden
Tinny Moss
Hải Lâm
Hải Lâm - 5 måneder siden
The sea is very beautiful
Hải Lâm
Hải Lâm - 5 måneder siden
This is in America but where is it
Auburn Barter
Auburn Barter - 5 måneder siden
Lol like anything can beat the way she said mini moss
metriXc - 5 måneder siden
Which GoPro settings and LUT’s are you using. Your football looks really good.
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 5 måneder siden
Dolphins are so social and such special creatures. Plz put a life jacket on Isla granted she is just sitting but there is always the chance of some freak accident might happen. Nobody(dogs and ppl) should be on a boat without some sort of life saving jacket, cushion or whatever especially lil ones like Miss Isla, she is so cute, smart and such a great personality. Mini Moss would be a great name for the lil tinny.
Lormont Rattler
Lormont Rattler - 5 måneder siden
Tin foal
Michael Robb
Michael Robb - 5 måneder siden
Harun Ki
Harun Ki - 5 måneder siden
What is with His skin tone ? Is IT because of swim suit?
J. Jurczyluk
J. Jurczyluk - 5 måneder siden
What about ‘Vitamin Sea’ for the tinny?
Lana - 5 måneder siden
I want to know one thing. Why hold a Gopro in the mouth when headgear or chest gear is available? I just bought a head strap for my Gopro and so far, I love it. It came with a clip to wear it on a belt or baseball cap also but I haven't used it.
L Villalobos
L Villalobos - 5 måneder siden
L Villalobos
L Villalobos - 5 måneder siden
Greg CORNULLIOT - 5 måneder siden
The Dad Boat
Lewis Davies
Lewis Davies - 5 måneder siden
Name it “eat my rust”
Isaiah Appo
Isaiah Appo - 5 måneder siden
Mini moss for the win
Rhendis Adimas
Rhendis Adimas - 5 måneder siden
Oohh yeaaahh men
Ig rhendis_adimas
Kimi Gorrey
Kimi Gorrey - 5 måneder siden
Sea Spirit
Kate Clarke
Kate Clarke - 5 måneder siden
#madmoss is perfect name for the tiny
MAGPIE - 5 måneder siden
Mini moss princess is beautiful like her momma. Sharp as a fish spike too.
Lance Manyon
Lance Manyon - 5 måneder siden
Name it the " POS nobody wa ts to be on " cuz its very obvious nobody does .
Cats at Dusk
Cats at Dusk - 5 måneder siden
I can't get over how adorable Asla is. It seems like she's been watching some of your vids too 😂😂
SimpedOut - 5 måneder siden
I love that dog
Jesse Aguilar
Jesse Aguilar - 5 måneder siden
If you think about it she's very brave. Willing to go into the water knowing there's fat dinosaurs down there
Dushi - 5 måneder siden
Song? 1:22
Shine - 5 måneder siden
Whys his face like that?
Marlee 1315
Marlee 1315 - 5 måneder siden
Sea bob 🐶🚤
Elliott Chard
Elliott Chard - 5 måneder siden
Where is this?
Komang Cika
Komang Cika - 5 måneder siden
name it lil boat
Jesse Pheeney
Jesse Pheeney - 5 måneder siden
Princess Aiylah sorry if i spelt the name wrong
baxter2036 - 5 måneder siden
tinny should be called Isla Hopping
Xanda Smith
Xanda Smith - 5 måneder siden
Timmy the tinny
Kelvin Yeh
Kelvin Yeh - 5 måneder siden
This man is living the dream!
Andrew McNaughten
Andrew McNaughten - 5 måneder siden
Y Knot
Standing Guy
Standing Guy - 5 måneder siden
You think that water is dirty? Have you seen the beach water in england
AurahFFA - 5 måneder siden
Also, since ur prolly educated on cooking fish, you should try and bring cooking gear and seasonings and such and see what you can whip up
AurahFFA - 5 måneder siden
I love how humble you are for all your success. Thank you for being entertaining and making such unique and entertaining videos!
Peter Fortune
Peter Fortune - 5 måneder siden
Stryda & Brodie
Robert Dellanno
Robert Dellanno - 5 måneder siden
You have the worst tan line it’s annoying
Kiwi in Tokyo
Kiwi in Tokyo - 5 måneder siden
Put a life jacket on that baby..
