Are We Dating? (Venomous Sea Snakes) - Ep 219

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You all keep asking Brodie & Brinkley for truth if they are dating or not so while they go looking for venomous sea snakes they answer your question.
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JonnyCrash - Time siden
I recon the male snake took 1 to many viagra and couldn't finish!! wee have all bee there lol
Gillian Gybels
Gillian Gybels - Dag siden
I want to live in Australia to :( Belgium is so shiiiiiiiit
Killer Bee
Killer Bee - Dag siden
Bro to have a good relationship is to be best friends first, I have a friend that has been with his girlfriend now fiance soon to be married for 9 years as friends, 6 years as bf, gf and now 1 year as fiance, they've also known each other for well over the 16 years they've been together
William Simmons
William Simmons - 3 dager siden
Where do you get your lumber?
Candy Shop
Candy Shop - 4 dager siden
I don’t have mercy for snakes
J M - 6 dager siden
The one absolute truth he spoke is.........great ass! That's solid!
Kids' Perspective Family Travel
Those sea snakes are pretty scary. Thankfully we don't have them in Canada.
Ron Scott
Ron Scott - 9 dager siden
What dirt bike is that?
Dino M
Dino M - 9 dager siden
You grab a tin can but not the plastic bottle a foot away?
DYNABIKE1 - 9 dager siden
How far do You have to go to buy all the fuel You use with all Your toys ??
Brien Dalipi
Brien Dalipi - 9 dager siden
her reaction when he said they were friends
Mr and Mrs Living Life
Mr and Mrs Living Life - 15 dager siden
How about Strayda's life vest?
Salty dreams Life
Salty dreams Life - 15 dager siden
Jim C.
Jim C. - 16 dager siden
But you're friends with benefits, right? ;-)
Lukas Tsotaru
Lukas Tsotaru - 16 dager siden
date the other girl
rylee Thackston
rylee Thackston - 21 dag siden
yes they are mating
Bennie Leip
Bennie Leip - 24 dager siden
Oooo okee just friends like that 🤣👍🏻 just seeing your videos now so i have to get into the action 🤣 you got a nice place to call home man👍🏻
Antonio Barros
Antonio Barros - 24 dager siden
You have a different way cook fish as we Europeans fishermam from Portugal.
We never fillet the fish. We allways use grilled carbon the intire fish without scames with litlle cuts skin along cut slices with grosse salt . For the biggist one we cut in thin slices and a little salt on the carbon grilled. Its better than cooked them in oil .Grilled natural is must more wealth and taste than cooke in oil.
The biggest one wit
One Life
One Life - 28 dager siden
I can't wait to see how your vegie garden gets going. Growing your own food is amazing, you will never taste anything so nice.
One Life, One Search,
Peace Out,
Eden Garden
Eden Garden - Måned siden
Who cares if they are dating or not, they could also be friends with benefiets. It’s all good. It’s all about living the best life
Tammy Caplan
Tammy Caplan - Måned siden
She's the best 😍
Agentxphile - Måned siden
Seems girls gets more views, both on the Youtubers channel and the girl's instagram!
Castorp Z.
Castorp Z. - Måned siden
why arent u banging that? u gay bro?
Lisa Moore
Lisa Moore - Måned siden
Is this in California?
David Eggleton
David Eggleton - Måned siden
Despite being such a 'lad' as you are (lol), I really appreciate your respect for nature and the beauty and value it holds ... Enjoying your man connects with nature approach to life -- not to mention your videos often make my mouth water :P
Curtis Ansell
Curtis Ansell - Måned siden
Yes or no
Curtis Ansell
Curtis Ansell - Måned siden
Are you go to date her
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas - Måned siden
I cant tell where you are from but there are regulary sharks in the waters and you just jump right in there !!!
Jim Stone
Jim Stone - Måned siden
YO, think Steve Irwin and do not do that again.
酷爸 - Måned siden
she is emily ???
StovePipe Battleaxe
StovePipe Battleaxe - Måned siden
If you're good friends and attraction is there, that's the best combo.
Gunmen01 - Måned siden
She's gorgeous 😍 absolutely beautiful 😍
kimmyrusso666 - Måned siden
He loves his mother so he'll want his second half at some point. He may just not be at that point in his life yet.
