Baby Turtles, Swimming With TIGER SHARK & Close Call With The DEADLIEST Fish In The Sea - Ep 160

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Join Brodie Moss as he tries to protect an erupting nest of baby turtle hatchlings from sea gulls and crabs trying to eat them, swims with a giant tiger shark while exploring on the jet ski and almost steps on the deadliest fish in the sea! Plus some spearfishing actions and a beach cook up.
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David Marsh
David Marsh - 14 timer siden
my god you are a bunch of lucky buggers what is it like to be somewhere where you don't have to think about all the caronavirus that is going on in the world you can just do and go where you want and not have to put a mask on cus you goin to the just put your dive mask on and go and get the next dinner............lucky buggers well done I follow you from dull wet great britain I am totally land locked right in the middle of britain......... I love to watch you and go diving with you see all the fish and stuff that is going on in the ocean...........thanks ..............DEBBIE NOT DAVID ........XXXXXXXXX
Pejolkoya Koya
Pejolkoya Koya - Dag siden
nice the turtle....may god bless you bro..nice man
Lexi Lipper
Lexi Lipper - 2 dager siden
Woohoo, #savetheturtles
Raz Zelda
Raz Zelda - 4 dager siden
Shane Beaudrot
Shane Beaudrot - 4 dager siden
Waterfront dining 🤔
💡 Brilliant 👍
scott cap
scott cap - 6 dager siden
a turtle made to the water. =P
Jesse Rutherford
Jesse Rutherford - 6 dager siden
Whos this woman no2
Patrick Baitman
Patrick Baitman - 6 dager siden
16:00 the dream!
Peter Garm 3rd
Peter Garm 3rd - 7 dager siden
#1 I could watch the turtles everyday just to lift my spirits, #2 strider races on a kill strike at the end🤣 love it👍 the girls came in last for me on this vid
Daran Obrien
Daran Obrien - 7 dager siden
Whilst not touching the bubs .
You are still interrupting the course by scaring birds awsy
Piet Kousemaker
Piet Kousemaker - 8 dager siden
Looks like your all live in paradise 👍
Michelle Chen
Michelle Chen - 8 dager siden
Love it when you say TQ (so humble)and ooooohhhh at your reward food (super Innocent Enjoy expression!!!😅😂😂
Michelle Chen
Michelle Chen - 8 dager siden
Wowwww, you are Aquaman who rules his Kingdom!! The only ORIGINAL one !!!👏👏👏👍👍👍!!!
Ynech - 8 dager siden
Great video. Lovely little turtles.
Euux-jtgy - 9 dager siden
He’s a boy’s boy and a man’s man all rolled up into one! He does all the things that we dream of! Goo’ day fellas!
ginobrun1 - 11 dager siden
stryda eats better than me
Aroma Hotliner
Aroma Hotliner - 11 dager siden
Да емае,где это?что это за место бл!!
Jason Baxter
Jason Baxter - 13 dager siden
Jason Baxter
Jason Baxter - 13 dager siden
You dont even know!!! Lmao
Dustin Clark
Dustin Clark - 14 dager siden
Do you guys bleed out your fish? I see it sometimes it happens when you spear them but iv never seen you guys bleed them when you catch them on a line. Makes a huge difference in the taste.
Dustin Clark
Dustin Clark - 14 dager siden
She just swam straight away from me. She doesn't even like me. It's ok Brodie buddy she's a tiger shark
jehangirshaw - 19 dager siden
Bro what brand of shades are those ?
ryan chipizubov
ryan chipizubov - 23 dager siden
I dont know much about living life right... but something tells me that this is exactly it.
Carlos Rey
Carlos Rey - Måned siden
Thanks Mate for all you do and show on this channel. You are natural and just so normal, you just do what you do, which is what makes you unique. Keep up the good work Bud!
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - Måned siden
Holy hotness whats in the water up there?
Darius - Måned siden
“Turtles are good, crabs are bad, and seagulls are bad” i Died 😂
Ethan Marttinen
Ethan Marttinen - Måned siden
I get so hungry after watching u cook lol
Cheryl MusicLvr
Cheryl MusicLvr - Måned siden
You are so awesome...thanks for saving the baby turtles and educating people on how not to touch them and let them do it on their own. Thanks for sharing the beautiful ocean and the music and it really helps especially being stuck inside during covid...UGH!!!
Keith Christiansen
Keith Christiansen - Måned siden
@7:41 my friends that is the highlight
you're welcome.
