AMAZING GLASS OFF Deep Sea Fishing With The Boys (Part 3) - Ep 205

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Rubies are on, the weather is amazing and there are plenty of laughs.
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Francesco Licchetta
Francesco Licchetta - 2 måneder siden
Can someone explain what that thing is coming out of rubys mouth? Sorry for my bad english
Vincent Bueno
Vincent Bueno - 2 måneder siden
i love all your videos its gets me relax to watch #worth subscribing
GiGxY rapeephan
GiGxY rapeephan - 3 måneder siden
Ron Lobato
Ron Lobato - 4 måneder siden
You're literally the hottest guy on YouTube.
tim obrien
tim obrien - 4 måneder siden
What kind of rod is that electric number? Seems to do the trick.
killerswitch621 - 4 måneder siden
Brodie editing has become so good making the videos as action packed as a A grade Hollywood "the Rock""Vin Deisel" movie,not that they have not always been action packed,but now not a second goes by that some thing extra is not put in for.extra brilliance ,a bit of drone viewing,,must be reason they have another 1.8million subscribers since i started watching there videos an bodies hotties summer an winter collection, Schroeder being the most special an loyal wolf wolf you special little girl
Jon Smirles
Jon Smirles - 4 måneder siden
The huge one you lost probably was a wahoo. They will take a huge amount of line really fast then swim towards the boat. They have super boney jaws so it can be hard to penetrate and get a good hook up if you are using treble hooks. So it could have easily shaken the hook when it turned and you were driving towards him. Happens all the time
CM Mush
CM Mush - 4 måneder siden
Have u never came across a great white brody?
Donovan Foong Hon Peow
Donovan Foong Hon Peow - 4 måneder siden
Fish :spitting blood
Me :ew I’m eating
Itz Snowy
Itz Snowy - 5 måneder siden
He deserves so much more fame
Danielle Ashanti
Danielle Ashanti - 5 måneder siden
I deadass grew up on the beach and I haven’t been fishing in years and these videos bring me so much joy lmao
Diky Saputra
Diky Saputra - 5 måneder siden
Nice dude
Huy Le
Huy Le - 5 måneder siden
Where is that beach
Marley Hewson
Marley Hewson - 5 måneder siden
Hi Brodie if you are going to get a new car I suggest you call it sand stryda ❤️❤️
Ron Lobato
Ron Lobato - 5 måneder siden
This guy is so hot!!!!
Johnny Shepherd
Johnny Shepherd - 5 måneder siden
Been a fan for over a year, and because of you, I’m always hassling the wife to consider moving to Australia 😂. Been to Townsville, Perth and Sydney and had the most memorable times!
Chloe Alexandra
Chloe Alexandra - 5 måneder siden
Subscribed just watching the first 5 minutes, I love this channel
Ocean WLL
Ocean WLL - 5 måneder siden
Where was this guy filming at ?
Worzel Gummidge
Worzel Gummidge - 5 måneder siden
Living a life I could only dream of. Here from the UK.
Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson - 5 måneder siden
Haha! Jacko looks a bit like Dicky Knee with the camera behind him!! 🤣😉
Till - 5 måneder siden
What's the intro song called?
Mark Brathwaite
Mark Brathwaite - 5 måneder siden
These memories - hollowcoves
Harun Ki
Harun Ki - 5 måneder siden
I Love your Lifestyle but i am Very afraid of sharks and Other creatures Underwater :(
Tammica Whaling
Tammica Whaling - 5 måneder siden
You are so Cray to go fishing in that wether
Pong Lozano
Pong Lozano - 5 måneder siden
What happened to the shark? 6:35
Darlingxvibez - 5 måneder siden
Best channel on YouTube
Leo Beharry
Leo Beharry - 5 måneder siden
Set of skunt yelling
Pascal - 5 måneder siden
5:02 what happened to the fish lol, does it have his "tongue" out? I have absolutely no knowledge about fish and fishing so help a bro out please
TheDrumKid - 5 måneder siden
Hi man been watching you video's for a while and fuckin love them if you ever want to use one of my beats in your video's send me a message!
zack moore
zack moore - 5 måneder siden
Ahmed Idriss
Ahmed Idriss - 5 måneder siden
Sanday Sunday
Sanday Sunday - 5 måneder siden
Win some you lose some. Hope the Pizza was delish!🤣
Georgios F.
Georgios F. - 5 måneder siden
Why would you release a shark? I would imagine sharks are delicious, aren't they?
