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We have 48hrs, please help save our home from industrialisation!
Video By Brodie Moss and the YBS team
Additional Footage by
Nush Freedman instagram.com/nushfreedman/?hl=ur
Andre Rerekura instagram.com/andrererekuracreative/?hl=ur
Addition Drone Footage of humpback whales from Kate Sprogis, CASA certified pilot, Murdoch University ethics and DBCA permitted (F025000101), funded by National Geographic
Runtime: 10:01


David Coman
David Coman - 20 timer siden
can you list your music?
guigui julln
guigui julln - 23 dager siden
Bless you Brodie mate !!
Not only you give us the most beautiful images that can be found on the internet but you figjt the good fight.
Proper wisdom.
Massive respect for your work
All the best man
Chadowgon - 28 dager siden
Allah u akbar
Leo Trovato
Leo Trovato - 28 dager siden
This is just disgusting. How can we humans destroy this beautiful nature... We don't even need all of that sht. We could basically survive with some spears and maybe wooden houses or something. Imagine a world without phones and all that luxury stuff that we have. Now, this is impossible. But imagine not knowing what a phone is, not knowing all these things... We wouldn't even need them. It really hurts me seeing this nature just getting demolished. What a shame....
Willow - Måned siden
Bro wtf am i crying.
Sarah Hope
Sarah Hope - Måned siden
How did I missed this video? Either way signed. From way up north in Canada. Wish you all the luck to stop the pipeline.
Heather Feather
Heather Feather - Måned siden
I'm sorry but that just freaking sucks that the big corps are willing too destroy beautiful and amazing places like Exmouth Gulf, Ningaloo for money!!! It's just really sad, and I hope and pray that this very special place can be saved!!! Aloha🌸🌺💙🌺🌸 🤙🏼
Lucas Mendes Stolf
Lucas Mendes Stolf - 2 måneder siden
Alpia Noor
Alpia Noor - 2 måneder siden
Bo_m3skr - 2 måneder siden
Jeffrey Kim
Jeffrey Kim - 3 måneder siden
beautiful nature beautiful man you are
Peter Vaz
Peter Vaz - 3 måneder siden
They shouldn't put the industry's and destroy the gift of nature if it was an opportunity to choose I would say why not save the ocean and the gift of beautiful creation for man kind guys please say no to building of industries it's gonna spoil our future . ( I'm not saying it's not gud but imagine it's destroying our man kind
Only Human
Only Human - 3 måneder siden
Love your vids and your actions... it is sad that most ppl only care about money because of two reasons:
1. Most ppl are living in poverty or paycheck by paycheck while they are bombarded by ads saying that "having this and that is success in life." so they support those who claim that they will lead them to wealth with hardwork which is 95% of the time BS.
2. Those with the most wealth have no cap and they have gain all the wealth by stepping over others by underpaying the workers. With no cap in wealth, take one guess what the only purpose these ppl have in life?

Hope your message reaches ppl who are given the power to change.

