Baby Turtles, Swimming With TIGER SHARK & Close Call With The DEADLIEST Fish In The Sea - Ep 160

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Join Brodie Moss as he tries to protect an erupting nest of baby turtle hatchlings from sea gulls and crabs trying to eat them, swims with a giant tiger shark while exploring on the jet ski and almost steps on the deadliest fish in the sea! Plus some spearfishing actions and a beach cook up.
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James Scott
James Scott - Dag siden
Some of the birds my man chills with 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
David delguercio
David delguercio - 2 dager siden
I’m just going to come out and say this.. I fucking love this guy lol he appreciates life like we all should no matter what you do.
Ethan Hinson
Ethan Hinson - 2 dager siden
I would love to join him on an adventure like this
Andrew_ Wyatt
Andrew_ Wyatt - 3 dager siden
I was snorkeling in the Bahamas and I saw a baby turtle and then some bigger ones
conman conman
conman conman - 3 dager siden
I wanna see what all his tattoos are
Juan Pagan
Juan Pagan - 4 dager siden
Cambio la novia ???
JT Keys
JT Keys - 5 dager siden
Awesomeness . Now ya def have my sub. On your way to 2 mill n more . Keep up the amazing content n hard work!! Greeting from South New Jersey 😉
Ko To
Ko To - 5 dager siden
10:42 song title?
weneed cops
weneed cops - 6 dager siden
Its the eac bruhhh! Righteous! Righteous!
Molly Smith
Molly Smith - 7 dager siden
OMG!!!! I love turtles 🐢 they are so cute
Steve Turansky
Steve Turansky - 7 dager siden
After the birds come the fish, then the sharks when the turtles get big. The food chain is crazy and something you don't normally see on land near humans but in and near the water it's eat, eat, eat and then be eaten.
Steve Turansky
Steve Turansky - 7 dager siden
What part of AU is this? It looks so nice
Jon Boii
Jon Boii - 8 dager siden
You got a sub and a like from me buddy brilliant video
Wesley Robinson
Wesley Robinson - 9 dager siden
Good luck to you mate.
Aden Barlow
Aden Barlow - 9 dager siden
I found a turtle about the size of someone’s head off the beach in Hawaii
TWINZ - 11 dager siden
I've been watching you since like 100k I love your vids
Mark Whelan
Mark Whelan - 12 dager siden
There must be someplace where they go to survive the babie turtle's maybe they go to a hatchery for turtle's
Patrick Hamby
Patrick Hamby - 12 dager siden
Love you Brodie, your my bro, stay safe, keep loving your family, and stay strong
Nicolo 644
Nicolo 644 - 13 dager siden
Damn strider is living a better life then me
Iraqi Ja'fari
Iraqi Ja'fari - 13 dager siden
Him: Could only be one left. Me: sees like 15 behind him
eric kienitz
eric kienitz - 14 dager siden
I think you live the life that everybody dreamed from
Philip Palme
Philip Palme - 16 dager siden
Scrollsage Nola: "a turtle made it into the water"
Apollo TheGod
Apollo TheGod - 17 dager siden
I can Just imagine seeing a boat Of tourist in the background watching this guy lol.
Chadowgon - 19 dager siden
15:59 Mr Bean
W I Z A R D - 20 dager siden
Bro... its beautiful
Sebbe Karlsson
Sebbe Karlsson - 21 dag siden
another turtle has made it to the water
Gamer Be
Gamer Be - 21 dag siden
How the fuck do they Know they should go to the ocean right after they develope. A complete different environment and without their mother showing the way
ΞNTITY - 24 dager siden
who is the girl in the jetski? and who is the girl fishing with brodie moss?
Samuel King
Samuel King - 25 dager siden
How is this guy so chill to go chase after a tiger shark? Madness
Max Selmes
Max Selmes - Måned siden
6:26 your welcome lads
Chris Tian
Chris Tian - Måned siden
Dude I wish I could be out there it is amazing!!!
Noah Milburn
Noah Milburn - Måned siden
You are a legend there are no words to describe how kind and passionate you are towards every living thing. Brodie you are a ripper bloke and a star. Also an idea for a video where you camp out in your boat for 72 hours and catch your own food. Go you good thing! Cheers
Ɍiʑʐi - Måned siden
clicked for the girl,stayed for the turtles
Pieter Böning
Pieter Böning - Måned siden
He's actually Steve Irwin reincarnated...... This is one of my favorite youtube channels. National Geographic, please learn from him
Gamaliel COLLAZO
Gamaliel COLLAZO - Måned siden
Awesome seeing babies run for the ocean.
tim obrien
tim obrien - Måned siden
How deep was Jared's dive?
SteamBun Gaming
SteamBun Gaming - Måned siden
So cool i love watching you videos really enjoying it
Huh to hug guys
SteppenWolff100 - Måned siden
16:25 rofl.
javed mulla
javed mulla - Måned siden
Oh my god you guys are so lucky to experience this beautiful movement. I like your videos and the location is just beathtaking
Zakaria Astaib
Zakaria Astaib - Måned siden
The birds are the ones who disliked
Trivolt Studios
Trivolt Studios - Måned siden
SharkBellyKelly - Måned siden
It’s so AMAZING how those lil bubba turtleez 🐢 know that they have to haul ass to that water & dive for their lives‼️So awesome to watch & what a surreal experience‼️Kudos Brodes for helping in just the right way, you Rock🙏👍💜💎
Laney Dillingham
Laney Dillingham - Måned siden
"There could only me one left"
The Holdster
The Holdster - Måned siden
Hwo does he hold his breath so long?
Olivia Friar
Olivia Friar - Måned siden
how did you make strider to not harm turtels
Pedro Sousa
Pedro Sousa - Måned siden
Lovely dog you have, always looking what do you do. Great gesture with those baby turtles. Keep always safe on this tricky waters. Cheers from Portugal.
Heaven Green
Heaven Green - Måned siden
There are really fish people in this world. How long were they down there at one time?? And while actually exerting energy
Army Pathfinder
Army Pathfinder - Måned siden
No "shrimp on the barbi"
Will Bull
Will Bull - Måned siden
How on earth do you hold your breath for so long. Love ur vids btw
Beast Maroc
Beast Maroc - Måned siden
So glad you were there to save so many of them .... thank you so much
Jeff Rossi
Jeff Rossi - Måned siden
Does anyone know what song that is playing while he is eating?
Minty Borro
Minty Borro - Måned siden
Rule #1 in Hawaii... never turn back to the ocean. She's fierce and will be sure to get your attention.
Pb12667 H
Pb12667 H - Måned siden
Anyone know what the song playing at 12.00 is?
Marybel De Martínez
Marybel De Martínez - Måned siden
Charlie Davies
Charlie Davies - Måned siden
how do you hold your breath for so long ?
auldspider52 - Måned siden
Cool video..I like the empathy for those baby turtles.. Nature conservation is important, most folks just don't care I've found..Great videos..I'll be looking in regular..I'm from Scotland btw..
Anza Ginting
Anza Ginting - Måned siden
So beautiful
Benjamin Ward
Benjamin Ward - Måned siden
Love you love the videos please keep them coming 🙏
Ronin Ronin
Ronin Ronin - Måned siden
Perfection . What else do you need in life ?
Declan Maguire
Declan Maguire - 2 måneder siden
The dog is like trained he acts like a real human and I like the way he just chills on the jet ski