Amazing GREAT WHITE SHARK Drone Footage & Catching Giant Mackerel In My Back Yard - Ep 226

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Probably the most scary but beautiful clips of a Great White Shark circling surfers captured by one of the YBS Fam! Join Brodie Moss as he catches giant Mackerel in his backyard right behind his house amongst the craziness of the sharks!
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GWS Footage By Zack B -
Runtime: 15:58


David RM
David RM - 3 timer siden
keshlin n
keshlin n - 6 timer siden
I'm also from south africa
Eden Garden
Eden Garden - Dag siden
Loving the shark!!!
Jessica Mitchell
Jessica Mitchell - Dag siden
When dat ass twerks
awwwwe yeahhhhh
Callum Parsons
Callum Parsons - Dag siden
How can u dislike this video wth
John Crabtree
John Crabtree - 2 dager siden
Glad your dog is smart enough not to jump in
Larry Ritter
Larry Ritter - 3 dager siden
First mistake...NEVER adjust the drag when the fish is taking line DUH!!
Faucit - 3 dager siden
I dont want straiter to fall in
Phan Mu Slmc
Phan Mu Slmc - 3 dager siden
hello, I'm advancing in Vietnam, I just learned how to do youtube, I hope everyone of you rubles a subscribed turn, please help me.
KALANI12017 - 3 dager siden
Do you surf ?
The Wedge
The Wedge - 4 dager siden
pretty sure that shark just had a huge meal, and wasn't interested in eating. if the shark was hunting and was hungry, the surfers wouldn't even see it coming to attack them
MindOfManny - 5 dager siden
where does he fish
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 6 dager siden
Damn, your dog jams.
Johnny's cafe
Johnny's cafe - 7 dager siden
Its a tough life, but someone's gotta do it. 😀
peter c
peter c - 7 dager siden
This footage is amazing!! That White shark looks huge!! My bucket list is to get in the cage with one. BTW STOP FORGETTING YOUR RODNREEL & attach a go pro to the bottom of the jet ski when your fishing!!!! lol
Evan Serrano
Evan Serrano - 8 dager siden
Hate to say it but one day this dog will get eaten by a shark 🦈....! I get so scared when she is out there with all them sharks....!
M M - 8 dager siden
Apa curata.
Matt Cecil
Matt Cecil - 8 dager siden
That shows the side of these sharks that doesn't get shown. It minds it's own business
Sean Griffiths
Sean Griffiths - 10 dager siden
I wish you showed us a video of you surfing
Seven Star Sword
Seven Star Sword - 10 dager siden
None of those surfers or the paddle boarder saw the shark and when they did see how fast that paddle boarder webnt the other way hahaha
Pierre Sev.
Pierre Sev. - 11 dager siden
5:47 LOL :)
Dany 7
Dany 7 - 11 dager siden
YBS help me to live like you please!!!
Gabriel -Bl4ckH4wK-
Gabriel -Bl4ckH4wK- - 12 dager siden
It's so beautiful to watch such a beast moving slow with grace and not eating people, that's the proof, they are not those monsters that people think! I never saw a great white attack in crystal clear waters!
Deep State
Deep State - 12 dager siden
Great White just browsing the salad bar
Miles Horner
Miles Horner - 12 dager siden
Get a shark band so the sharks get away from your fish when there close
ya00007 - 12 dager siden
Please come to the UK and do some spear fishing and catch some cod. You're gonna love British fish and chips.
Sabine Kleiner
Sabine Kleiner - 13 dager siden
Thy only thing I see in your vids is FREEDOM!
sup - 14 dager siden
I dont get it why peeps go surfing in shark waters! like playing russian roulette
d st
d st - 15 dager siden
Love your videos!💙
Zak Zak
Zak Zak - 17 dager siden
Guys let’s get him to 2 mill
Alex Chow
Alex Chow - 17 dager siden
If I were one of those surfers I would be shitting myself
Nancy Dunn
Nancy Dunn - 17 dager siden
What a shame that we have killed so many of these most magnificent of creatures. They really don't want to harm us. He could have had 5 big meals if they liked to eat us. Funny, the shark ignored them before they raced away and while they were racing away. I think they are miraculous!!
TooMuchPooter - 17 dager siden
Seriously, you are so watchable and so real. It's been awesome to watch you slowly but surely start to build your empire!