Broc Anthony Dawson
Broc Anthony Dawson - Måned siden
I bloody love this channel.
Brodie ur ace
Darren Stevenson
Darren Stevenson - Måned siden
02:30 its like he/she knew to wait for the surf
Frankie Vazquez
Frankie Vazquez - Måned siden
Hello mate I know one day I sent you a message I was little upset about you having your dog with you on a jet ski and sharks around you know my badge after watching you more shows your grow on me in you control things I'm just a big animal lover and I hate to see animals get put into danger and about 1 show I just watched you catching some mom different type of Cod Hey that's great and it doesn't look like you abuse the system by catching a whole bunch of fish in or you know you just catch what you need to eat men catch and release
André Mota
André Mota - Måned siden
Show man!!
M S - Måned siden
Put a baby GoPro on one 🤭
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson - Måned siden
superman7 - Måned siden
Those birds have got to eat too bro........ you don't like birds I take it? Turtles are BETTER than birds maybe....... I guess I'm missing how you are "saving the planet" or whatever? What about all that fuel for your boat you were talking about in a different video....... how is that "saving the planet"? Or the PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES you use........ this list is quite long actually. I guess my point is, either be full "tree hugger" or don't, hypocrites are not as cool as you think. People who play "environmental-opoly" but then do what 99.9% of the rest that "play the game" and COMPROMISE in all other areas that are *TOO INCONVENIENT* for them or their lives to "GO FULL TREE HUGGER" is more PATHETIC than hero. Just say'n.
makis206 - Måned siden
02:10 is one of the most beautiful moments on this planet..😍😍
Warren Jones
Warren Jones - Måned siden
This guy is a legend god bless u man
muhammad taher
muhammad taher - Måned siden
keep it up man keep inspiring us love you bro 💕
hao thanh
hao thanh - 2 måneder siden
Lo ve you chu cờ mo
keenan rees
keenan rees - 2 måneder siden
This guy is living the dream
Ryan M
Ryan M - 2 måneder siden
Great job mate made my heart smile with all this hate in our world
ChrisIsMeYes - 2 måneder siden
not very young anymore
David k
David k - 2 måneder siden
"The perfect life dosent exist" my ass this dude stay unbothered I need to move and re think my life
Laura Edwards
Laura Edwards - 2 måneder siden
How do these guys actually hold there breath for so long? Amazing channel!
Iliya Todorov
Iliya Todorov - 2 måneder siden
Awesome !
Where did you film this video ?
Kelly Plumb
Kelly Plumb - 2 måneder siden
Wonderful ❣️❣️
A S - 2 måneder siden
I would have stolen 1😉😜
XiL ToiD
XiL ToiD - 2 måneder siden
Thank you for these awesome videos.
Philip Harrison
Philip Harrison - 2 måneder siden
Birds need to eat and feed young your going against nature
Kevin Alvarado
Kevin Alvarado - 2 måneder siden
can u spare me with some of your unused camera with your YOUNGBLOODS Jacket 😁🙏
BCtiger - 2 måneder siden
7:42 🍑
Byron’s Mountain Biking
Byron’s Mountain Biking - 2 måneder siden
I love how he helps so many animals
James Scott
James Scott - 2 måneder siden
Some of the birds my man chills with 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
David delguercio
David delguercio - 2 måneder siden
I’m just going to come out and say this.. I fucking love this guy lol he appreciates life like we all should no matter what you do.
Ethan Hinson
Ethan Hinson - 2 måneder siden
I would love to join him on an adventure like this
Andrew_ Wyatt
Andrew_ Wyatt - 2 måneder siden
I was snorkeling in the Bahamas and I saw a baby turtle and then some bigger ones
conman conman
conman conman - 2 måneder siden
I wanna see what all his tattoos are
Juan Pagan
Juan Pagan - 2 måneder siden
Cambio la novia ???
JT Keys
JT Keys - 2 måneder siden
Awesomeness . Now ya def have my sub. On your way to 2 mill n more . Keep up the amazing content n hard work!! Greeting from South New Jersey 😉
Ko To
Ko To - 2 måneder siden
10:42 song title?
weneed cops
weneed cops - 2 måneder siden
Its the eac bruhhh! Righteous! Righteous!
Molly Smith
Molly Smith - 3 måneder siden
OMG!!!! I love turtles 🐢 they are so cute
Steve Turansky
Steve Turansky - 3 måneder siden
After the birds come the fish, then the sharks when the turtles get big. The food chain is crazy and something you don't normally see on land near humans but in and near the water it's eat, eat, eat and then be eaten.