Virgil Calin
Virgil Calin - 5 måneder siden
Such a cool feeling i have watching u guys !!! so relaxing :)
Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan Cooper - 5 måneder siden
Anyone know the name of the song in the intro?
Call Me Rookie
Call Me Rookie - 5 måneder siden
anyone know the name of the song ? in the beginning
Jun Corpuz
Jun Corpuz - 5 måneder siden
I miss your dog...
muhammad hafiz
muhammad hafiz - 5 måneder siden
how can i order ybs shirt im from malaysia
Alex Shipkalenko
Alex Shipkalenko - 5 måneder siden
Hey Brodie, Are the YBS Swim Shorts going to make to the shop? I'd love to buy a pair.
Leon Pfau
Leon Pfau - 5 måneder siden
i honestly thought he was standing next to pool (thumbnail)
the water is soo clear
BVFSpazz YT - 5 måneder siden
What boat are you
OPA On Point Adventures
OPA On Point Adventures - 5 måneder siden
The ol voyager showing the world you do not need a million dollar boat to enjoy what the ocean has to offer! Awesome stuff guys!
Devlin Weaver
Devlin Weaver - 5 måneder siden
Love your all the hard work you put in to make your videos keep it up 👍
Nolan Duncan
Nolan Duncan - 5 måneder siden
can you tell us how you season your fish
Nolan Duncan
Nolan Duncan - 5 måneder siden
make merch with the secret sauce recipe on tags
Jordan Pritchard
Jordan Pritchard - 5 måneder siden
Most amazing water
Cranford17 - 5 måneder siden
going through a divorce from my high school sweetheart, and I watch these vids to cope man. Its like my little get away
Trevor Chan
Trevor Chan - 5 måneder siden
Mate, can you do some drone fishing to show us how’s it can be done. Thanks!
The Anglers
The Anglers - 5 måneder siden
Great Video! 👍
Caleb Gervais
Caleb Gervais - 5 måneder siden
Could you do a day in the life?
Pete Hoover
Pete Hoover - 5 måneder siden
Australia was settled 74,000 years ago they say, by people on boats or rafts? I suspect from seeing how much FUN these guys are having that homo erectus was playing around on boats after big fish for a whole lot longer than that!
biboyroi cablao
biboyroi cablao - 5 måneder siden
Wheres stryda
Josh Silva
Josh Silva - 5 måneder siden
Any one know the song at 0:15 ?
Ali Johnson
Ali Johnson - 5 måneder siden
Favourite shorts Brodie?
Chad Petrulis
Chad Petrulis - 5 måneder siden
Please remember to thank your dad everyday for giving you and Jacko the love for the ocean and living creatures that makes youngbloods so amazingly watchable and vicarious. You couldnt have done it without him.
Mark Hanna
Mark Hanna - 5 måneder siden
Good stuff.
Mxgaming311 - 5 måneder siden
thanks so much Ybs. My merch came today Im so happy with my products thx so much. I want to meet up some time keep up the great work!!! And I got some of your zink im so happy thx!!!!!
conor27 - 5 måneder siden
I love your channel but you gotta invest in some heavy setup hahahahahaha! And take a board with you, that last spot had a nuttts break!! Woooo
Enxrity _YT
Enxrity _YT - 5 måneder siden
I just caught some jolt heads and yellow fin snapper and two strawberry grouper and one dolphin it was a 18lb
no juice
no juice - 5 måneder siden
i did not get a notification for this video
Jarred Stone
Jarred Stone - 5 måneder siden
Love watching you mate, you can cheer anyone up with your happiness, in the little things
Erik Searcy
Erik Searcy - 5 måneder siden
Man i can only dream... to do what he does i love his videos. so much positive vibes he would be a awsome friend to have
Dabeed Littlehale
Dabeed Littlehale - 5 måneder siden
Living vicariously through Brodie during these tough times. Cheers mate
Christina Myers
Christina Myers - 5 måneder siden
Possibly the only channel hubs and I both love to watch.
Christina Myers
Christina Myers - 5 måneder siden
Dad bods hair 😍😍
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 5 måneder siden
Still smelling farts even as zooming in the ooen air, they must be extremely horrifying... dad bod must have some quick swimmers! 🥳 he definitely the mvp of the day with the save of the fish and catvh n release of the shark..good shit boys!!
The king Boys
The king Boys - 5 måneder siden
When are you getting the black kaps in stock again
DigiChat Downloads
DigiChat Downloads - 5 måneder siden
This guy has the world by the balls. Hes got the best job ever, a boat, good friends, stryda, and fun for the rest of his life. Im extremely jelious. I love his content because hes 100% real. He doesnt do fake shit like Mr. BEAST and other youtubers. You know what i mean. They spend money to get money... making youtube videos a d titling GIVING HOMELESS PEOPLE MONEY. and calling it content. This guy is true content.