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman - 18 dager siden
Sure Brodie solo rider.Nice epi
Elian Truth
Elian Truth - 19 dager siden
another video that sounds like pornhub . pfff ...grow up girlies
Michelle Catranis
Michelle Catranis - 21 dag siden
Great video! But watch out for those sharks! Don’t become shark bait, how will I have more crazy videos to watch? Keep up the great work!
andres langston
andres langston - 21 dag siden
This guys energy/personality plus living in such an amazing place is cinematic gold. Then you throw little Stryda dog on top... I've been hooked for a good minute and its great to finally see alot of more people catching on and adding to the growth of the channel. You deserve every bit Moss family. Also gotta give a shout out to "Dad Bod" and Papa Bear Moss for creating some legends. Thanks to the whole moss family. From Houston Texas Thanks Moss Family. We need some more fyerrr baby and science with Jared. Gaining knowledge is one thing but sharing with others who are less fortunate to experience what you guys have is really showing the amazing character you guys carry and bring to youtube. Just flipping a poor turtle has been seen more times than you can physically count. Good Shit guys! Thank you!
Brandon - 21 dag siden
Wow the shark is huge
Judith Horeth
Judith Horeth - 22 dager siden
Jeffrey Freeman
Jeffrey Freeman - 22 dager siden
Poor shark.
Thought he had some friends.
Turns out he’s a monster, has nobody.
Smoochy Poochy
Smoochy Poochy - 23 dager siden
Where’s your life jacket?
Shane J T Gosper
Shane J T Gosper - 23 dager siden
Where is this place where the guy lives?
Lusydead8 - 23 dager siden
Stupid people surfing with a great white, this is how they lose a arm or his own life...
Catching Dinosaurs
Catching Dinosaurs - 23 dager siden
that white shark was an amazing creature
bajau PILOTO
bajau PILOTO - 23 dager siden
Esse cara e o rei do mar ,príncipe das águas .... obrigado por vídeos tão incríveis ❤️😎
Jiraiya Sama
Jiraiya Sama - 23 dager siden
Your dog is cool af. My dog will ride a paddle board with me. But not a boat or kayak.
Alldread Productions
Alldread Productions - 24 dager siden
The dance battle with the Pelicans made my day😂🤙
João Sousa
João Sousa - 24 dager siden
7:40 Strider just having a nice chill
Rohan Scott
Rohan Scott - 24 dager siden
No Pointers in Exxy Bro!!
Mingjia Yang
Mingjia Yang - 24 dager siden
Song name 14:10?
The_ Stranger
The_ Stranger - 24 dager siden
Are we just not going to mention the car?
Bill Bayless
Bill Bayless - 24 dager siden
Adjust the valves on that Yamy.
David Johnson
David Johnson - 24 dager siden
5:38 this is what i subscribe for HAHAAA
Charn H.
Charn H. - 24 dager siden
Gets a new jacket with a gopro holder. Wears new jacket. Sticks gopro in mouth while fishing. Ah well. At least you colour coordinated your outfit. :) Love the vids, dude. Keep em coming.
Andrew Hoff
Andrew Hoff - 25 dager siden
Bro, I've tuned in to your stuff here and there over the past year but this video really entertained the shit out of me. I'm a bitch-ass dude from the east coast of the USA who never fished or had a dad to teach him how to work with his hands. Fortunately, I did go and become a United States Marine. I deployed to combat zones multiple times. I have trained with some professional fighters to include a couple guys in the UFC. And I work with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Point is, I'm able-bodied and able-minded, and try as often as I can to use it for some greater good, whatever that might be. Watching you do your thing made me happy man, it made me think about all the types of things I never dabbled in as I mentioned in the beginning of this comment. You're out there channeling the spirit of positive masculinity and it shows. This might've sounded self-congratulatory but I really just wanted to say thanks for the putting out there to the world what you do. It's hard to explain.
John Cunningham
John Cunningham - 25 dager siden
Do u surf?
R3ckless - 25 dager siden
What sun block do you use
Junior Benaza
Junior Benaza - 25 dager siden
Stryda is very strong arm and feet to run around the bitch hahahaha i like that dog
Jay - 25 dager siden
This dude is vibing
Friend - 26 dager siden
Wrong kind of music for this vid...more like dun dun dun dun dun