Jared Martin
Jared Martin - Måned siden
I wish I could find a girl that’s “one of the boys” that looks like THAT
Hawaiian80882 - Måned siden
Te watene Bill Emery
Te watene Bill Emery - Måned siden
Nice Guy
M S - Måned siden
They could be keeping each other warm 🤣😊
Mark Henke
Mark Henke - Måned siden
can grow some dank organic herbs in those raised beds!!! Kudos
Mandala Dreaming
Mandala Dreaming - Måned siden
Wow ♡ I've seen brown snakes mating and thought it was one of the most beautiful things I'd seen. (I'd imagine deadly to separate snakes from mating!) As a scorpio snake in the zodiac I love the idea of water snakes mating - entwining, in primal element and the freedom of buoyancy ♡ bliss, bless ♡
Hosen - Måned siden
they are definitely dating... ive seen enough of these vids to know thats a special relationship filled with love and intimacy
HATTORI HONZO - Måned siden
Salaam bro love your family and life style. Wish you all the best to come and more and hope the property is yours soon.
Axistence_ - 2 måneder siden
Wait.. I thought he was with amberleigh west? no? O:
Mike - 2 måneder siden
Kevin Richardson younger brother!
MONICA LYNN - 2 måneder siden
So great to have a Garden and chicken coop like that. I like the garage/workshop/storage area too. It's good to store gear and equipment out of the elements. I hope you get the property! Peace 🕊
missael suazo
missael suazo - 2 måneder siden
You should get a second dog so this one can have some canine company, i know you’re there all the time, but it is not the same.
Kyle Umbarger
Kyle Umbarger - 2 måneder siden
Right, we're biological creatures just like the sea snakes. Watch her expressions when you talk about her; maybe you just need to make a move!
Aurvin Ifat
Aurvin Ifat - 2 måneder siden
when your food is so delicious
Super Platypus
Super Platypus - 2 måneder siden
Thats so amazing you saw this. I dont know much about sea snakes but land snakes will stay linked together for awhile doing mating.
Syrus - 2 måneder siden
Isn't this basically porn?
Doughnu11 - 2 måneder siden
hey dude i know this is a bit random but i have to sya that you are literrally my role model me and my dad and i (im 12) bought and old school boat and we are rediong it such as re firberglassing everything, redoing the rotten wood. our motor is currently at a mechanic and we are doing the transit and stuff at this point. i absoluetely love all your videos i think i have watched like 30 today and also our boat is a rooster theme and its gonna be called the "aqua chook" because my dad love the roosters in the nrl #roosternrl anyways that all i have to say. :)
Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell - 2 måneder siden
The second man in history to friend zone a chick.
James Web
James Web - 2 måneder siden
The female is the one on the bottom 😂
alex angell
alex angell - 2 måneder siden
green shit and red shit
Oz - 2 måneder siden
@Brodie Dude, I have come to love you as a person so I say the following with the most respect and love...
Stop being an idiot and ask her to date you. She is crazy about you. a blind man can see that. Just ask her...
Camersan Food and Travel
Camersan Food and Travel - 2 måneder siden
Cool to saw a snake doing something something 😅👍.
Estelle A
Estelle A - 2 måneder siden
I so envy his life.
TK Lxvid
TK Lxvid - 2 måneder siden
*”all the red shit, all the green shit”*
Minik Hansen
Minik Hansen - 2 måneder siden
Don’t know if u answer these, but I’ve never been in Australia. But do have to check your shoes and in the toilet and stuff like that cause if venomous spiders?
G.l.j.c Foley
G.l.j.c Foley - 2 måneder siden
I don’t give a shit who’s dating who - I really need to know your mom’s fish curry recipe
Kenneth Brookes
Kenneth Brookes - 2 måneder siden
Come to Cape Town
Dive here
Catch fish get arrested
Permits for everything
Cody Roberts
Cody Roberts - 2 måneder siden
He’s definitely smashed it tho
Rich Fort
Rich Fort - 2 måneder siden
Lol looks like Brodie is starting a new side bussiness sea snake porn. Hopefully he had them tested for STDs and a contract before they went ham, wonder what they got paid for that shoot? Lol
Rich Fort
Rich Fort - 2 måneder siden
Whyyyyyg? Why wouldn't you date her she does and enjoys alot of the same things u do, she's got a bueatiful smile, and as u said "a nice ass" or I would say she's got that perfect peach shape, either way she seems like a legit bad bitch in a good way and would be a sick gf....
Well either way we love watching and having her in the vlogs/episodes of ybs... Im pretty shocked u or one of the boys aren't with her idk what more u could want in a chick,unless she's crazy or bipolar and all those episodes are edited out lol I doubt it though she seems pretty intelligent 🤔. Well if one of u or the boys are smart u'll go after her like the sea snakes 🐍 in the beginning.
Pat Hartary
Pat Hartary - 2 måneder siden
Post your Mom's fish curry recipe. It looks delish!
