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We take both YBS boats out and raft up for a BOAT PARTY with the new neighbours!!
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wanderdworld - 22 timer siden
Just wow! Peace from South Carolina
Calvin Evans
Calvin Evans - Dag siden
Good times
Paul Rumbold
Paul Rumbold - Dag siden
You put your helmet on , clicked your seat belt but forgot to buckle your helmet . Hope all went well
Empire One
Empire One - Dag siden
More images of the girls...that gonna put your video over the top Mate....
Luke Haugen
Luke Haugen - Dag siden
i try to be everything i can
Luke Haugen
Luke Haugen - Dag siden
i rate the song choice brotha
Austin I
Austin I - Dag siden
You’re making me want to move out to Australia
Pushkar Rathod
Pushkar Rathod - 2 dager siden
Must be a memorable time. Thanks for sharing :)
Riley Smith
Riley Smith - 2 dager siden
Pause at 5:13, thank me later
khandeshi bhau
khandeshi bhau - 2 dager siden
fire in the hole baby!
Chrisito - 2 dager siden
3:50 i see you girl! eyeing my guy out like that
toño Town
toño Town - 3 dager siden
Video is short because we started hitting some coke right after
4K GoPro 8 Travel
4K GoPro 8 Travel - 3 dager siden
hahaha great Video. Thank you.
Bruce Askin
Bruce Askin - 3 dager siden
Great video, great scenery, great neighbours, great scenery, yea I said that twice, actually I said it three times.
Peter Garm 3rd
Peter Garm 3rd - 4 dager siden
Stryder clearly feels uncomfortable with all that P😜ssy🤣
Joe Wahrer
Joe Wahrer - 4 dager siden
Nice with Juice World....Cheers
Tassy Devil
Tassy Devil - 4 dager siden
Have u ever read the story about the boy who called wolf
wally man
wally man - 5 dager siden
Is that new drone a Mavic Air 2? Looks just like the one I got a few months back! Great little drones!
AMFFP - 5 dager siden
That's Living, A Big Hello from Paris.
David S
David S - 6 dager siden
All those ladies are your neighbors? looks like you live in the middle of nowhere? Super nice ladies and views
chris cockerham
chris cockerham - 6 dager siden
its a cool rainy fall afternoon here
Myles Wooten
Myles Wooten - 7 dager siden
multiple beans were flicked in this video.
Coloorado - 7 dager siden
Beautifle girls, good food, cold beer and georgeous view this is nuts.
Kay-ar Uy
Kay-ar Uy - 7 dager siden
Looks like Mating season has begun!
GrizzFawkes44 - 8 dager siden
Finds a remote location to live and then bam, house full of beautiful women shows up one day. Wtf man.
James Arkell
James Arkell - 8 dager siden
No ones envious of you. Ya said no man with a boat of 6 gorgeous woman
John Blacke
John Blacke - 8 dager siden
uhhh what about compliance with the corona measures? so these people do not care. nice thank you! good example
esk2k5 - 7 dager siden
they are young and fit, so the worst that would happen is that they would feel like cr@p for a day or two then be back to normal, stop fearmongering and do your own research..... survival rate on the lurgey virus for normal people is almost 100%, if you are old or have underlying health conditions, then you are in a higher risk bracket.......... stop believing the MSM and government lies f.y.i Status of COVID-19 As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.
Jason Lajaro
Jason Lajaro - 9 dager siden
How do people dislike this video! You are living the life👌
Kira Sheffield
Kira Sheffield - 9 dager siden
looks like such a great time!
iTzCrankz - 10 dager siden
I wish my neighbors where that beautiful
RRR R - 10 dager siden
Esto si que es vida ....
Bailey Nowitzke
Bailey Nowitzke - 10 dager siden
What’s the song at 4:00 ??
Mike O
Mike O - 12 dager siden
God damn where did you move too??? I want some neighbors like this
travel and enjoy
travel and enjoy - 13 dager siden
You have always friends, when you money have. Without money is nothing.
Trenton Saylor
Trenton Saylor - 13 dager siden
Man y’all just live the dream
vKAY-_- - 13 dager siden
Snxgs On nba
Snxgs On nba - 13 dager siden
Bruh juice wrld in ybs video what a match
TheGuyYouKnowFromSomewhere - 14 dager siden
Dude that was some awesome editing! Love the quick slow moe's in there. Great music choices too.
Benny Phillpott
Benny Phillpott - 14 dager siden
This bloke takes the views n takes advantage of our views as well and makes a mint off it but if any of us actually need help and are struggling in life this bloke has made it clear don’t go near his ocean won’t offer a camp for people in need or offer advice on people looking for a clear mind and somewhere to get away from the toxic world that destroys us every minute of our day instead we get treated as viewers and just get the experience through his eyes
Can’t wait for the next boat or house you get 👍🏻
Deepak Kumar Prasad
Deepak Kumar Prasad - 14 dager siden
happy moment
Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan - 14 dager siden
i swear brodie only goes out in zero knots of wind
mick berthelsen
mick berthelsen - 15 dager siden
Fuckin wicked.. keep it up YBS crew.. put more music to ya videos that sick..
Ramauld Ramharack
Ramauld Ramharack - 17 dager siden
Sexy girls man.
Anh 4 Bap
Anh 4 Bap - 20 dager siden
nice beach, just wonder where is it?
Joe M
Joe M - 20 dager siden
So cool......