John joseph Lim
John joseph Lim - 5 måneder siden
Who else dreams to live like him?
Justin Crabtree
Justin Crabtree - 5 måneder siden
Call it isla like your niece:)
Ashlie Anderson
Ashlie Anderson - 5 måneder siden
Awesome Brodie is that nail with pliers your using for flint? " We got Fire 🔥Baby...
Alec Dhaeyere
Alec Dhaeyere - 5 måneder siden
the boat should be called minimotor
Galaxy Monkeyy
Galaxy Monkeyy - 5 måneder siden
Tin bob
Jack - 5 måneder siden
Mini moss
Steven Morgan
Steven Morgan - 5 måneder siden
You deserve to be doing this bro. Living the real Aussie dream 🤙🏽 I’m not jealous I’m inspired 🙏🏼
Nora Svet
Nora Svet - 5 måneder siden
Mini the tinny😄
Joanna Cook
Joanna Cook - 5 måneder siden
Strider 2
chris baca
chris baca - 5 måneder siden
Silver surfer
Jia O'Dea
Jia O'Dea - 5 måneder siden
Daddy, are there any fat dinosaurs- Isla 2020
Thomas Dixon
Thomas Dixon - 5 måneder siden
Minimoss!!! She called it
Pranay Reddy
Pranay Reddy - 5 måneder siden
Tiny tin
Pranay Reddy
Pranay Reddy - 5 måneder siden
Tiny tin
Oxedizer - 5 måneder siden
New tinny name: Fosters :P G'day mate
Anthony - 5 måneder siden
4:45 Jacko lost it 😂
roofdog62 - 5 måneder siden
like this for MINI MOSS YEAH
MOTOMOTO ! - 5 måneder siden
:tinnie name tinothy just like Timothy but with an n
Matija Batic
Matija Batic - 5 måneder siden
What is wrong with your face its so white
Kade King
Kade King - 5 måneder siden
M I N I M O S S we have a winner
Keith - 5 måneder siden
The only thing more obnoxious than the music in this twat's videos is the accents.
POP 23
POP 23 - 5 måneder siden
Tinny name Bommy Buster
Lachlan Milne
Lachlan Milne - 5 måneder siden
Merlica because mercury hooked you up with the mother so it is only right to have something around them
Darryl Springer
Darryl Springer - 5 måneder siden
Hi Brodie we're thinking about your name for your tinny how about "A-Salt Weapon "thanks for keeping my son and I entertained. Cheers
Dan Hasler
Dan Hasler - 5 måneder siden
Mini Moss wins. Don’t give it to anyone else. Such a good name 🤙🏽
Steven Ruskin
Steven Ruskin - 5 måneder siden
Tin stryda
Get Out There And Do It Adventures
How do you still sound so surprised when you hook up?
Get Out There And Do It Adventures
Mini Moss has my vote! Nice one Isla!
Nico - 5 måneder siden
What’s the art of the dog?
Alex Melchior
Alex Melchior - 5 måneder siden
I’m confused but does he have tan lines on his face?
MD - 5 måneder siden
lol no man its zinc cream which is 100% sunscreen protection
Dirty South Hookers
Dirty South Hookers - 5 måneder siden
Amazing videos ! Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪
yoyi002 J.R.
yoyi002 J.R. - 5 måneder siden
where did he live?
Mohammed Salimi
Mohammed Salimi - 5 måneder siden
i hope u can buy a CPL filter for your camera soo we can see throw the water
Trisha Joyce Odal
Trisha Joyce Odal - 5 måneder siden
Would you know which part of the ocean have sharks when you dive in?
Angel Velez
Angel Velez - 5 måneder siden
No political bullshit & no drama.. I use this channel to get away from everything. Thanks for sharing your adventures Brodie. Thank you YBS
Teo Tasbac
Teo Tasbac - 5 måneder siden
To be honest I would leave everything and start a lifestyle like this
Pinguin the Penguin
Pinguin the Penguin - 5 måneder siden
0:25 Ackward fly
Julio Camejo
Julio Camejo - 5 måneder siden
What go pro settings do you use?!?!?! Amazing footage !!!!!
Beau Ford
Beau Ford - 5 måneder siden
Big bad barry