Nick Sherwood
Nick Sherwood - 5 måneder siden
Hey Brodie, has the Australian tourism board tried to work with you? I want to go fishing in your part of the world every time I see your videos. But you'd have two fat 🦖 on the boat.
DigiChat Downloads
DigiChat Downloads - 5 måneder siden
He said the most smelliest bunch you ever smelled in your life. Lmfao 🤣🤣
Duke Von Draw
Duke Von Draw - 5 måneder siden
Is it a Glass off or Glass On
Pepe Krause
Pepe Krause - 5 måneder siden
When are the spearguns coming outttttt
Sharaz Ahmed
Sharaz Ahmed - 5 måneder siden
Brodie has a great sense of music 👌
John vanDieken
John vanDieken - 5 måneder siden
I’m genuinely hooked on YBS looking for a vid every day. Your doing a great job. 👍👍 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Caleb Labrenz
Caleb Labrenz - 5 måneder siden
I can’t even explain the amount of comfort I find in your videos everyday, like it feels like I’m part of a family and it’s really something you can’t find anywhere else on YouTube. Thank you
Yuriel Angeles
Yuriel Angeles - 5 måneder siden
What's the name of the first music??💜plss
Max Lopez
Max Lopez - 5 måneder siden
We shall quietly laugh at the little fart that got loose out of excitement and wish we were farting on a boat in the middle of paradise aswell.
Theo Roll
Theo Roll - 5 måneder siden
Ever thought about coming to England to do what you do, obviously when the whole Covid-19 situation is over?
Michael Zanardo
Michael Zanardo - 5 måneder siden
5:27 Dman rips a fart
Freestyle boss
Freestyle boss - 5 måneder siden
Do you think using solar instead if fuel is better and did you ever think about transform to solar energy
Freestyle boss
Freestyle boss - 5 måneder siden
Do you like super yachts and do you think if you can afford them you would buy one and what is the best length for you
1akw - 5 måneder siden
I always have cook fish watching your channel... we got fire baby
Your Mother should of swallowed
Your Mother should of swallowed - 5 måneder siden
Why don't you eat the baby sharks ? Their meat is amazing !!!!
Chedder Chapman
Chedder Chapman - 5 måneder siden
My life has just improved since i found this channel. It has an amazing vibe and i just relax when watching it. Btw... Imagine being the dumbass who dislikes these!
cherishjesusluv Bonds
cherishjesusluv Bonds - 5 måneder siden
Why do you keep using God name in vain it so ugly!!!
Duff - 5 måneder siden
Could you maybe make a video or explain some of the fishing terms/strategies. you’re using? No clue what’s going on half the time haha. Still amazing videos either way.
josh beynon
josh beynon - 5 måneder siden
The moss pod brought to you by Dad bod hip thrust glute game stance.
your dream
your dream - 5 måneder siden
Funny fishing
Joshua - 5 måneder siden
Your content is genuinely what gets me through my week. All I can say is thank you!
g b16
g b16 - 5 måneder siden
Anyone else thinking this content is getting boring now
sarı kanarya
sarı kanarya - 5 måneder siden
whats happened to shark ?
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole - 5 måneder siden
What do you guys do if you have to poo?
Brad Kimpton
Brad Kimpton - 5 måneder siden
Every video is such a vibe 🤤😩
Jonas rida
Jonas rida - 5 måneder siden
what happened to your boat?
Mark Okay
Mark Okay - 5 måneder siden
Yigit Aslan
Yigit Aslan - 5 måneder siden
What happened to your boat bro, did u have to give it back? Cool triology but maybe less fishing and more diving and exploring for the next drops:)
Saleem Essop
Saleem Essop - 5 måneder siden
After watching brodie for so long and dreaming to live like him iv finally been blessed after a lot of blood sweat and tears..and am in a position to move to australia, buy a boat and live this lifestyle..only to realise it's not that easy... to just leave my entire family, friends and everything I know to move overseas where i wont know anyone or anything about the country...
Zapped zapanz
Zapped zapanz - 5 måneder siden
What the rule of the skipjack tuna
FishyFishy - 5 måneder siden
im trying to grow my channel, posting videos like this often. currently at 56 subscribers :D
YaMumsStereo - 5 måneder siden
Steph Sherriff
Steph Sherriff - 5 måneder siden
You should do a tour of your fishing and spear fishing gear