Luis Tiago
Luis Tiago - 3 måneder siden
Just took 20 sec, and each and everyone of us can make the difference!
Love your videos, found your channel like a month ago and hope to visit the place one day 🙏
Sending much love from Porto, Portugal
edu 25
edu 25 - 3 måneder siden
Did that happen after everyone signed ? I just watched this video and i signed, don't know if still have the time
Conquer - 3 måneder siden
Supported ❤️
Helder Renner
Helder Renner - 3 måneder siden
What happened ? Somebody tell me ? They'll stop ?
Mr M
Mr M - 3 måneder siden
The spirit of this guy is amazing. You’re very inspiring and have such a love for the ocean and what belongs there. Much love to Brady and the crew. Of course much love for stryda x
Redjacc - 3 måneder siden
so what happened?
African lip plate and bone nose
African lip plate and bone nose - 3 måneder siden
save the west from immigration
Patrick Kear
Patrick Kear - 3 måneder siden
Enjoy it while you can we will continue to trash the planet
Debs B
Debs B - 3 måneder siden
They always want to build and ruin beautiful places
Dawn Blanch
Dawn Blanch - 3 måneder siden
Since I’m late to the game on this did it pass??
Epic Mango
Epic Mango - 3 måneder siden
Signed all the way from Norway :D
Jakki Guerin
Jakki Guerin - 3 måneder siden
Thank you for everything you have done for the environment it is important for the future children lots of love from Isla Moana age 8 from NELSON New Zealand 🐳
Jakki Guerin
Jakki Guerin - 3 måneder siden
Signed and shared good luck to the moss families and to bob and stryda (Ed) very good enjoy watching your videos xx
Jakki Guerin
Jakki Guerin - 3 måneder siden
It's just not cool, they have enough they are raping this earth where you are your so lucky I live in new Zealand so I know how precious these places are! Your such a cool man picking rubbish up, you inspire me to do what you do. Keeping this earth as mother nature ment it to be xx good luck brodie and ed
Jakki Guerin
Jakki Guerin - 3 måneder siden
How do I sign where?
Daniel Johansson
Daniel Johansson - 3 måneder siden
So how did all of this end up?
chris lee
chris lee - 3 måneder siden
Sir, you are a beacon of light and hope for everyone and everything that needs a champion, we don’t need more of you just more like you, salute!
Ko Homerton
Ko Homerton - 3 måneder siden
Ger Vlad
Ger Vlad - 3 måneder siden
What good are jobs when you don't have air to breathe, water to drink or healthy food to eat?
pchinnIII - 3 måneder siden
Money is the world's biggest and most powerful religion. Nature doesn't stand a chance. Maybe a pandemic can end this control from the "Money Lovers".
Python Crockadoo
Python Crockadoo - 3 måneder siden
Funny how there is not as many views disgusting
Juan Alfonso Martinez
Juan Alfonso Martinez - 3 måneder siden
Este canal es la ostia. K buen estilo de vida colega. Enamorado de este contenido.
Dario .M
Dario .M - 3 måneder siden
Did it work? did enough people signed it ?
Ryan Lean
Ryan Lean - 3 måneder siden
Hate to be that guy but what song plays at the end? Been stuck in my head for like 4 months and i cant find it anywhere
Mullet Bros
Mullet Bros - 3 måneder siden
Young bloods you’re awesome
Fikri Nesimi
Fikri Nesimi - 3 måneder siden
lul im late af but imma sign now hehe
Axel Waré Bruned
Axel Waré Bruned - 3 måneder siden
how did this ended up? hope it stills untouched 🙏
Asher beltrand
Asher beltrand - 3 måneder siden
bro ur amazing
ginobrun1 - 3 måneder siden
oil is fazing out they should invest there time and money in solar or other forms of energy especially in your sunny area ?
Carole Anne
Carole Anne - 4 måneder siden
inzanezcopez1 - 4 måneder siden
What ended up happening with this
Sanday Sunday
Sanday Sunday - 4 måneder siden
Signed 🦈💕
duncan taylor
duncan taylor - 4 måneder siden
Unbelievable that big multinationals still tread over such delicate areas "for the greater good" time we learned that money is NOT the way forward. When we tip the balance of nature...ITS GAME OVER!
Rey AUN - 4 måneder siden
oil doesn't have a good long term outlook. Electric such as Tesla is the future!
newforestobservatory - 4 måneder siden
It would be fractionally less galling if you Aussies actually benefited from the Billions of dollars being made by ripping your country apart (coal to the Chinese for instance) - but I don't see that happening. You really should be pressuring your Government to tell you where all these Billions of dollars have gone over the last decade, or more, because they certainly haven't put anything like that sort of money into your Country's infrastructure.
Karen Brewster
Karen Brewster - 4 måneder siden
What an absolutely wonderful episode. One of my favorite ones so far.
Ev 828
Ev 828 - 5 måneder siden
I’m surprised he doesn’t encounter any crocs out there he’s in Australia right?
drenee - 5 måneder siden
Hope it's not to late, I signed and shared.
mike last
mike last - 5 måneder siden
past history has shown that unfortunatelly human greed will not yield for anything
kozmoz1986 - 5 måneder siden
What’s the name of the songs? Anyone know?
rivirme - 5 måneder siden
One of the best, beautiful, well constructed and wonderful videos you have made. New sub here, can't quit watching. God speed.
Kenny H
Kenny H - 5 måneder siden
I Absolutely love this channel!! Well done mate! Cheers from Canada!!
Meurig Davies
Meurig Davies - 5 måneder siden
Great Video, Great cause, Great song, who is it by?
Owning Mango
Owning Mango - 5 måneder siden
I wanna go to Australia so bad it looks so amazing and I hope nothing happens to it
Allison - 5 måneder siden
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