Galaxy Orange YT
Galaxy Orange YT - 20 dager siden
Mean while my neighbor is bringing his stupid kids out at night and they yell all night
Tom Banks
Tom Banks - 21 dag siden
Jeeesus this guys life haha
Will Nichols
Will Nichols - 21 dag siden
Absolute banger of a vid
Angga ahmad
Angga ahmad - 22 dager siden
I like solidaritas
Small Pound
Small Pound - 22 dager siden
Damn this episode was lit
Isaac Rice
Isaac Rice - 23 dager siden
"saftey never takes a day off" meanwhile in a rez 4 year olds be driving dat😂
DRŌN KICKS - 23 dager siden
Uhhh more like this please
Dyrius Black
Dyrius Black - 23 dager siden
Thats the life mate!
Khizer - 25 dager siden
The life
Bisayang Laagan Argallon
Bisayang Laagan Argallon - 26 dager siden
King_Eusebio - 26 dager siden
Where abouts is this?
lilsey ann 13
lilsey ann 13 - 26 dager siden
Its mating time folks.std,orgies come and join the club.
TrxPs_Cr4zY - 27 dager siden
Do you have a crush on viki, brodie 😘 if not i ship u too but stryda is you girl and always will be stay strong and don't give up on your dreams.
沙宇恒 - 27 dager siden
So beautiful,good sense.
Skye Dopa
Skye Dopa - 28 dager siden
Ayyyee the Juice Wrllddd... RIP legend🙏
Boo Styler
Boo Styler - 28 dager siden
YO - I don't get jealous about much,,,but phuk a 3 winged duck, in lock down in melbs and im a jealous AF. I've got a Blue Merle and wife that used to look like your girlified circa year 2000.....enjoy life homie
Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson - 29 dager siden
Free Willy
Free Willy - 29 dager siden
Hey Brodie do u need a house mate please let me live with you 🙏 please
Simon Freed
Simon Freed - Måned siden
One of my favorite videos!
CM - Måned siden
Great video! keep em coming!
Jesus Alberto
Jesus Alberto - Måned siden
Minute 3:48 holly shit there’s so many 😍😂
MDHPL - Måned siden
life should be this good!
Dink182 - Måned siden
This is my favorite vid ever
Martin Gebauer
Martin Gebauer - Måned siden
Once you achieve everything whats next? :)
Duy Long
Duy Long - Måned siden
Golf Nut
Golf Nut - Måned siden
SO... what is the song while you are being crazy at the beginning of the video... "I'm all safety"... Hmmm... Mr I Ride My Motorbike Without Shoes...
Dylan Sequeira
Dylan Sequeira - Måned siden
when that juice wrld came on it hit different.
C T - Måned siden
im living on the wrong side of the world!!!!!
UAreGood I guess
UAreGood I guess - Måned siden
Damn I wanna be Australian now
Seth Gremmert
Seth Gremmert - Måned siden
Things really kicking off at Jacko's Bar
Kissable Whisper
Kissable Whisper - Måned siden
Big up d man ✌️
Kissable Whisper
Kissable Whisper - Måned siden
Funniest thing is when man was on his own back in the day playing with the sharks with the bread those sluts wouldn’t ov looked at him now man thinks his a boss but scared ov the sharks see what money does to people
Razvan Radu
Razvan Radu - Måned siden
Danny B is just a fraud :))
Bryan_ Fxck
Bryan_ Fxck - Måned siden
Juice started playing I thought my Spotify was playing
andrew greene
andrew greene - Måned siden
how to upset the local ladies real fast lol
Squints - Måned siden
the mighty Bush Chook
Supremeplayz - Måned siden
They r out partying on the water meanwhile I can’t see a friend or go more than 5 km away 😭😭😭 dam. Oh yea no fishing or boating
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas - Måned siden
Eric Gunnar
Eric Gunnar - Måned siden
I live in a van down by the river
Happy Texan
Happy Texan - Måned siden
Kool fun.
no no
no no - Måned siden
lose the tops ladies
Denzil Burriss
Denzil Burriss - Måned siden
Again.......naked women make the definitely is not your charm. Drop them and see you views then.......
Ian Stropus
Ian Stropus - Måned siden
Video smacks m8
Daran Obrien
Daran Obrien - Måned siden
Boat sponsors, tackle sponsors.
Who sponsors the girls .
Playboy ?
XD ADVENTURE - Måned siden
Nice outdoor adventure videos.
Ronnie Norris
Ronnie Norris - Måned siden
Strangest video ever and where is the social distancing your the reason of the spikes of corona virus
alireza mhz
alireza mhz - Måned siden
Very Nice 😍😍
Alexander Nguyen
Alexander Nguyen - Måned siden
What the video title should be.
Boat party with a bunch of hotties
Justin Ooi
Justin Ooi - Måned siden
Anyone know the song at 3:08, literally can’t remember the name
John Galvan
John Galvan - Måned siden
Taki taki
Pedrobambino Perez
Pedrobambino Perez - Måned siden
And that’s what a monday at work looks like for him
Ronald Ramos
Ronald Ramos - Måned siden
I like this episode! Full of life.
stacy - Måned siden
I laugh every time I see that mustache 🤣 😂
Ynech - Måned siden
Nice video, beautiful nature, beautiful girl.
Flip like J Peck
Flip like J Peck - 28 dager siden
Ynech omg yaas that girl doe
Thefishy - Måned siden
My dad works with some of you
Karl Bautista
Karl Bautista - Måned siden
D ako naniniwalang boat party lang
Kye Beazley
Kye Beazley - Måned siden