Steve Turansky
Steve Turansky - 3 måneder siden
What part of AU is this? It looks so nice
Jon Prince
Jon Prince - 10 timer siden
Jon Boii
Jon Boii - 3 måneder siden
You got a sub and a like from me buddy brilliant video
Wesley Robinson
Wesley Robinson - 3 måneder siden
Good luck to you mate.
Aden Barlow
Aden Barlow - 3 måneder siden
I found a turtle about the size of someone’s head off the beach in Hawaii
Eclypse - 3 måneder siden
I've been watching you since like 100k I love your vids
Mark Whelan
Mark Whelan - 3 måneder siden
There must be someplace where they go to survive the babie turtle's maybe they go to a hatchery for turtle's
Patrick Hamby
Patrick Hamby - 3 måneder siden
Love you Brodie, your my bro, stay safe, keep loving your family, and stay strong
Nicolo 644
Nicolo 644 - 3 måneder siden
Damn strider is living a better life then me
Iraqi Ja'fari
Iraqi Ja'fari - 3 måneder siden
Him: Could only be one left. Me: sees like 15 behind him
eric kienitz
eric kienitz - 3 måneder siden
I think you live the life that everybody dreamed from
Philip Palme
Philip Palme - 3 måneder siden
Scrollsage Nola: "a turtle made it into the water"
Charles Boeck
Charles Boeck - 3 måneder siden
I can Just imagine seeing a boat Of tourist in the background watching this guy lol.
Chadowgon - 3 måneder siden
15:59 Mr Bean
W I Z A R D - 3 måneder siden
Bro... its beautiful
Sebbe Karlsson
Sebbe Karlsson - 3 måneder siden
another turtle has made it to the water
Gamer Be
Gamer Be - 3 måneder siden
How the fuck do they Know they should go to the ocean right after they develope. A complete different environment and without their mother showing the way
ΞNTITY - 3 måneder siden
who is the girl in the jetski? and who is the girl fishing with brodie moss?
Samuel King
Samuel King - 3 måneder siden
How is this guy so chill to go chase after a tiger shark? Madness
Max Selmes
Max Selmes - 3 måneder siden
6:26 your welcome lads
Chris Tian
Chris Tian - 3 måneder siden
Dude I wish I could be out there it is amazing!!!
Noah Milburn
Noah Milburn - 3 måneder siden
You are a legend there are no words to describe how kind and passionate you are towards every living thing. Brodie you are a ripper bloke and a star. Also an idea for a video where you camp out in your boat for 72 hours and catch your own food. Go you good thing! Cheers
Rizzi - 3 måneder siden
clicked for the girl,stayed for the turtles
Pieter Böning
Pieter Böning - 3 måneder siden
He's actually Steve Irwin reincarnated...... This is one of my favorite youtube channels. National Geographic, please learn from him
Gamaliel COLLAZO
Gamaliel COLLAZO - 3 måneder siden
Awesome seeing babies run for the ocean.
tim obrien
tim obrien - 4 måneder siden
How deep was Jared's dive?
SteamBun Gaming
SteamBun Gaming - 4 måneder siden
So cool i love watching you videos really enjoying it
Huh to hug guys
SteppenWolff100 - 4 måneder siden
16:25 rofl.
javed mulla
javed mulla - 4 måneder siden
Oh my god you guys are so lucky to experience this beautiful movement. I like your videos and the location is just beathtaking
Zakaria Astaib
Zakaria Astaib - 4 måneder siden
The birds are the ones who disliked
Trivolt Studios
Trivolt Studios - 4 måneder siden
SharkBellyKelly - 4 måneder siden
It’s so AMAZING how those lil bubba turtleez 🐢 know that they have to haul ass to that water & dive for their lives‼️So awesome to watch & what a surreal experience‼️Kudos Brodes for helping in just the right way, you Rock🙏👍💜💎
Laney Dillingham
Laney Dillingham - 4 måneder siden
"There could only me one left"
The Holdster
The Holdster - 4 måneder siden
Hwo does he hold his breath so long?
Olivia Friar
Olivia Friar - 4 måneder siden
how did you make strider to not harm turtels
Pedro Sousa
Pedro Sousa - 4 måneder siden
Lovely dog you have, always looking what do you do. Great gesture with those baby turtles. Keep always safe on this tricky waters. Cheers from Portugal.