AMAZING WHALES | New Species Of Fish With INSANE TEETH | Squid Catch & Cook - Ep 249

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Brodie catches a new species of fish with insane teeth that he had never caught before plus some science with Jarrad, squid catch & cook with the crew and some amazing whales with Vicki!
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Runtime: 13:21


Rich Nicoletti
Rich Nicoletti - 4 timer siden
What whales
brainretardant - 6 timer siden
Is that a custom stretch jetski?
Orion Dilchan
Orion Dilchan - 10 timer siden
What whales?
Tom - 10 timer siden
She looked tasty in the thumb
Mc B
Mc B - 10 timer siden
What whale?
Eduardo Díaz
Eduardo Díaz - 11 timer siden
Someone knows were is this?
John VanLuinen
John VanLuinen - 11 timer siden
amazing thing here is that you reallt think we watch these videos to see you of the wildlife.....Ha show me the chick in the bathing suit every time. you can take a hike.
Costas Papadopoulos
Costas Papadopoulos - 11 timer siden
I will not hide behind my finger.. I 'm here for the arse
kernow trebartha
kernow trebartha - 15 timer siden
Whale what Whale ?....all i could see was a Woman's ass...which was what i was intended to look at, right ?
kurt_zer0 - 20 timer siden
11:25 Amen 👌
AkaKammu - 20 timer siden
She’s got a wedgie
Nick Dannunzio
Nick Dannunzio - 23 timer siden
I cannot believe he refers to her as a whale... watch the first 2 min and the last 2... all else is him bragging about himself...
Eduardo Escalante
Eduardo Escalante - Dag siden
This broad has an alright body, but that face is a shipwreck! Bring a hottie next video
Diane Willson
Diane Willson - Dag siden
Looks like a different female butt
Ben Quinones
Ben Quinones - Dag siden
I didnt see any whales.
brian boldi
brian boldi - Dag siden
New girlfriend?
Whit23ney - Dag siden
Anyone else see nothing but his girl’s ass when they were talking about (I don’t know what they were even saying, and I’m a straight girl) stuff and missed it all because you want an ass like that?! 🤷‍♀️😂🤦‍♀️ Just me?
luis stanziola
luis stanziola - Dag siden
Living in down under is like living in mars
Lexi 062
Lexi 062 - 12 timer siden
It’s rlly not
Kevin Knapp
Kevin Knapp - Dag siden
Ya, I'm definitely here for the whale. I promise.
William Hopkins
William Hopkins - 2 dager siden
Wow that was absaloutly beautiful ass I mean 🐋
Fish Killl
Fish Killl - 2 dager siden
Jarrad, I do otoliths for Texas wassssuuupppp
Jhun Yu
Jhun Yu - 2 dager siden
scrape the meat with a spoon
M Martinez
M Martinez - 2 dager siden
Too much dude not enough chick!
Paul Rumbold
Paul Rumbold - 2 dager siden
Great video guys . Looks an amazing place on the planet . Better than here in Blighty at the moment ? Look forward to more videos . Many thanks indeed from paul
Ulises Zihua
Ulises Zihua - 2 dager siden
I need to admit it, I only watch the videos for the girl hahaha
Kenny Dave
Kenny Dave - 3 dager siden
her crack is wack
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith - 3 dager siden
0:25 Joe Biden would give up his presidency to be the guy.
Braedon Graf
Braedon Graf - 3 dager siden
That’s a long Tom the fish that is, and yeh the whale 🐋 looked damn good 😏
Paul G
Paul G - 3 dager siden
What's with the cheap Skanky thing up front bro..😁😁😁
Tdollac C
Tdollac C - 3 dager siden
That fish reminds me of shad, nun but bones mate !
spear0selby - 3 dager siden
Need more spearfishing content
Scott Jenkins
Scott Jenkins - 4 dager siden
OK !! he needs to wedd her brfore the 9 months are up ...")
Scott Jenkins
Scott Jenkins - 4 dager siden
They are made for each other
worm sperm
worm sperm - 4 dager siden
you keep saying theres whales but i still cant see any.
4K GoPro 8 Travel
4K GoPro 8 Travel - 4 dager siden
wow...great video. Thank you.
OF brotherhood
OF brotherhood - 4 dager siden
Nobody's watching you or the fish 😂😂😂🍻🍻🍻
Max Mishuk
Max Mishuk - 4 dager siden
It looks like a spaniard without the marks on him
lexy - 4 dager siden
Maybe a piranha cause of the teeth
123 456
123 456 - 4 dager siden
10:44 might as well have been “oh you didn’t give me food poisoning” lmao
Jon's place
Jon's place - 4 dager siden
Use google image search for reference 😅
kik Urass
kik Urass - 4 dager siden
Gino - 5 dager siden
Where is this ?
Brian P
Brian P - 5 dager siden
No one is looking at that wale man. It’s those cakes we all like👌🏽
Nick - 5 dager siden
I’m normally not crude and rude....but brother your girlfriend has got a gorgeous ass 😜
Toxic Acid
Toxic Acid - 5 dager siden
Lol sad to see him only getting views cause of the girl. Even uses her on thumbnail. He knows that's the only way to stay afloat
Toxic Acid
Toxic Acid - 5 dager siden
The girl knows what she's there for, she's literally posing
John - 5 dager siden
Forget the amazing whales....I am looking at that amazing body! Holy Cow!
