48 HOURS IN THE LIFE OF YBS Crazy Remote Trip With Sharks Everywhere (Sea Snake Encounter) - Ep 159

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Join Brodie Moss from start to finish! From the catch to the cook. Brodie and the boys leave on a insane remote boat trip to the deep blue. Deep sea fishing and spearfishing in shark infested waters! Also come face to face with one of the most venomous snakes in the world and so much more.
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Reuben Whyles
Reuben Whyles - 11 timer siden
Awesome 😎
freddy h
freddy h - Dag siden
DoPE Boat perfect for FishinG herr in CaLi.👍👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪😜
freddy h
freddy h - Dag siden
Nice Boat Where'S MINE I didnt want one Lol 😁😜😜😜👍👍👍👍👍✌✌✌✌
HBC423 - 3 dager siden
Worst rolled burritos ever lol... loved it he video though
xXSparkFiresXx - 3 dager siden
Saw the long episode and was absolutely flying
Harry Lintern
Harry Lintern - 5 dager siden
I genuinely don’t understand why some people dislike these videos. Am I missing something?
David Gallagher
David Gallagher - 7 dager siden
Yeah, you nailed that one Brodie. Really enjoyed the extended version. Laughs out loud at the YBS team (some who hate fishing!!) Do them more it really is great viewing
INFERNO_LFT - 8 dager siden
32:19 did you vomit 43 x before recording that clip?
Dario Consani
Dario Consani - 12 dager siden
Anybody else notice Brody taking a piss of the back🤣🤣
Brandon Luna
Brandon Luna - 12 dager siden
I wish you had longer video like this all the time is so nice watching you enjoy life
Heath Mansfield
Heath Mansfield - 14 dager siden
yes brodie this is my favourite video by far you vlogging the stuff you do, i love it
Incognito Friberg
Incognito Friberg - 21 dag siden
This is life, so jealous.
FreeWillSatanisM - 21 dag siden
41:20 are those Mozzy or Fliers?
FreeWillSatanisM - 21 dag siden
26:17 Doggy laughs at him for lousy knot
Debbie Avery
Debbie Avery - 21 dag siden
The Dolphin footage touches me every time and your best friend. 🐶
Chadowgon - 22 dager siden
That intro tho 😂
Juan jose Erazo
Juan jose Erazo - 23 dager siden
Saludos ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️👍👍👍👍
Highstakes187 - 23 dager siden
ya make me wana win lotto haha
Hector Argotte
Hector Argotte - 28 dager siden
Dman looks like a Mexican STEVO from jackass
Jeffery Chavez
Jeffery Chavez - 29 dager siden
5:47 Strider: Bullocks I should of taken my Dramamine
Jules Powell
Jules Powell - Måned siden
Loved this vlog. The drone footage was absolutely fantastic.
Brad Siebenhausen
Brad Siebenhausen - Måned siden
Your really good at fishing
Brad Siebenhausen
Brad Siebenhausen - Måned siden
Gunner Wag
Gunner Wag - Måned siden
How much does it cost to live this life because I want to be able to do this
AmpEdition - Måned siden
Looks like heaven, until sun is going down behind you and you can see all those bugs swarming your head, thats why I like a breeze lol...keeps them things away
TrinX -
TrinX - - Måned siden
“These guys can be a little aggressive” jumps in the water lmao love though Brodie
Jeremy G.
Jeremy G. - Måned siden
Liked the longer form. Cool to see what goes into making a video :)
Name - Måned siden
Does stryda have enough water to drink on the boat?
Jacob Hutchins
Jacob Hutchins - Måned siden
There was nothing on Netflix so I just tuned in for 3 hours straight, you sure livin the dream bro! One question that doesn't seem to come up.. where are you?
caleb couch
caleb couch - Måned siden
what is wrong with 306 people to dislike this the world really is going to hell
DOE John
DOE John - Måned siden
Go back to Europe. Esau. Devils
Miura golf Boss
Miura golf Boss - Måned siden
U know there are are great whites in Australia
Сергей Волков
Сергей Волков - Måned siden
Привет из России, хорошее видео!
