Amazing Weather & Tiger Sharks With Brinkley Davies NEW HOME Shed Cook Up - Ep 217

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Join Brodie, his parents and good friend Brinkley Davies as they enjoy the most amazing weather with crystal clear water and Tiger sharks! Plus the first ever look at Brodie's new shed.
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Hardeep Singh
Hardeep Singh - 16 timer siden
Love seeing brodie friends and family... All seem like such cool people...
simo134 - 7 dager siden
Do you see any Orca out in those waters?
Jasper Newstead
Jasper Newstead - 9 dager siden
call the boat fire baby! or "Shed Boy"
FATHER'S OF BASS - 9 dager siden
Fuckkkk man I didn’t know I could watch you on my tv it’s so bad asssssss brother love it love you guys from Washington state
Mark Whelan
Mark Whelan - 10 dager siden
That beautiful little innocent child saying we have fire baby is Sooooo Cuuuuute what a great life they all have made for themselfs Brodie is such a legend and he deserves all of his happiness young bloods you want it PS and even though he might think him and brinkley are just good friends I'm betting that both of there hearts feel differently you can just see his gittyness around her it's sort of cute !! Pps I am so happy to have found this channel thanks to all who contributed to this awesome Channel 😉🙏👌👍👏👏
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan - 10 dager siden
Heh brodie when swimming with sharks are u more likely to b attacked on top of the water or below e.g surfing to diving
Shane Griffin
Shane Griffin - 11 dager siden
Man I would love to chill with this guy, such a cool dude not to forget stryda
Jeff Carter
Jeff Carter - 11 dager siden
Your mom IS A BADASS!!!So cool man!
shah hilali
shah hilali - 11 dager siden
Where in Oz is this mate ?! I never seen clear water like this before in Australia. Abs. Brilliant !
Steve Mclaughlin
Steve Mclaughlin - 12 dager siden
Cool videos Brody!
Squigly Fish
Squigly Fish - 13 dager siden
love your videos
Κωστής - 17 dager siden
I just love your vids..
Im from Greece..Can i come and live with you?? hahaah
Amazing dream life!
I wish you the best!!
Lorraine Zammit
Lorraine Zammit - 19 dager siden
They are crasy
Christian Prince
Christian Prince - 23 dager siden
What happened to Amberleigh ?
Jon Bonovi
Jon Bonovi - 25 dager siden
Oh yeah I love watching videos of weather even thunderstorms and then I listen to music I like like delta parole or metallica! Nothing better and more relaxing like that!
Hayden Lyon
Hayden Lyon - Måned siden
Cool beans t shirt design??
Ebrahim Plarisan
Ebrahim Plarisan - Måned siden
We got fire baby!!🔥🔥🔥
Moofy - Måned siden
I love it ❤
ryoko700 - Måned siden
Is that floor clean of metals and other chemicals?
Anton Villion
Anton Villion - Måned siden
stupid people to swim with a tiger ......
Elliott - Måned siden
This has got a bestselling love story film written all over it
Salad Ass
Salad Ass - Måned siden
Is the crew still gonna be coming over?
Salad Ass
Salad Ass - Måned siden
When did you move????
Malu Hunter
Malu Hunter - Måned siden
Wowee - you live in a beautiful place man. So happy for you! :)
Situacionando - Måned siden
I thought that was Amberleigh’s car lol
Janelle Hope
Janelle Hope - Måned siden
You are living life to the fullest, I am so envious but also very happy for you. It is motivation for my boyfriend and I to keep working hard 😁
. - Måned siden
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman - Måned siden
Hahaha we have fire baby!
Global Dayz
Global Dayz - Måned siden
These videos are like a dream
Cameron Malherbe
Cameron Malherbe - Måned siden
Would be sick to see you catch some waves👏🏼
Joe Iamo
Joe Iamo - Måned siden
You were right Brodie. She does have a great butt.
Øyvind Erland Risø Madsen
Love to see ur enjoying every moment! :D
Mr. Ramjangles
Mr. Ramjangles - Måned siden
I feel like I’m the one on vacation watching you swim with sharks! I love 🦈, but I’ll just stick to picking up shark teeth on the beach 🏖...Shark teeth inspired my first video!
acarnecdet - Måned siden
Tam idyotik hareketler ne yaptığını oda bilmiyor
Ethan Rasmussen
Ethan Rasmussen - Måned siden
You're the man, Brodie! Keep feeding us this delicious content. You and your family are the best channel on YouTube by far!
TheTimp1665 - Måned siden
love the new house god bless you for being you
Saad Ahmad
Saad Ahmad - Måned siden
Ross McNichol
Ross McNichol - Måned siden
Top stuff.. jealous beyond belief....
Fino - Måned siden
that thang is old
Mark Johns
Mark Johns - Måned siden
ha ha the old wind mill cast.... takes me back to my youth
Mark Johns
Mark Johns - Måned siden
sick shed too
Kyle Umbarger
Kyle Umbarger - Måned siden
Whoever gave this video a thumbs down must have a terrible life. Such an epic video! Ps. When are you going to put a ring on Brinkley's finger ;)
andrew grubel
andrew grubel - Måned siden
Tiggah Shahhk in the wohhtahh
James Tarpey
James Tarpey - Måned siden
Super cool Brodie ..... good times to be out there with your maaa and paaap ..... your a good man. looking forward meeting you when i get the chance to travel to Australia.
Jacob Grant
Jacob Grant - Måned siden
Love you man!! Your such a positive guy
Archie Randall
Archie Randall - Måned siden
Love you man love your work
Randy Lasister
Randy Lasister - Måned siden
Good to see you man it’s been a while since I watched your show. Congratulations
Peter Austin
Peter Austin - Måned siden
How Blue is the water... Clear and picturesque.... Awesome, I think you've won the lottery..... oH yeah....
Shfunk ter
Shfunk ter - Måned siden
Brinkley and Brodie are gonna start dating. No doubt about it
Michael - Måned siden
with you
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson - Måned siden
Your mom is bad ass for sure. Nice video thanks.
Ian Cady
Ian Cady - Måned siden
What country are you off of?
NIkSun - Måned siden
why didnt Strida ever bark? Is smth wrong with her?
James Robertson
James Robertson - Måned siden
Literally in my top 5 favorite rigs them suzukis! nice rig man
Daniel Deo
Daniel Deo - Måned siden
I ship Brodie and Brinkley
Brodie Horley
Brodie Horley - Måned siden
Good on you brinks out of adeliade on ybs YouTube channel go girl
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Love your Channel!! Love wenn you go crazy 😂😂😂😂 "WE GOT FIRE BABY!!!" 😂😂
James Woods
James Woods - Måned siden
Nice digs brother when did you move brother
Pianothekeys - Måned siden
More booty less dudey
Nipulkrad Msinatagras
Nipulkrad Msinatagras - Måned siden
2:40 - 3:14