Niz Breck
Niz Breck - 5 dager siden
Came for the ass stayed for the ass 💯
The Fish Slayer
The Fish Slayer - 5 dager siden
With bone(y) fish, generally if you cook it with a pressure cooker, and it turns the bones into mush, but if you do it right, the meat stays fine
terrence brennan
terrence brennan - 5 dager siden
It's called a wolf herring . Very boney but edible.
bradley lichy
bradley lichy - 5 dager siden
Pickel em
Jin Jin
Jin Jin - 5 dager siden
amazing butt
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown - 6 dager siden
Awesome video and the fish is a wolf herring.
Michael Bute
Michael Bute - 6 dager siden
She thick mate
IBNFE - 6 dager siden
Where the hell was the wale
Mark Carbonel
Mark Carbonel - 6 dager siden
12:58 I'm curious which of which he is pertaining "awesome" let me know what you think
Drooy Rich
Drooy Rich - 6 dager siden
Love her but !! Who cares about whales ?
Marvin Faatau
Marvin Faatau - 6 dager siden
Whatever the whale is eating the boobie getting thick lol🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣
Thepnakhin_ - 6 dager siden
Damn that’s a huge ass whale!!
jay kush
jay kush - 6 dager siden
Watched 4 times and still haven't seen a whale
khanh trinh
khanh trinh - 6 dager siden
i watching only lady sexxy
Bryan Diaz
Bryan Diaz - 6 dager siden
Yes Brodie it definitely is saying hello😳
AustNRail - 7 dager siden
Whale? What whale, oh, there!
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis - 7 dager siden
Dang Brodie you always catching some nice fish haha.
RANDALL Foster - 7 dager siden
The little whale might be rounding up small fish by circling them splashing then right into them to eat
Tony Loechte
Tony Loechte - 7 dager siden
What whale
Mark Nelligan
Mark Nelligan - 7 dager siden
Very cheeky video.
Christopher Sims
Christopher Sims - 7 dager siden
0:18 such a beautiful view
El Asote Asotador
El Asote Asotador - 7 dager siden
you people said there was a whale in the beggining of the video??? LIARS!!!!
Uhduvi - 7 dager siden
bro shes so hot
Ronell Mahilum
Ronell Mahilum - 7 dager siden
Bangus kind of fish here in the Philippines
Manny Rivera
Manny Rivera - 7 dager siden
I never saw a whale !!! 😜
YOYO YOOO - 7 dager siden
can't like animal crualty.
Markie Martinez
Markie Martinez - 7 dager siden
Jarrod should be featured in his own vid instead of in the Vicky’s ass show. Way to go Brodie...
South West Florida Fishing Adventures
Awesome video broski
INGNS 1 - 7 dager siden
Because we all clicked to see whales.
Gaelic Snake Charmer
Gaelic Snake Charmer - 7 dager siden
There was a whale in this? I missed it... I was too busy looking at Vicki's ass...
Jeb Ivey
Jeb Ivey - 7 dager siden
Ribbon fish
Alfredo alvarez
Alfredo alvarez - 7 dager siden
Agree nice distraction
kristopher Carson
kristopher Carson - 8 dager siden
I dont think I would notice bigfoot riding nesse with that view. My goodness
Ryan Konkel
Ryan Konkel - 8 dager siden
God damn, homegirl's ass on point. Well done.
Mykhaylo Kovalenko
Mykhaylo Kovalenko - 8 dager siden
Это селёдка, братан. Не боись
SaltyBrains - 8 dager siden
@ 00:07 "it's showing off" - yeah, so is the whale. omg.
Philly Jackson
Philly Jackson - 8 dager siden
Smoke herring the bones are really tiny
yo boi jay
yo boi jay - 8 dager siden
Hey wth happened to amber lee
Andrew Paul Stancer
Andrew Paul Stancer - 8 dager siden
Lovely bum !
faze louizmo
faze louizmo - 8 dager siden
sorry i had to say it sticky vicky
Bwl 526
Bwl 526 - 8 dager siden
That was so awesome
Ef Raín
Ef Raín - 8 dager siden
The young lady looks very good.
Chris Goodayle
Chris Goodayle - 8 dager siden
You live a great life.No wonder why you are so happy.
noah gauci
noah gauci - 8 dager siden
wolf herring or ribbon fish 🤷🏻‍♀️ good for big spanish
Jay Gun
Jay Gun - 8 dager siden
What part of the country is this.
renato avella
renato avella - 8 dager siden
ramon roman
ramon roman - 8 dager siden
bagging ass.
Based Basterd
Based Basterd - 9 dager siden
@11:24 & 12:38.....Nice Whale Tail......😬👍
U.S. Constitution
U.S. Constitution - 9 dager siden
No cares about the stupid whale everyone is watching Vicki...........
Jeremy Berger
Jeremy Berger - 9 dager siden
Where is this filmed? Is it Australia?
Jeremy Berger
Jeremy Berger - 21 time siden
@sehhi vooty the waves, man. The waves 😍
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 8 dager siden
put this on here just to watch this bounce 11:25
Afaq SE
Afaq SE - 9 dager siden
She looks hot in sexy bikini
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 8 dager siden
Bro? Your chan used to be friendly for kids/fam. Not a fan without the fam :*(
Lee Grumbling
Lee Grumbling - 9 dager siden
Whale? What whale?
Buddy Hardin
Buddy Hardin - 9 dager siden
Ahhhh im torn brotha man..don't know what to look at the breach of a whale or the beauty of Victoria hummmmm..😍💥😍
Volodymyr L.
Volodymyr L. - 9 dager siden
Hi, when will you introduce us to your girlfriend's parents?
We are looking forward to it.
Team Real
Team Real - 9 dager siden
I see some good nice round whale