Ninja Genjin
Ninja Genjin - Måned siden
im here with you guys in spirit and my heart enjoys your good times. awesome team work. much love
Rodrigo Moura
Rodrigo Moura - Måned siden
What is the name of the beach at 29:38?
DannyBoii - Måned siden
Such a bummer when I live in the UK my boat would love to Bob along in those seas well jel FFS, big up Brody
Cole Waters
Cole Waters - Måned siden
Billy B
Billy B - Måned siden
I just get lost in the best way watching your videos. Thank you so much for the amazing content.
Tipsterbl - Måned siden
Wahoo is the best!
Bill Prosser 1967mustang
Bill Prosser 1967mustang - Måned siden
Love this channel . Yes Brodie fame will be something you need to get used to. People love to meet celebritys and that is you . Enjoy it embrace it , get away from people when you need to . Always a fan . Aloha from Tejas
Arturo PRADA-ORTIZ - Måned siden
Do yours take any drugs.? It just looks like...
MarkInFL - Måned siden
Really beginning to love this !!!!!!
SchwiftyE30 - Måned siden
Love it
Rus George
Rus George - Måned siden
I have never tried Wahoo. I certainly need to! I love fish just not much opportunity for Wahoo in Arizona. Haaa
Conor Mcdonald
Conor Mcdonald - Måned siden
I've never been into fishing...I am conscious enough to realise I can live without killing...
I eat plant based diet. Body mind and soul are connected now. No effort.just stopped meats.
If you can stop meat for a month..you don't go bk..I don't drink either..might feel like a beef burger if I did..
Robin Wieder
Robin Wieder - Måned siden
i think about my Bad life when i see this :D :(
Mel S
Mel S - Måned siden
even how long your vids are, half half
Jean-Pierre Luca
Jean-Pierre Luca - Måned siden
Awesome clip guys this is in wa I remember just how parts of wa is so peaceful love it,,,
Ryan Crowley
Ryan Crowley - Måned siden
hell yea the directors cut is awesome. more long adventures would be awesome and some challenges/ friendly competition would be good sometimes too. Keep up the good work dudes
JokerSF - Måned siden
So what happens if you eat those worms on accident?
Jack Meigel
Jack Meigel - Måned siden
They say that to this day, D-man has not caught a fish
Ali Setterfield
Ali Setterfield - Måned siden
Do you use a GoPro to film everything ?
Pluto - Måned siden
no shoes no shirt no service read the sign
whipit24 - Måned siden
Dude hitting the old one leg pissaroo. The best move to piss off the boat in boardshorts. LMAO
Kefoo - Måned siden
-- Your taping and editing are excellent. The story is told well!
Ime Witte
Ime Witte - Måned siden
robert Batham
robert Batham - Måned siden
I have watched a lot of your Young bloods seasons lately and have really enjoyed them!. You and the guys look as if you are in paradise living a life you enjoy!. Looks as if Fish is your main sustenance?. There is nothing like doing what you love!.. Have a great day, Guys!.
Braulio Paez Diaz
Braulio Paez Diaz - Måned siden
Yeah my name is DI wondering when can you invite me to go fishing for lobster 🦞 this is my cell phone number 8572140052 I got Air buddy that’s a new system for scuba diving we should try 👍👍
GRAMIL - The Optimist
GRAMIL - The Optimist - Måned siden
I love fishing too. The dog is so amazing... she loves fishing too..
Martin Stoppard
Martin Stoppard - Måned siden
Awesome episode..
Loved seeing the whole trip from go to woh 👍
Love.to know where abouts you are ? My guess is W.A..?
ณงรวค์ศักดิ์ เกษรรัตน์
I really like watching your program.From Thailand