SN TN - 2 måneder siden
Who cares
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 2 måneder siden
I feel for those snakes.. had it happen a few times except was on land not in water, being all alone "watching the sunset" and here come somebody parks right next to you when there was plenty of space elsewhere... watching you watch those snakes "doing it" and you kinda lowkey jealous cuz they "do it that long" .... to bad was getting dark, ciz it would be interesting to see what they do do afterwards....
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 2 måneder siden
Yea I was just "like being one of the boys!" also, but I also had friends with benefits as well.. perhaps that is what they have also, ... either way you guys have great chemistry and love with each other and dont want to ruin that becoming more then friends..
Matthew Pearce
Matthew Pearce - 2 måneder siden
Sea snake army!!
Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson - 2 måneder siden
Yep mating don’t disturb too much
Old Muddies
Old Muddies - 2 måneder siden
You have done so well. Congratulations on knowing and living your dream. Love your vids
J - 2 måneder siden
Nutin' like snake porn. 😜
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams - 2 måneder siden
get a mullet
I - 2 måneder siden
Uploaded on my birthday #YBSFAM 💯
Stella Bailey
Stella Bailey - 2 måneder siden
Privacy please!!
YMT_Extra Extract
YMT_Extra Extract - 2 måneder siden
“She’s like one of the boys.... with a nice ass”😂💀
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos
Why do people show up at YouTuber’s homes? Like... people go home to rest and be away from the outside world. So intrusive!
Conner Alexander
Conner Alexander - 3 måneder siden
Ha, just found another one of your trash comments
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos
'She’s like one of the boys' said every man stuck in the friend zone.
Conner Alexander
Conner Alexander - 3 måneder siden
Why do you have to do this you literally copied a comment exactly and ask for free subs, trash.
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos
Brodie: We are not dating.
Sea Snake: Neither are we mate, but this still happens.
HiTTs - 3 måneder siden
i felt like he friendzoned her 😂😂😂
tadeus official
tadeus official - 3 måneder siden
Dude fishing is a good business men, but I think you don't need that coz you have a pretty huge channel on YouTube and I think your earning enough.
tadeus official
tadeus official - 3 måneder siden
Love this channel dude!!!
survival - 3 måneder siden
i bet there rooting tho at times
benjibaker -
benjibaker - - 3 måneder siden
Dudes far too calm lol don't look for sharks just gets in and tells ya snakes wud kill ya be4 ya cud get help and has his back to them a foot away lol legend
Pablo B
Pablo B - 3 måneder siden
This is crazy to see this man upgraded after all his hard work. crazy boats and crazy fat property . Good shit G !!
SkinBintin - 3 måneder siden
Should date. Those kinds of friendships make an amazing base for a great relationship.
Cheeto Henke
Cheeto Henke - 3 måneder siden
You should date her I mean more content am I right
Southern - 3 måneder siden
“Obviously not disturbing them” sits one metre away 😏
Jmunoz1675 - 3 måneder siden
My ball pythons lock up for days sometimes.
0 - 3 måneder siden
Believe or not, some snake mating more than 48 hours.
Nill Gddy
Nill Gddy - 3 måneder siden
Yeah sure
Steven Cranston
Steven Cranston - 3 måneder siden
Your life makes my life absolutely miserable haha
Peter Pan
Peter Pan - 3 måneder siden
Lol in the videos from 2018 you two are clearly making out and stuff xD whats up with that?
Adventures with Jax
Adventures with Jax - 3 måneder siden
Quick tip for the garden you should buy clover seeds they come in many different varieties as well as barley seeds and start planting them in the beds of the garden. This will create a cover crop that will add life as well as nitrogen for your future plants. It’s a really good way to get things going before you’re actually ready to put in your food plants.
Melissa - 3 måneder siden
Your property is too open for the stalkers Brodie!! 👀😂
J N - 3 måneder siden
Still remember when I was here with ya 1k subs now ya so far ahead. Congrats mate
Matthew Huntley
Matthew Huntley - 3 måneder siden
Epic mate! Absolutely love the sea snakes!!
DronZizzle - 3 måneder siden
said theyre not dating but he didnt say they arent fucking
Richard Eames
Richard Eames - 3 måneder siden
Share the curry recipe please.
GHL_Fearaiser - 3 måneder siden
I want them to date
Mill Eudic
Mill Eudic - 3 måneder siden
*Enter From Desert West Coast*
Take over shores, protect borders.
Any whale ship shred, blown
from China sea nuclear meat crown.
On stake not sun dried shrimps or calamari
but throats of Asian Chinese dared familiarly.
In a wrap, send you to feed to sharks
Asian whalers wanting to Australia be smart.
Mill Eudic
Mill Eudic - 3 måneder siden
RUS -> You only troops, send. Thourn Whaul to protect.